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Mice, Pixies, Angels & The Xi.6 Controllers

Amoung The many ( other ) crazy things that i believe, i very much suspect that after i relocated The last mousie ( Jumbolyah Juki ), i may have ‘damaged’ The occupation of Pixies in my room or The building.
Pixies are ( like mice ) more mischievious or benign, than dangerous or malicious, they may also do good things, & are necessary to keep things in balance.
- -
After i relocated Jumbolyah; i put out a cracker on a dab of peanut butter, & after about 3 weeks, it has remained undisturbed. This strikes me as very odd, in that it seems very improbable that this building, or room, was accessible to only One Mouse. Is there some other ‘Influence’ that is controlling or limiting The population of mice in The building ?
If so; i am completely unaware of it.

Conversation/Interview with Reagan Dunn

A Conversation with Reagan Dunn

Reagan Dunn & Bob Ferguson are running for Washington State’s Position of Attorney General in 2012.
Although Dunn’s Resumé far outshines Ferguson’s,
Dunn’s Campaign has focused Exclusively on Bob Ferguson’s representation of an Accused Murderer ( Cop Killer ) 20 years ago.

- - -

Traffic Cone : Thankyou for coming over & letting us have a little discussion with you.

Reagan Dunn : Well, Thankyou for inviting me, my secretary said that you were very polite & promised to have donuts.

TC : And here they are; Would you like some Coffee or Tea? We also have Cocoa & some Soft drinks.

RD : A nice hot cup of coffee would be just fine.

TC : Sally— Could you bring us over two cups of that new Java you got Wednesday.

Sally : Here you are.

TC : So what I wanted to clarify with you was your Obsession with Bob Ferguson’s Representation of Ronald Turney Williams some 20 years ago when Bob was in Law School. A Case like this is really excellent for developing some endemic system experience with The Judicial Courts. And in all Fairness to our Society & Community, Williams Consistently lost his appeals again & again. He was not freed, And Society is Safe.

RD : Well; It’s not just that he was taking advantage of this opportunity to get some experience, Bob fully embraced this job; And declared that ‘It was a great feeling!’ to provide this brutal cop killer with representation.

TC : yeeeeah. That’s what were going to focus on tonight. Bob Ferguson seems to be expressing his support & enthusiasm for our Judicial System that promises adequate legal representation to everyone that is accused of some criminal activity, irregardless of their financial resources or social caste. You seem to saying this ostensible fairness is gratuitous. That simply being being accused of a crime is sufficient cause to be locked away without a trial or a chance to defend themselves.

RD : That may be overstating it, But criminals are certainly being coddled & given rights & resources in prison that are denied many of are hardest working middle class that religiously refrain from any criminal or antisocial acts. These gawd fearing dweebs understand that vengeance & Punishment are an unacceptable risk to what little they may gain from what their natural inclinations may urge them to commit.

TC : So you don’t believe that there are any genuinely good people in The world? Only people are ‘Act Well’ out of fear of punishment?

RD : Isn’t that what The Bible Teaches us. Adam & Eve lost their naivety & what gawd called ‘Innocence’ after Satan convinced Eve to Taste The Fruit of Knowledge.

TC : yeeeeah; So If you’re comfortable with sending The Accused to Prison without Proper Representation of The Kind that Bob Ferguson is Willing, & Enthusiastic about providing These presupposed Criminals; How many Innocent People, The Falsely Accused, are you willing to Send to Prison; 20 Percent, 40 Percent ?

RD : The Question really is; How Safe & Secure do you personally want to be, & how Safe & Secure would you like your Wife & Children to be. All these ‘Falsely Accused’ Innocent Pedestrians are nearly always guilty of something. That’s The Nature of Being Human. We’re all guilty of something. If The Punishment that you Receive is Inconsistent or Excessive for The Actual Guilt that you’ve participated in; This is a small price that Society pays for A Truly Safe Community. The Question isn’t so much that we’re Unjustly Condemning 40% of The Accused; But if we Accused more people of Crimes that they may or may not be genuinely guilty of, We might obtain a Society & Community that was Genuinely Free of All Criminals. All we’d have to do is Initiate a Accusation Ratio of say; 260 Percent of Genuinely Guilty Criminals, & this previously mentioned, completely Acceptable 40 Percent of False Positives would be doing their part to make The rest of us completely safe. And once that was achieved; This 260 Percent would translate into a very, very few people being accused of The smallest venal sins.

