Monday, March 05, 2012

Minor Thoughts on Music CDs & Mp3s

People have been arguing about Ethics for The Last Few Thousand Years
without too much success in agreeing to fundamental issues.

We still have Judges & Courts that are constantly debating & arguing over issues
that should have been resolved generations ago,
so that we could easily & readily know what is right & wrong.

One of these issues is Copying CDs.

Some ( ? ) People, Senators & Law ‘Makers’ are now suggesting
that it should be Illegal to Copy CDs.
Not only your Friends CDs or The Library’s CDs
but perhaps even CDs that you buy for your own use.

Apple’s iTunes has considered this a little bit,
in that their music & audio works are encoded
so that they can only be played on a limited number ( 5 )
on your Personal Devices;
Such as your Computer(s, iPad & iPod(s.

i have egregiously guilty of Copying CDs from The Library
and moving them from my Computer to my iPod.
If this is Wrong - - ( Duh ? )
Then what is The Intent of The Library holding Music CDs ?
One might believe that The Intention of The Music Industry
is that The Library Patron would check out a CD of Music,
Listen to it,
and then either Buy The CD in a Store after returning The Copy to The Library,
or possibly use this Sampling of The Musicians work
to Buy more of Their Music that The Library doesn’t hold.

This second point may be applicable to Books, but not The First Argument,
with very few exceptions.
i might want to buy a Reference book that i found in The Library,
or A Classic, such as; The Polar Express,
But certainly not for most novels or Non-Fiction Works.

A Side Issue to this is The Price of Music on The Internet.

It seems to me that The Cost of an On-Line Album
is The Same as The Same Album in a Store on a CD or CD Set.
That seems deeply Crazy to me.
On-Line music has none of The Overhead of Physical Products.

If The Music were much Cheaper;
Sales would be much greater,
and Millions of Copies would sold routinely.

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