Friday, August 31, 2012

How Angels Work—

Saturday, August 11, 2012 1:15:51 PM
How Angels Work.
About a Week or two ago i noticed that my kitchen sink, cold water ( ? faucet was leaking a tiny bit. About a Measuring Cup full every 12 hours or so. So i decided that i would fix it myself, and tried to turn off The water under The sink, but The handle would not turn at all, in either direction. And this faucet handle was one of those kind that has The spokes and are commonly found on outside garden hose faucets. If you turn one of these too hard, or incorrectly; they will just break apart. This has happened often enough to me that i am certainly convinced that it is a very prevalent design flaw, and whenever you run across a design flaw like this that has existed for many, many, many years and is not being remedied by anyone; It is there for some purpose.
Is it simply there to sell more faucet handles, or something else?
i suspect something else, but even i can’t fathom what this something else is!
So anyways; i ran over to Ace’s Hardware Store where i was sure that they’d have some kind of ‘Outer Sheath’ that could be placed over one of these faucet handles and turn it without breaking it. It seems like a very obvious idea to me. Not only to keep The Faucet Handle from Breaking, but also, just to get a better grip on it. But they had no such device and apparently had never heard of such a thing ( ?
So i got a Rubber Gasket dealie meant to be used on Jelly Jars, and returned home with some other things, washers and something else i think ( ? ( i would have to look in The Bag to see what else i bought, but it is out of arms reach at this moment.
And then i procrastinated.
i didn’t really have any confidence that The Rubber Gasket Thingy would work, and i was trying to think of something else…
And then.
A Very Scruffy Man came to my door a few days ago and told me that they’d need to turn off The Water for a few hours and i said; ‘No problem, take as long as you’d like.’ and then i went back to my nap.
And a few hours later, he came back to tell me that The Water was back on,
And About A whole day later; It suddenly occurred to me that i should have taken that window of opportunity to change The washer in The Kitchen Faucet !
But i didn’t.

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