Friday, May 25, 2012

Selling Imaginary Friends ( ? )

Imaginary Friends

There are a few cases ( not many ) in which a schizophrenic person or (x asserts that they can ‘see’ and interact with ‘invisible’ or ‘imaginary’ friends. These imaginary friends seem completely real & solid to them. Sometimes these imaginary characters are friendly, & sometimes they are not. -
Usually; voices and other phenomena like this that are ‘projected’ from a schizophrenics mind, are from their ‘Id’ and not at all friendly. They tell their ‘host’ to get into mischief and so on.
- -
There is some ‘talk’ about how ‘real’ hypnotism is.
 Just how ‘real’ is it? Is it merely ‘suggestions’ that would be equivalent to anyone making a suggestion to anyone else, with some small caveat allowing that ‘some people’ are more ‘suggestible’ than others, and ‘some people’ are more ‘influential’ than others. But basically; There is nothing even remotely ‘mystical’ or even ‘mysterious’ about hypnosis.
In those cases where someone does something very ‘kooky’ while under hypnosis, The critics claim that The subject was merely ‘playing along’ with The hypnotist.
This seems somewhat improbable, But— It also seems very improbable that ‘most’ people can be ‘made’ to think, believe and act on what appears to be very gently suggested ‘instructions’. ( ??? )
- -
The Point being :
What if it were possible to set up a Business in which you would ‘sell’ imaginary friends.
These imaginary friends would be fully ‘real’, and The customer would be able to have sex with them, or molest them in any manner that they would so choose. These imaginary friends would also be good, attentive listeners and possibly even do chores around The house. Such chores would be done by The Customer, but they would believe that it was done by their imaginary friend.
In order to ensure that this/these imaginary friends were always imaginary, They may possess some attribute that no ‘real’ person would possess; Such as a Third Eye in their forehead, No hands, or Fewer than The Normal Number of Fingers, Hooves for Feet, Have a Blue or Remarkably Yellow Complexion, Always be Naked without a belly button, or a Stylized Belly Button, or Square Nipples or Whatever.

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