TC : Well; Thank you very much for coming down, I think we’ve cleared that up.

RD : Can i take another donut with me, These are really very good.

TC : Help yourself, They’re just from Safeway.

RD : Thanks !

Robot Consciousness & The Other Kind as Well

i have been arguing for some time that The Entire Hard Artificial Intelligence & Conscious Argument can be unambiguously solved if you can simply reveal a clear method of providing a robot with a sense of consciousness,
So that The robot genuinely believes that it is self-aware & can state with personal authority; I Think, therefore I am.
Such a Robot would have a steady stream of Conscious Thoughts, Dream when Idyl, Be Able to Create & Imagine Projects for Itself to do, Ignore Logical Paradoxes And Disregard or Ignore Instructions given to it by its Masters.

It has long been known that each ‘Conscious’ Entity can never be sure that other beings like itself, in appearance, are also Conscious. They may seem conscious, but once The idea of Robots that can act like people becomes fully realized, It is easy to believe that all other people are mindless robots.

The Programming of such a Robot; To Replicate =Every= Human Activity, may be surprisingly simple to write. With The Added Feature of Emergent Complexity; A Very Few ‘Primary Directives’ would be allowed to Mix & Match themselves to Create more Complex Behaviours, Emotional Shortcuts, Conflict Behaviours, Nullification Loops, Simple Neurotic Confusion & Genuine Mad Scientist Genius &/or Psychotic Ravings.

It may seem ‘Unreasonable’ to An Unimaginative Person to believe that A Robot could ‘Pretend’ to do all The Things, Appearing to Perform Often Deeply Irrational, Suicidal, Murderously Stupid Ventures or Contrarily, Exhibit Creative Genius, Romantic Fantasies, Self Sacrifice or Introspective Musings; But Anyone that has a deep understanding of Emergent Complexity & has Seen Very Simple Robots, Starfish or Insects Exhibit seeming Ingenious Behaviour; May be more Acquiescent to The Idea of Robots pretending to be Humans with little or no supervision.
This Suspension of Disbelief may more easily be imagined if you consider only The humans with ‘Ordinary’ Abilities & Desires, And allow that The Stranger & more Wondrous Behaviours use another model to be considered next Thursday.

Let us then place our own Robot in a Land of Robots, where all The ‘Other’ NotPeople are Unambiguously Known to be Robots. And The only Caveat that you allow from preventing yourself from Knowing & Believing that you Yourself are ‘Merely’ An Unconscious, Purely Mechanical Appliance is your own ‘Sense’ of Self Awareness.

What if:
We consider Another Robot, Truly A Robot, A Gears & Wires Mechanoid whose every thought & Behaviour is fully accounted for within The Confines of its Schematical Designs.
And then we allow this Robot to be ‘Aware’; No more aware than it is Aware of what is going on around itself, The Awareness that it possesses of The Other Robots, The Awareness that it uses to Sense The Physical World, And Nothing More;
And it Uses that Awareness to be Aware of Itself.

This kind of Awareness may be a little different than The Kind of Awareness that A Fly Possesses, If indeed a Fly is Aware of Anything. If A Fly is Aware of Anything, & it was able to Expressively Articulate what it was Aware of; It may reveal that it Believes that The Entire Universe is An Extension of Itself, Such that There was no Me & Not Me or Inside Me & Outside Me. There was only The Experiences of The Universe, As I am Aware of them; Or— The Fly may see itself as A Pointillistic Dot with Itself & The Universe as Things That I Can See as I move through The Sea of Experiences.

