Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anti-American Cinema & Flying Saucers

i have been watching some ‘Counter Culture’
( Anti-Western Civilization Propaganda )
Films lately and they leave me very confused and Befuddled.

- - -

Some of The Films :

The Shock Doctrine ( Based on The Book by Naomi Klein )
The Road to Guantánamo © 2006
No End in Sight ( Exposé of The Ongoing Iraq War ( Circa 2001+
Tae Guk Gi : The Brotherhood of War ( Best Korean War Film
Little Dieter Needs to Fly ( Best Documentary of The Vietnam War
Frank Capra’s WWII : Why we Fight
 - - - ( 7 1_h± Films / A Terrific Historical Analysis of WWII
Who Killed Atlanta’s Children / 2000
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
 - - - ( Best Intelligent Designer / Intellectual Freedom Film
Mythic Journeys / 2009

911 Taboo
Part One :
Part Two :

Loose Change /
- -

Along with These films; i watched some ‘Previews’ from ‘Oscilloscope’ Films;
Which seemed to me to specialize in Fear-Mongering Topics.

There are bad things happening all over The World,
But to make a film that slants The Issues to make them seem worse than they already are;
Is just wrong.

Like The Billy Jack Films; They were just wrong.

The Nightly News is Just Wrong.

i Very Honestly believe that many of The Nightly News, Both Local, National & International;
Routinely, Make Up stories from Whole Cloth.

The most egregious of these are usually spotted when there are no Specific Details included which would help you to find additional information about The Story on The Internet.

Another Technique that The Fear Mongers use is to Include Words & Phrases which allow The Viewer or Listener to Interpret The Story to Any Degree that they’d like.
Such phrases like; ‘Sexual Abuse’ or ‘Indecent Liberties’ allow you to ‘Fill In’ The Story with whatever your Imagination may conjure up.

Democracy is such an interesting Idea in that it seems to represent a Government that is Controlled by The People for Their own Best Interests;
But A Clever Dictatorial System, Such as The One Used by The United States of America, has rigged the Electoral Process to Exclude any Viable Real Candidates by arranging Elections so that A Vote for A Third Party Candidate will effectively “Throw your Vote Away”.

Then once a Controlled Democratic System is in Place;
The Media Controls The Opinions of The Damp Masses so that their ‘Independent Views’ are Those that were Implanted in them by The Controlling 1%.
Democracies are The Most Effective Way for a Dictator to Enforce a Iron Fisted Control Over a Population,
Because The Vassals aren’t fully aware that they’re Slaves to The Best Interests of Their Masters.

- -

Another thing that The Local News Outlets do occasionally is run a story about a Bank Robber that they’d like The Public’s Help in Identifying.
The Problem is; The Surveillance Picture they use is of The Most Horrible Quality, And presented as a Tiny Square in one Corner of The Screen, while The News Reader covers half of it with their own head.
How Difficult would it be to Bring it up, Enhance it a little, Correct for Lighting, Sharpen The Edges & Color and Display it Full Screen?
Because The Purpose is Not to Identify anyone. There may not have even been a bona fide Bank Robbery in this case. It was all staged to get The Public to call in with dozens or hundreds of ‘Tips’ because they thought that maybe The Suspect that they were looking for, was The Disheveled Foreign Looking Guy that lives down The hallway from them. The Police are actually just Phishing for Future Criminals, because their repository of ‘The Usual Suspects’ has been depleted for some reason.

- - -

The Most Obvious Premise that must be considered when watching films like this;
Is : How True are They?
They seem very true, but they are also so astonishingly divergent from
‘What we are Told’
That any reasonable person or reasonable cynic or reasonable debunker or Contrarian
Should pause and wonder; What is True?
What is Really True.

Just how evil is our own government?

What can i do about it?

Have i been bought off,
Has my Silence been purchased in The form of Minimal Affluence?

i have for a very long time had this awareness that The News is Very Deceptive.
The real test that ‘Citizens’ should follow, when wondering; What is True - - -
Is : How does what i see on The News compare with What i Know to be True,
Based on My Personal Experiences ( ? )

In my corner of The World;
Things are remarkably sedate.

The Terrible things that have happened to me,
Are not at all Terrible when compared to The Terrible Things that The News Tells me are happening in Other Places in The World.

What does this mean?

Am i; By shear luck, By some Statistical Fluke, By Raw Chance
One of The Luckiest People in The World ?


i acknowledge that.

i am very, very lucky.

Very Fortunate.

Very, Very Fortunate.

In The Top ( ? ) 5% of The Luckiest People in The World.

i am also in The Top 3% of The Smartest People in The World.

Is that related ?

It often seems to me that dumb people lead unfortunate lives,
But i can also site many dumb people that are just as lucky as i am,
or even luckier.

i have often wondered why smart people allow dumb, crazy, evil people
run The World.

