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911 Thought Experiment & Film Suggestions

911 Thought Experiment

i would like you to build a scale model of one of The 'Twin' Towers of New York 911 Fame.
This model should be Height to Width Scale, Made of any Materials that you'd like, using any design that you'd like, reproducing most or all of The floors & central support column - - Or not. It may be just a outer wall of 'Stiffened' toilet paper or toothpicks, paper straws, hay, sugar cubes or whatever.
The only caveat for this 'Anything Goes' Model Construction; Is that it has to be Able to Stand up under its own weight, firmly attached to a flat ground level platform, and withstand very gentle side to side movement, as The Actual Twin Towers were designed to withstand hurricane or Near hurricane strength winds.

Find an Electric Carving Knife or Saw with such & such specifications that will allow you to Remove The Top Third of The Building with a clean horizontal straight cut of without substantially Damaging The Rest of The Building in any way; Such as any damage that might be expected from wrenching it off with sustained twisting, bending & pulling.
The Actual Twin Towers were essentially severed with 'Surgical' precision, and that's what this experiment would like you to reproduce. The amount of damage to any other floors, beyound The half dozen or fewer that were effected by The plane crashes in The Orthodox Explanation, was very minimal.

Take this Top Third and Hold it very directly ( this might be tricky to manage ) over The Lower Two Thirds, by what would be The Scale equivalent of a Dozen Floors, and Drop it.
What happens?
Does The Entire Building Collapse, Fall over, Pancake down, Disintegrate, or do anything other than just sit there.

This Experiment Predicts that Irregardless of how Fragile you made your Model Building according to The Single Caveat, The Top Third with plop down on The Remaining Two Thirds and just sit there, or if it were dropped from a sufficient height, that would defy The Actual Twin Towers Scenario, There would be a slight 'Bounce' and The Top Third would Fall away or Topple over, Leaving The Remaining Two Thirds, unscathed.
This Experiment further predicts that given that The Top Third of The Building, was made from The Same Materials and Construction Methods as The Lower Two Thirds of The Model, Could; Under NO Circumstances of Throwing This Top Third at The Lower Two Thirds, Dropping it from Any Height, Whacking at it like a Bat for Several Minutes, or Alighting it with a Match and leaving it on The Two Thirds Top for An Hour or two, will harm or Cause The Lower Two Thirds to Fall over or Collapse in Any Manner.
How might one reconcile this with The Actual Twin Towers Collapse ?
It might be suggested that A True Scale Model introduces a 'Special Kind' of Fragility, but This Experiment Specifically Invites The Model Builder to Make a Model as Fragile as they possibly can.

What i can't 'Envision' is any building that is capable of holding it's own weight, or The weight of it's top third, and then suddenly loosing that capability in a catastrophic & disastrous manner that occurs as one might flick a light switch; curious & bewildering.

What is the Correct Explanation for this Experiment ?
This Experiment was taken from ( in a modified form ) from The Film :
9/11: Blueprint for Truth / The Architecture of Destruction

Some other Fine Heretical Films :
Aftermath: Unanswered Q's from 9/11
Part One :
Part Two :
Loose Change
Loose Change Final Cut
Fahrenheit 9/11
The Road to Guantánamo © 2006
No End in Sight ( Exposé of The Ongoing Iraq War ( Circa 2001+
The Shock Doctrine ( Based on The Book by Naomi Klein )
What Happened on the Moon? ( Best Exposé of The Fake Moon Landings
-Bore Hole- by Joey Mellen & Amanda Fielding ( Self Trepanning
Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, SuperMasochist ( 1997
Unforgiven ( 1992
Michael Jackson / The Lost Documentary ( YouTube ) Strong Evidence that All of The Accusations of Child Molestation against him were Bogus
District 9 ( Best Alien Film Ever
Fido ( Best Zombie Film Ever
The President's Analyst  / 1967 ( Best Political, Military Industrial Complex Film Ever
Kick Ass ( Best Super Hero Film
The Emerald Forest ( Best Amazonian Aborigine Film
Frank Capra's WWII : Why we Fight ( 7 1_h± Films Terrific Historical Analysis of WWII
The Notorious Bettie Page ( Best Historical Autobiography of a Porn Star
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ( Best Intelligent Designer / Intellectual Freedom Film
V for Vendetta
Tae Guk Gi : The Brotherhood of War ( Best Korean War Film
Miami Blues ( Best Petty Criminal / Chase Film
Flags of Our Fathers ( 2006 / Letters from Iwo Jima ( 2007
GoodFellas: Special Edition
Little Dieter Needs to Fly ( Best Documentary of Vietnam War
The Good Fairy / 1935 / "I'm going to buy a pencil sharpener with a handle!" Dr. Max Sporum
Pierrepoint ( Best Documentary of The Life of An Executioner
Panique au Village / A Town Called Panic ( Best Stop Action Film
There Will Be Blood ( Best Documentary of The Early History of Oil Drilling
The Hudsucker Proxy
Whale Rider ( Best Native American Aborigine Film
Rabbit Proof Fence ( Best Documentary of Mid 20th Century Australia
An Unreasonable Man : Ralph Nader
Hoodwinked ( Best Fairytale Film
In the Realms of the Unreal ( Best Documentary of a Naive Artist Film
Love Me If You Dare ( Best Love Story
My Super Ex-Girlfriend ( Very Good Superhero Film
North Face ( Best Mountain Climbing Film
Payback ( This is a perfectly mundane little film with Mel Gibson, before he went crazy; Who plays a petty gangster that was sent up the river for his part in a heist of somekind, and is now out, and goes to the underworld boss to collect his share of the robbery. Curiously; The underworld boss & others don't understand that all he wants is a reasonably small, fixed amount, that he's calculated is due to him. And so he, The Mel Gibson character, reeks terrible havoc on these people, because they just won't listen. This is a theme that i am haunted with constantly; The Problem of wanting to get some simple thing done, and no one will listen to me. It's very frustrating.
Romy & Michele's High School Reunion ( Best Gay/Lesbian Film
The Razor's Edge  1)Powell / 2)Murray
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
The Passion of Joan of Arc ( 1928
Save the Green Planet! ( Excellent Mystery/Crazy Person Film
The Professional
The Third Man (1949) ( Best Soundtrack
The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Trouble with Angels ( Best Ending for a Disney Film
A Man Called Horse / The Return of a Man Called Horse
The Green Hornet ( 2010
Exit Through the Gift Shop
The Desert of Forbidden Art / 2010 / Suppressed Russian Art
The Lady Eve
The Jacket ( Best Psychological Time Travel Film
Ants: Little Creatures Who Run The World
Boys Don't Cry
DOA ( Original & Remake ( Later : Crank & Crank 2
Hail the Conquering Hero / 1945
The Miracle of Morgan Creek
The Great McGinty
Lake Placid
The Fly ( Original Version
The Fly (1986)
The Kite Runner

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