The Robot’s Awareness of Itself though,
May be a little different. It is able to form an Internal Model of The Robot that it is, Along with An Environmental Model that Surrounds The Internal Model of Itself.
This Model of Itself would be Qualitatively Equivalent to The Model that it already has of The Other Robots & Their Environment, Its only difference is that it Now Extends inward to Include Itself, which it Recognizes as Separated from The Outside, by An Arbitrary Boundary of ‘Inside’.

Once it has accomplished this; The Robot begins thinking of Actions that It Takes, or may take, or why might it take those actions, What The desirability of any actions may be, What The Cost of those actions may be, What Alternative Actions it may take, & Then developing Criteria to Choose Which Potential Actions are most Cost Effective.

Is This Consciousness?
Such A Robot would be filled with a Never Ending Continuous Stream of Potential Decisions, just like The thoughts of Ordinary ‘Living’ People.

Would this Robot be Alive ?

Would it be able to Say with Authority & without Prompting;
I am Thinking; Therefore I Am.

Anohter Episode of Why & How i Hate Computers !

i did it again.

And “Gawd! i hate computers !”

So Earlier today, i did ‘Something’ to my iPod Touch, which locked The Screen into Portrait mode.
i do not know how i did this.

What’s worse; is that i seem to distinctly recall that i had seen this phenomena previously,
a long time ago; And now i have forgotten how to set & unset this.

So i checked ‘Settings’.
This is The Catch All App that contains numerous subdirectories of things to set ‘just so’. Many of them pertain to The Individual Local Apps & some to ‘Global’ User Preferences & so on.
i searched & searched through these subdirectories for about 3 hours, growing increasingly frustrated & becoming more & more clinically insane.
Then i looked through The Manual that i had for about an hour.
Then i discovered a Second Manual in a different folder, in a Different Folder, That was in a folder that made a certain amount of sense that it was there, but now where it really should have been.

Another thing about this; is: To find what you are looking for with a Search Engine, you have to know what The thing you are looking for, is called.
In The olden days, you could just flip through a book until you found it, but nowadays, you can’t flip through electronic books or The internet.
You have to know what you’re looking for, before you can find it.

So by some miracle, i found what i was looking for.
It only took me about 6 hours.

The iPod is broken into parts so that there are three ( 3 ) ( ??? ) places where Preferences may be hidden.
One s The Settings App.
Another is The 3 Taps to The Home Button, which brings up a menu of three or four ‘special cases’ for Display Choices.
And The ‘Last’ ( ??? ) is The 2 Taps to The Home Button, which i am very familiar with, but i’ve never ( previously ) thought of it as A Preferences hiding place.
The 2 Finger Tap will bring up a Carousel of all The Apps which may be activated ‘beside’ another App that is already running. This is actually very useful in many cases. This also allows you to turn The music on or off, jump ahead or back a track or even go to The Music Application.
What i never use, & didn’t even know was hiding at The Far Left Station, Was a Button that locked The Screen in Portrait Mode.
i must have accidentally hit this at some time earlier in The day, & that set The Screen to Portrait Mode & Locked it.

So that many of The Applications would not work properly, & i had no idea how to fix it.

Several months ago; Some time after i first got The iPod Touch, i accidentally hit The screen with 3 fingers. This is a rather peculiar function which blows up The Screen. ( Enlarges it ).
There is something very much like this; that can be done with one finger, & two taps.
So why would there be a separate function with 3 fingers & one tap ?
Are they Different ?
Subtly so.
The One Finger, Two Taps; will bring The Image of many Screen Displays up to about 2x, & from there, you can pinch & pull The size to just What you want.
From this ‘Mode’ you can also push The image around with one finger, left or right, up or down.

The Three Finger, One Tap; will allow you to set The enlargement to a much larger magnification by three finger, one tap & hold, then move these three fingers up The screen, magnifying it more & more, or pulling The fingers down, & reducing The magnification. Then when you Three Finger Tap The next Time, it will Enlarge The image to your previous setting.
In this ‘Mode’ however, you Can Not move The Screen around with one Finger.
You need to use all three fingers again. ( ??? ) !!!