And i suspect - -
That it may be - -
That ( like me ( ? ) ) they ( The Smart People ) tend to believe that
The World Exists - -
Out there.

That is not my world.

i am able to control my world,
No matter how crazy The world - out there - is.

It is sad.
Very Sad.

But what can i do about it.

i also believe ( ? )
( or want to believe )
That Consciousness = Proves = that The World is very different
Than The Way it Appears to be.

i can ( easily ) imagine a world of robots
That behave - Exactly - ( Exactly, Exactly )
Like we do; But are not Conscious.

They are Robots.
They are programmed to make art,
Seduce Innocent Victims and Abuse their Trust,
Senselessly murder other robots,
Wage Environmental Destruction without remorse,
Grow Old and Feeble,
Fall into Traffic and Flail about as Their Oil Runs from their Joints.

But they do so without ever being aware of their own existence.

Because they’re just machines.

Our Consciousness makes The Material World very odd.

And it may be ( ? )
That this means that all The Woe in The World
Is merely Superficial Fluff.
Very Sad Fluff.

What The Angels believe to be Important,
Is very different than what we mortals believe to be Important.

The Mindless Suffering, & Horrible Deaths,
The Loss of Cultural Artifacts,
The Wholesale Slaughter of The Oceans Fauna,
The Endless Harvesting of Cattle for Hamburgers,
The Production of Newspapers which Defile entire Forests,
The Screaming of Children all Night Long,
The Images of Bellies blown open on Television,
The Glasses of Spilled Milk and Hysterical Mothers - -
Are all drawn from a very high stack of 3 x 5 cards
That are distributed to The Souls whose real existence
And Ultimate Meaning, are Incomprehensibly Unknowable.

Am i expected to Make The Universe Perfect ( ? )
Is that what gawd wants from me.

( ? )

Or is it all for nothing.
Are we living in a universe that is so astonishingly wry
That it allows us to be aware that we are robots
That can only watch our destinies play out,
Forbidden to Change anything by The Laws of Cause & Effect
That were set into Motion at The Beginning of Time.

If i can change Destiny,
What can i do to force everyone to behave ( ? )

Isn’t that what’s causing The Problem now ?

It may be That Many Soldiers simply enjoy The Thrill of being given Permission to Play Out all Their Morality Free Desires,
But many Others, And their Leaders, May actually believe that they are doing some Good,
Possibly Not for The Nationals that they’re murdering,
But for Some ‘Nobel’ Cause or Ideology that Will, In Time,
Make The World a Better Place.

You can’t Force People to be Good.
You can’t Kill all of your Enemies.

It has been suggested that The Great Problem with The World.
Or - - That Principle Causal Factor which is Responsible for Most Wars;
Is that Many, Otherwise, Reasonably Intelligent Leaders & Their Supporters,
Is that they are unable to Distinguish between The Allegories of Their Myths
And Historical Reality.

This may seem far fetched;
But many people actually do Believe That The Foundations of Their Religion
Or Political Ideology, or Economic Genesis are Historical Truths,
Set down by Myn, Gawds or Giants whose wisdom & knowledge far exceeds our own nowadays, and must be yielded to; At all costs.

Perhaps The Solution of ‘Doing Good’
Which never seems to work out very well,
Is to Forfeit The Idea that :
Either You’re Part of The Solution by Acting Decisively
Or you’re part of The Problem by choosing Inaction.

Wake up every morning with The Intention of Making a Difference in The World.
Maybe some days, you should just let The World remain on it’s own course.

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ taught us that being a strong causative Agent in The World, might just be, nothing more that taking up space.

Maybe a Healthy Appreciation for Apathy & Laziness
Is The Real Solution for All The Ills of The World.

One must always strive to Do Good in your Personal Lives.
But when you choose to Do Someone Else’s Good for Their Purposes,
It may be that your Efforts are being Disingenuously Manipulated.

( ? )

How have people that have succeeded in doing real, lasting Good
Accomplished this?

With Armies?
By Setting a Good Example?
By Using Their Personal Wealth to Build a Dream Reality?
By Doing Good as An Individual and allowing others to come along & help?

It is easy to imagine that A Big Problem requires a Big Solution;
But maybe only small Solutions are successful at Weathering Away a Canyon or Building a Mountain.

Hitting a computer with a hammer might get it working again,
For a little while;
But any Problem that requires that you have to constantly be hitting it with a Hammer,
That Problem requires a New Remedial Solution.

Capitalism is like that; It may seem like a good Economic Model on Paper,
With it’s Invisible Hands, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Unlimited Wealth, The Mass Production of Automobiles & Cheap Electronics, Ponzi Schemes, Stock Market Investors, Expanding Bubbles & A Manageable Inflationary Rate;
But it has to be Regulated.
You can’t just allow Capitalism to run Amok.
You have to stand over it with a Hammer and Constantly knock it back into balance or it will destroy itself.

