Monday, April 16, 2012

Various New Biddles

A )
i've just posted in Google Docs a new 'Fragments' which is a Collection of Story Bits and Ideas for How to Construct a Story; Plus Other Addendums for Stories in General.
The reason that it's in Google Docs and Not here; Is so it may be much Fancier !

B )
i have for a very long time been 'Thoughtful' & 'Troubled' by The Idea of Seeing things.
It seems reasonable enough that A Robot could identify things by a mechanism to which we may attribute how the brain identifies things, but after undergoing a laborous hierarchical analysis to identify things in our visual field, how ( or why ) does the brain then reassemble all these units into our visual field ?
Along with this; i have also become content that it should be quite easily possible to construct within a Desk-Top computer in the very near future a Fractional Reality that is every bit as detailed as our own. This idea is based on the simple observation that any given brain as as 'understanding' of the entire universe, and is only contains those sufficient details that are necessary to navigate through it, plus quite a bit more. And given that the brain is about the size of a small toaster, A Unit of equal size is all that's required for such a 'Fractional Reality' to be simulated on your Home Computer.
This is what i call The Screen Saver Hypothesis.
The Curious thing about this; Is that if it is possible ( allowing that this hypothetical Screen Saver Universe has 'Genuinely Conscious Inhabitants' which we do not 'yet' know how to create ) To Create this Screen Saver Reality so Easily; Then One might Ask ? "Am i living in a Screen Saver Reality?"
Would there be any Way to Determine this?
In theory ( Scenario One ); The Answer is: No.
In theory ( Scenario Two ); The Answer may be: There may be plenty of Good Reasons for Suspecting that we are living in a Screen Saver Universe.
One Preassumption to this is; How different is Our Screen Saver Reality from The Reality that Spawned us?
If it were pretty much the same; Then it may be very difficult to determine this; Assuming that The Reality 'Above' us is in Fact; Really Real.
If it were a Screen Saver Reality Itself; Then The Initial Hypothesis that Our Reality is Quite Different from The Parent 'True' Reality that Created us may allow us to be more Suspect;
As this would allow us to Possibly Assume ( ? ) that Our Reality Contains Numerous Features that Are Impossible in The True Reality.
Are there things in Our Reality that Seem Impossible ?
Like Gravity? or ElectroMagnetism?
While we have 'Described' These Phenomena with Great Quantification, The Underlying Principle that Allows them to 'Work' is Completely Unknown.
As much as Consciousness or;
Does Gravity Work simply because there's a 'Rule' in The Reality Generator that Creates our Sensory Experiences, That says; We Should Stick to The Ground. As such; There is No Underlying Principle behind its functionality, It simply works because it does.
- -
Getting back to 'Seeing' which all the above acted merely as a Preclusion to :
It occurred to me the other day that all this 'Seeing Business' could be quite easily Explained by First Assuming that We are Living in A Screen Saver Reality, In which many 'Impossible' Things happen, And The Solution to how we can Instantaneously Identify and See things is because The Reality Generator -Tells Us What We are Seeing- ( ! )
Since The Reality Generator is Constructing all That we 'See' Anyway; It might as well just go ahead and Tell us what We are Seeing. There's No 'Identifying Things' at all.
It's a One Step Process.
The Reality Generator Creates our Sensory Experiences and We Become Aware of Them without having to 'Sense' Them !
This is a Terrible Cheat, But it explains The Problem of Seeing quite elegantly.

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