Another Difference between these two Magnification ‘Modes’ is that with One Finger, Two Taps, & Pinching; you will only be allowed to Enlarge The Image to its Maximum Resolution, or seeing The Individual Pixels as Discernible Squares.
With Three Fingers, One Tap & Push up To Enlarge, you can go beyound this, so that The Individual Pixels are much larger.

Anyways; After i accidentally bumped it, in my pocket with three fingers, i had to go down to The Apple Store to get someone to tell me how to fix it.

One very annoying aspect of this story is that The iPod would Not Reset after i turned it completely Off & Back On. That is supposed to be a Universal Fix All for Most Problems.
And after you’ve hit The screen with 3 Fingers, One Tap; & turned it off- -
If you’ve set The iPod to LockOut, & you don’t know that The Screen must be moved up & down, side to side with Three fingers, you can’t even operate The Keypad Entry to unlock it & turn it back on.

This seems wrong to me.

Gawd! i hate computers.

Washington Gubernatorial Race / Cabbage Code

New Cabbage Code :
Washington State's Gubernatorial Race for 2012

2012 Governors Race for Washington State

700 =  the lord hath spoken
700 =  for your words
700 =  according to the number

666 =  the prescription:
777 =  wilt thou follow?
777 =  neither of their hearts
666 =  these are their  names:

666 =  thy servant is :
666 =  Robert Marion McKenna

666 =  thy servant is :
666 =  Jay Robert Inslee

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Cabbage Code ! 2012 BiPartisan Presidential Race

i've created a new Cabbage Code
A BiPartisan Consideration of The 2012 Presidential Race

It may be viewed in it's Entirety at :
Second Version of The Cabbage Code's 2012 Presidential Race

If you're still having trouble viewing it, or Downloading it; 
There is This Second Option of Downloading The Second Version as a Zip.file. 
Sample Bits.
The reason that it is primarily available only as a .pdf is that for whatever reasons,
Google Blogster doesn't allow me to set Tabs !!!
And this Document needed just a tiny amount of Special formatting !!!


An Unbiased & BiPartisan
Cabbage Codes Project
 666 = Barack Hussein Obama Jr
 666 = Joseph Robinette Biden Jr

 666 = Willard Mitt Romney
 666 = Paul Davis Ryan


A Completely Bi-Partisan Cabbage Code for
The 2012 Presidential Race

Introductory Introduction
Many People Searching for Real Truths in The World have long yearned for A UnAmbiguous, Incorruptible, UnContrived & Easy to Use Method by Which Messages from The One, Original & Benevolent, Creator of The Universe, Life & Our Immortal Souls; Could be Received & Read at Our Connivence.
While most Any Generic Religion may promise you The Answers that you Seek;
There is always a Taint of Uncertainty in The Methods that they Use to Produce, Reveal or Interpret their Missives, Dogma & Bulletins.
The Great Cabbage; For which No Cabbage may be Imagined To Be Any Greater;
Has Revealed an Incorruptible Method by Which S'he/its Revelations are Engraved into The Fabric of The Universe Itself.
These Messages are Available to anyone that has The Merest Curiosity to Simply Look for Them.
These Memorandums can not be Mistook or Misinterpreted by A Sexually Precocious Clergy or Clinically Obese AM Radio Media Whores,
They are Just Laying There; Carefully Woven into Every Book, Shopping List, News Story, Package Instructions or Wikipedia Article.
Who; But The Great Cabbage could so Seamlessly insert these Messages into Every Written Page of Human Manufacture ?
The Method of Finding these Messages is Quite Simple;
But Suffice to Say; Let us First Examine A Collection of These Revelations just to Demonstrate The Validity of This Approach to Finding The Secrets of The Universe.
In this Completely Bi-Partisan Analysis of The 2012 Presidential Race
It is Revealed that All Four of The Principle Candidates are Ruffians for Satan.
The Cabbage Codes Method Uses The Gematria to Determine The Values of A Wide Number of Names, Statements, Phrases & Words Using One, Very Uncontrived Key which was provided through a process of Devine Intervention.
Could All The Worlds Computers, Working for The Next 100,000 years have Created This Key?
Consult your local Cybernetic Experts for their Unbiased Opinion.

