Friday, May 25, 2012

A few Thoughts on The Art of Lying

The Art of Lying

The Curious Thing About The Most Honorable People & The Best Liars,
Is that Both Nearly Always Tell The Truth.
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It is only The Careless, Thoughtless Liar that Compulsively Lies without concern for how Viable their Lies will be Held by Others for Any Reasonable Length of Time.
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Why Do People Lie?
To Save someone’s Feelings.
To Escape Responsibility for Some Negligence or Malfeasance.
To Simplify A Narrative that is UnNecessarily Complicated.
To Spice Up an Otherwise Tedious Narrative.
To Fill in Gaps that A Narrative may Need to Remain Convincing.
To Make a Narrative More Memorable by Adding Forgotten Details.

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Strategies of Successful Lying :
Benjamin Franklin may have been on to something when he suggested that no one has such a reliable memory to be a successful Liar; So that Rule One for Telling Successful Lies is to Tell as Few Lies as Possible.
The Most Egregious Mistake that OJ Simpson made when he was being Sued by The Estates of his Alleged Victims, was to compulsively lie about his ill treatment of his ExWife; Nicole Brown-Simpson. What he should have done is Remorsefully admitted to frequently beating her, and perhaps routinely threatening her life. This would have taken The Punch out of his accusers argument, by portraying him as a psychopathic liar. This Alternative Strategy would have painted him as a cruel & callous husband, but they would necessarily have had to construct a new path toward Nicole’s Murder. Plenty of husbands routinely beat their wives without murdering them. This alone would not provide The Causative Link that his compulsive lying tacitly lead to when he denied murdering her. He lied about The Abuse, He must necessarily be lying about The Murder.
Is it always best to Scrupulously Tell The Truth, Up until The Big Lie.
You might be thinking that if you freely admit to all The Circumstances leading up to A Given Crime, You are essentially admitting The Crime as Well, Although you Deny it.
But Curiously; The Causality leading up to The Crime is only Circumstantial. It may suggest that you are Guilty, But if this can be later proved, Your denial of these circumstances will only The More Strongly Infer that you were Guilty of The Crime as Well.
“Yes; I went to Visit The Victim moments before she was Discovered Murdered, But She was Dead when I Entered Her Room, This would Explain why there was blood on my Hands & Clothes.”
Telling The Truth when Investigators are expecting you to lie will invariably confuse them. i have found this to be remarkably true time & time again.
If you’re going to Lie About Details to Assist A Thin Narrative, Make a Reasonable Effort to Add only Elements that Can’t be Verified or Disproved. This can be very tricky, As some Investigators are driven to substantiate or refute these very details that they believe make your narrative either true or false in its entirety.
It is simply inexcusable to ever tell a transparent lie. All lies should be unverifiable one way or The Other.
If you’re required to Tell A Story over & over; Telling The Truth becomes your best Friend, And Be Sure to Thoroughly Visualize The Faux Elements so that they may be Easily recalled again & again. Investigators are looking for two divergent tell-tale elements of a False Narrative— And these are; A Story that is Either too Inconsistent or UnNaturally Consistent. Striking just The Right Balance that an Ordinary Person will fall into when telling an entirely true story is The Big Trick. If The Investigators are convinced that you’re guilty, perhaps because you are in fact guilty, They will never be satisfied with your Consistency or Expected Inconsistencies. If this is The Case; Just Stick to your Foundation of Innocence, And This is Very Important; DO NOT Try to Explain any Inconsistencies or Contradictions that they insist you’ve made. Instead; Insist that they have misunderstood you, and recall The Story again, keeping it as Vanilla Flavored as possible.
As a General Rule: Never agree to be interrogated by The Police or Some Such. You may want to preface any request of this sort by insisting that you would like to cooperate with them, but you’re concerned that they are not entirely interested in The Actual Truth, But merely Closing a Case that they are unwilling to perform a thorough & responsible investigation of. “I am innocent of your accusations, but I have come to believe that you are only interested in twisting any statements that I may make to fit your ill-conceived thesis.” Lying Infographic

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