Monday, July 23, 2012

Icons to Share !

i have been wanting to do this for a very long time,
But i just recently thought of a way to do it !
And that is; Share some of the Icons that i've made.
These are File, Folder, Document & Application Icons for The Macintosh OS.
They may well work with other Platforms,
But i'm just guessing.

The problem has always been;
How can i put them on the Interweb so that they are then accessible to someone that finds them?
i have downloaded many Icon Collections from the Interweb,
But they were always on a Website that was Specifically Created to Allow the Browser to download The Set. This Blog doesn't have anything like that !

So then i discovered that i can upload a .zip file to my Google Docs File !
So there it is : Share These Icons !

When you click on that; A pane will come up on a Site Window telling you that
No Preview is Available.
Simply click on the Download Box, and A Folder of More Folders with The Icons will be downloaded to your Computer as a .zip compressed object.
De-zip it and there will be the Folder(s.

There are several hundred Icons; Some of them are 100% Original Material
And more are Images that i've found on the Internet and books and made into very nice cut-out Icons.
Many even have transparent Shadows !

They are all CopyLeft Protected ( Not ! )
Except for the ones that were plaigerized without permission;
In which case;
The Original CopyRights still apply ( !!! )