: -: | = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = | : : <

2012 Presidential Race
Principle Equivalency Values :
    ( with some Anagrams )

666 = Barack Hussein Obama Jr
  666 = A Burr? Am Bohemian Jackass!
  666 = Inasmuch As A Barb; Am Joker.
666 = Joseph Robinette Biden Jr
  666 = nth Poorest Ne'er Jib Jibed
  666 = Brr! Tiniest Peeed John Job
  666 = The Inborn Jester Pied Job
666 = Willard Mitt Romney
  666 = Madmen? It'll Worry It
  666 = Rat? Dirty Mill Women
  666 = I'm Worldly Martinet
  666 = Yam Midwinter Troll
  666 = I Will! Trendy Marmot.
  666 = re: Am Mildly Torn Wit
  666 = Malt— My Tinier World
666 = Paul Davis Ryan
  666 =  I Pray; U.S. Vandal!
  666 =  Yup! A Vandal Sir.
  666 =  A Privy Anus Lad.
  666 =  Pal? Via Dry Anus!
  666 =  A Vinyl U.S. Ad Rap
  666 =  Ya! Larva in Spud.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Lots Lots more at the .pdf Link ( see above )

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Reason for Our Current Economic Sorrows

One of The ( Many ) Crazy things that i believe;
Is that One of The Principle Reasons for The Current Economic Turndown,
Is that There is a Disconjunct between The Expectation of Our Economy being driven by ‘On Line Services’ & The Actual Usage of Computers by Ordinary People.
In Other Words;
Our Economy has become ‘Oriented’ towards On Line Services,
& Opposing that; Is that very few people are actually using computers.

This Idea is based on a Root Idea that The Friendliest Computers available today ( October 2012 ) are Still only for Geeks, Nerds & Hackers with an IQ that is Excessively Past 110.
Your ‘Average’ Person with An IQ between 90 to 110 may own a computer; At least for a few months, until it starts acting ‘Wookie’ & then it’s effectively Broken & beyound their ability to get it fixed. The idea of returning it to The Store to have it repaired, usually for some ‘Issue’ that is So Minor that it can be fixed in less than 30 Seconds by a Knowledgable Technician, will only fortify The ‘Average’ Users resolve to Avoid that level of Humiliation if it breaks a second time.
Those that do buy a computer & are able to get it up & running for a few months are only going to be able to get it to do One Thing.
That one thing will probably be something like E-Mail or Possibly get On-Line to Use something like Face-Book.
They will Never learn to Use Garageband, iMovie or SketchUp.

i base this belief on The Simple Observation that since i have an IQ of 130 & i struggle to use & keep my Computer Operational ( MacBook ), i can not possibly Imagine how Someone with An IQ of 100, could do this.
If we allow that A Person with an IQ of 100 considers someone with an IQ of 70 to be Mentally Retarded; Then for some task that is on The Brink of my Ability to Use it is at 130, Then a person with an IQ of 100 would be Far too Retarded to Accomplish this.

The One thing that may provide some ‘Outage’ from this Belief is The Nearly Ubiquitous Use of ‘Smart Phones’ which reduce many of The Functions of Computers to ‘Appliance Level Functionality’.
This allows many functions to become as easy to use as a Toaster,
But remove any possibility of Using these ‘Apps’ to perform any function other than The One very specific task which they have been designed for, & requires only that The User turn The App On or Off.

These Smart Phones have also removed nearly all ‘Service Functions’ from The User’s Capability to Screw them up.
Keyboard Driven Computers still allow The User access to The System Files, Which is Completely Crazy. And they still require innumerable interactive decisions to be made by The User that they couldn’t possibly make with any degree of competence.

