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In The News ( What is A Legitimate Rape ?

In The News :

In a Recent ( Late Summer 2012 ) News Story, a Senator or Senate Candidate ( ? ) asserted that ( Rephrased for Clarity ) : Women that are ‘Legitimately’ Raped rarely become pregnant because their bodies respond to The Stress of The Rape by causing a Miscarriage.
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Is this True?
It seems to me, from what i’ve heard, Getting Pregnant is actually much harder than it is usually assumed. Very often women will become ‘Unexpectedly’ pregnant, but many women try & try & try to become pregnant without success.
There is only a small window of Opportunity after Estrus/Ovulation for The Egg to become Fertilized, So that to determine how true this is;
You’d have to assemble a large case file of Violent Rapes by Strangers, ( 2000 or so ) & then Determine which of these were in this Window of Opportunity after Ovulation, & of Those; How many would be Expected to have become Pregnant ?
It is also my understanding that Many women that do become pregnant in a ‘Friendly’ Manner, endure a Miscarriage so soon after Fertilization that they aren’t aware that they ever were pregnant, discovering that their ‘Period’ is a week or so late; Or perhaps several weeks or months later, when they experience what is known as a ‘Missing Fetus’.
So after you churn through all these numbers; Do women that endure a Violent Rape by A Stranger, become pregnant less often than a Control group of ‘Friendly Sex’, Casual Sex, ‘Date-Rape’ Sex, Low Coercion Sex, Incest Sex, Violent Sex by an Acquaintance, Drug Facilitated Rapes, Statutory Rapes, Age Inappropriate Sex, Caste Inappropriate Sex, Teaser Sex, UnReliable BirthControl Sex, Obligatory Date Sex, Returning a Favor or Loan Sex, Prostitute Sex, Peer Pressure Sex, ‘I didn’t know that I was having Sex, Sex’, Sperm in The Bathwater Sex, Sperm on The Outside of a Condom Sex, Sperm introduced to a Vagina during Cunnilingus Sex, Shared Vibrator Sex, Sperm on a Tampon Sex, Artificial Insemination Sex, Fertilization outside The Body, accompanied by Egg Implantation Sex, Or ‘UnDefined’ Sex ?
The Reason that i am making a distinction between Violent Rape Sex by A Stranger And Violent Rape by an Acquaintance is that it is entirely reasonable that The Violent Rape by An Acquaintance may result in Mixed Feelings, which would essentially skewer The Arguably Small Statistical Effect caused by The Stress of The Violent Rape. It might also be entirely relevant what The Environment of The Rape was, How Attractive The Rapist was, How Famous The Rapist is, &/or Whether The Rapist used a Knife, Gun, Rope, Fists or Convincing Threats. All these Factors ( And Others ) should be included in The Complete Study.
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Another Aspect of this ‘MisStatement’ Fiasco was in The Many Media Analysis’ that followed;
The Expression; ‘Rape is Rape’ was used.

When is Rape, Rape ?
Obviously; Many ‘Statutory’ Rapes are not Rapes at all.
But there are many even more confusing ‘Soft’ Rapes.

What if a Sexually Precocious 12 year old girl with very large breasts, & an IQ of 160, told a Seriously Retarded 30 year old man that she was 18 & in love with him, prior to sexual intercourse.
Then After this Casual Sexual Encounter; The Man is Traumatized by her Indifference in The Following Weeks.
Who raped who?

i also find is very annoying that while The ‘Legitimacy’ of Sexual Contact is Based on a Sliding Scale of Appropriate Ages that Varies Widely from State to State, Country to Country, Culture to Culture, Historical Period to Historical Period; These are all Ostensibly Based on The Maturity of The Girl ( Rarely The Boy ) - - - But there is No Quantitative Spectrum of What Maturity Consists of. Certainly Not a Legal Standard, that would allow An Accused Rapist or Victim to be Measured for Their Maturity.
If you allow that Women can Rape Men ( or at The Very Least; Emotionally Traumatize a Man through Casual Sex ) Then it must often by The Case that An Emotionally Mature Women takes advantage of an Emotionally Immature Man, Not only for Sexual Gratification, but for Financial Gain, Or to Leverage Some other kind of Advantage over The Man.

What is The ‘Crime’ of Inappropriate Sex ?
An UnWanted or UnPrepared Pregnancy.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Social or Employee Politics.
Emotionally Traumatic Aftermath.

What is my Solution ?

Eliminate The Crime of Rape.
Eliminate The Crime of Virginity Theft. The most curious thing about Virginity Theft; Is that it was/is rarely considered a crime against The girl, but as a crime against her father, betrothed husband or perhaps, husband or other male kin, whose investment in The Girl has been substantially diminished or ‘Ruined’.

Retain The Crime of Assault. Whether Physical or Emotional or Both.
Retain The Crime of Inducing a Non-Consensus Pregnancy. Which could be applied to Men & Women Equally ! A man might easily claim that he is The Victim of A Non-Consentual Pregnancy if The Woman Assured him that she was using BirthControl when she knowingly was Not !
Retain ( or Create ) The Crime of Disease Assault. It seems obvious to me that people that knowingly spread Herpes or Other Communicable Diseases ( Not necessarily restricted to Sexually Transmitted Diseases ! ) should be held accountable under The Concept of an Assault.
Create The Crime of Teaser Sex. This is when a Man or Woman teases a Partner into A Casual Sexual Relationship with The Tacit or Implied Promise or Assurance of A Long Term Romance. This would most commonly be used for The Prosecution of ‘Underage’ Sex, in which A Younger Partner may believe that The Older ‘Aggressor’ is ‘Seriously’ in Love with them. / But it would also Exclude An Older Partner that either was seriously in Love with a younger partner, -Or- Shared an Emotional Confusion of Their Romantic Potential. Such as when a 26 year old male believes that he is in love with a 14 year old girl, but has neglected to consider that she is at a transformative stage in her life & will be a significantly different person in another year or two. In this case; He would be just as victimized by his own Emotional commitment as she is.

The Punishment of These ‘Crimes’ would be much more ‘Relatively’ Appropriate & in Confluence with Similar Situations that are Free of The Sexual Component.

Just how Legally Culpable should someone be for Emotional Confusion ?

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