Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Very Short Rant on The World Wide Art Scam

A Very Short Rant on The World Wide Art Scam

i just saw a story on Good Morning America that revealed that Cost-Co was now selling ‘Original’ Matisse & Warhol Prints, along with a host of other ‘High End’ Art at their ‘Super Stores’.

Clearly; Much of this art is not particularly good, & is often no more sophisticated or meaningful than The illustrations that we might find in a Picture book for 6 year olds.

Why is such crap so expensive ?

Generally; Such art was produced by Artists that were at one time, long ago, Pioneers that, ( Like many ‘Popularizers’ ) showed The Critics & Art Collectors, as well Ordinary Muggles, that a ‘New’ kind of Stylization is ‘O.K.’ 
The ‘New’ kind of painting may & probably existed long before it became acceptable & popular, But these ‘Artists’ & their Promotional Agent, along with Critics & Others; Advocate this Particular Stylization as Now Acceptable.
The Shift from Pre-Photographic Realism to Impressionism- Stuck to some degree, & later Evolved into many different ‘Looser’ Styles of Illustration that is now seen in many different Venues.
The Silk Screen Art of Andy Warhol & Peter Max also became very popular in Advertising & Book Illustration,
But No one paints like Van Gogh, Picasso, The Minimalists, or Fauvists.
Granted; There is some Cross Over if you allow that many other Venues of Design have picked up some of these movements & Rejiggered them to fit their own Mediums.

But The Real Test of a Good Idea vs A Bad Idea is whether or not it Survived, And more importantly; Were The Art & Design Movements that followed it, Built on Top of The Insights & Innovation of The Movement in Question ?
What came from Cubism, Pioneered Principally by Picasso?
He’s often mentioned as one of The Greatest Artists of The 20th Century, But he left No Protégés, Lasting Cubism Movement, or even a School of Thought that Continued to Evolve The Ideas of Cubism.

There are other examples of Very Innovative Art that have Succumbed after their Pioneers Died; Such as The Tiling & Geometrical Art of M.C. Escher, But this might well be because it was so hard to do.

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