Why is this Situation being allowed to Persist ?
i know that many of The People that know how to use a computer are in denial that computers are still very hard to use. Perhaps they think that they are useful enough, & that ‘dumbing them down’ will mean that they will lose much of Their ‘Productivity’.
i suspect that this may be What has happened to computers in The last 20 Years or so; As they try to make computers more ‘Fool Proof’, Considerable functionality of The early computers have been removed from them.
Users can no longer program computers for their own purposes, They can no longer customize The General Appearance of The Computer’s Interactive Graphics, Many of The Fine Tuning features have been removed, & in so doing, allowed only The most obscure & confusing elements to remain.

One of The many very annoying trends that i’ve noticed is that there are No Instructions to many of These Appliances anymore. My recent purchase of A Kindle Fire HD literally contained NO Instructions WhatsoEver !
Apparently their thinking was that it was so simple to use, it didn’t require any.
Of course; This is completely Crazy.
And when i went looking for some Instructions or Overview of The Device’s Capability, they were fragmented & spread out over The Internet in tiny little pieces.
The Macintosh & it’s many Applications & Programs are The same Way.
Specifically; Garageband & iMovie for my iPod Touch. The Instructions for these very Complicated & Feature Laden Apps are Non-Existent.
What i would Love Love Love; Is if Each Application had a Nice PDF that resembled an Old Fashion Instruction Manual that had everything you’d need to Operate & Service it, In one Finite Package.
When This Information is On The Interweb; It’s in a Decidedly UnDefined & Amorphous Form that leaves one wondering; Is there more that i could or should know, but i am missing out on, because it was hidden in an obscure Link, Website or Page that i Neglected to Find.

On The Macbook; There is a Help Menu; But many of The Pages are only accessible while OnLine, ( Connected to The Interweb ), but even so; The Greater Problem is that All The Articles are hidden in Folders that can only be Accessed through A Search Engine, which Requires that The User is Completely Familiar with All The Technical Names for All The Features before they can Ask about them.
The very Skimpy Introductory Pages do not list any of these Terms, & this is True for All The Applications as Well.
There are NO Manuals for Any of The Applications !

A Very Short Rant on The World Wide Art Scam

A Very Short Rant on The World Wide Art Scam

i just saw a story on Good Morning America that revealed that Cost-Co was now selling ‘Original’ Matisse & Warhol Prints, along with a host of other ‘High End’ Art at their ‘Super Stores’.

Clearly; Much of this art is not particularly good, & is often no more sophisticated or meaningful than The illustrations that we might find in a Picture book for 6 year olds.

Why is such crap so expensive ?

Generally; Such art was produced by Artists that were at one time, long ago, Pioneers that, ( Like many ‘Popularizers’ ) showed The Critics & Art Collectors, as well Ordinary Muggles, that a ‘New’ kind of Stylization is ‘O.K.’ 
The ‘New’ kind of painting may & probably existed long before it became acceptable & popular, But these ‘Artists’ & their Promotional Agent, along with Critics & Others; Advocate this Particular Stylization as Now Acceptable.
The Shift from Pre-Photographic Realism to Impressionism- Stuck to some degree, & later Evolved into many different ‘Looser’ Styles of Illustration that is now seen in many different Venues.
The Silk Screen Art of Andy Warhol & Peter Max also became very popular in Advertising & Book Illustration,
But No one paints like Van Gogh, Picasso, The Minimalists, or Fauvists.
Granted; There is some Cross Over if you allow that many other Venues of Design have picked up some of these movements & Rejiggered them to fit their own Mediums.

But The Real Test of a Good Idea vs A Bad Idea is whether or not it Survived, And more importantly; Were The Art & Design Movements that followed it, Built on Top of The Insights & Innovation of The Movement in Question ?
What came from Cubism, Pioneered Principally by Picasso?
He’s often mentioned as one of The Greatest Artists of The 20th Century, But he left No Protégés, Lasting Cubism Movement, or even a School of Thought that Continued to Evolve The Ideas of Cubism.

There are other examples of Very Innovative Art that have Succumbed after their Pioneers Died; Such as The Tiling & Geometrical Art of M.C. Escher, But this might well be because it was so hard to do.