The Trouble with The World is not that people are too Greedy,
The Trouble with The World is that People are Not Greedy Enough.

Most Wealthy people are perfectly content to squander great resources,
Make a tiny Fraction of What hard work could provide for them,
And run away when things go Appallingly Wrong.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

How to Proceed:

Do Good on A Personal Scale.
Tell Stories that Encourage your Listeners to Relate to Indomitable Questions.
Refuse to Participate in Other Peoples Dreams that you Aren’t fully Committed to.

Become a Contrarian. ( Everything you Hear or See or Read is Wrong )

Everything i’m telling you now is Wrong !

This is not a Paradox, It is a Recursive Infinite Loop,
Which you can exit at any time;
by simply giving up on at random intervals.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Severe Digression & Tangental Addendum :

The Local World is actually a pretty nice place.
We’ve got The Parks, Libraries, Netflix, Online Porn, Clean Sheets, Cheap Bread, Donut Shops & Free Kittens.
You have to be fairly reckless to bring down The Man to bust you for smoking pot in your own home, or Sodomizing your Wife.
If you keep a low profile, you can usually indulge yourself with any personal thoughts & fantasies that you’d like to pollute your own soul with.

i would like to further believe that most of The lunatics in charge want to keep a low profile themselves and participate in a little harmless graft or authoritative shenanigans from time to time, but mostly, they try to keep under The Radar.

Things get done.

Occasionally things slip out of Control and you’ve got a full blown Fiasco,
But as Fiasco’s go, most are pretty benign.

- -

There is one crazy thing though that worries me a little bit.
And that is: Flying Saucers.

i believe that there is sufficient evidence to support The Idea that there is ‘Something’ to The Reports of Flying Saucers, and The Sundry of Flying Saucer Peripheral Activities.

i would also like to believe that The Shadow Government, Not The Clowns that regularly appear in Public; But The True & Genuinely Secret Illuminatii, By Whatever it’s Correct Name is; Want to Preserve The World and Care for it in A Responsible Manner.
The Fact that they occasionally fail to do this; Would seem to infer that they’re not as All Powerful as some would Assume that they are - -
Or; It may be that These Slips that we are aware of, Are tiny insignificant irregularities that have slipped by in The course of Saving us from Truly Unimaginable Disasters !

The Original Point though; About Flying Saucers, Is that maybe ‘They’ know The Greater Truth about them and The Real Truth is Astonishingly Horrific.
The Sort of thing that is Never even hinted at in The Many Quixotic Books & Grossly Irresponsible UFO Literature.

Some may say; ‘We want to know The Truth, We can handle it!’
But what if there was a very reasonable possibility that The Damp Masses couldn’t handle it. What if many of our elemental social institutions collapsed and life itself became deeply inconsolable if This Truth were widely disseminated?

Once The Truth is Revealed, You can never take it back.

What might this truth be?

That are Other ‘People’ on Other Planets is very benign.
i can’t really imagine this offending anyone.

But what if it turned out that everything we believe to be true,
Concerning Physics, Ethics, Social & Economic Systems, Mathematics & even Aesthetics was Very Wrong.
What if The Truth about Aliens included The Fact that Our Consciousness was not ‘Real’ Consciousness. That The Consciousness of all The Aliens was so Different from ours that we were like Goldfish or Tubeworms.
All our hopes of finding Any kind of Grandiose Spiritual Enlightenment was deeply laughable. We could no more find The Truth of Physics or Merge with The Mind of Gawd than could a paperclip.

What if The Aliens were Farmers and we Were their Livestock?
What if Our Reality was A Screen Saver on An Alien’s Computer?
What if Our Gawd was a 9_year old girl using a Toy like Mattel’s Thing Maker or An E-Z Bake Oven to Create our Universe?

What if it were proven ( ? ) that Conscious can survive outside the body, and that we become embodied because The True Reality is very much like our Dreams, Without anything to stand on, or connect with on a reliable basis.
What if were That our Angelic Guardians have somehow found a way for us to live in short spurts on an Artificial World where things possess a modicum of continuance & immutability so that simple minds such as ours can sit and rest for a little while.
And that life is eternal, but not Evolutionary.
Our souls go on & on forever, without ever improving in a given direction, without becoming better in any sense, without collecting greater wisdom or knowledge, but just plodding along, time without end, enduring The same old shit without reprise.

Would you want to =Know= That ?

The Reality Masters may seem harsh at times,
The World may seem unjust & cruel,
But that may be because Reality is Unjust & Cruel.

Morality & Fairness are The Illusions that Children cling to.

Whatever seems nice right now, hang on to that,
Stop and smell The donuts along The path to everlasting Tepidity.

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