Saturday, October 27, 2012

Conversation/Interview with Reagan Dunn

A Conversation with Reagan Dunn

Reagan Dunn & Bob Ferguson are running for Washington State’s Position of Attorney General in 2012.
Although Dunn’s Resumé far outshines Ferguson’s,
Dunn’s Campaign has focused Exclusively on Bob Ferguson’s representation of an Accused Murderer ( Cop Killer ) 20 years ago.

- - -

Traffic Cone : Thankyou for coming over & letting us have a little discussion with you.

Reagan Dunn : Well, Thankyou for inviting me, my secretary said that you were very polite & promised to have donuts.

TC : And here they are; Would you like some Coffee or Tea? We also have Cocoa & some Soft drinks.

RD : A nice hot cup of coffee would be just fine.

TC : Sally— Could you bring us over two cups of that new Java you got Wednesday.

Sally : Here you are.

TC : So what I wanted to clarify with you was your Obsession with Bob Ferguson’s Representation of Ronald Turney Williams some 20 years ago when Bob was in Law School. A Case like this is really excellent for developing some endemic system experience with The Judicial Courts. And in all Fairness to our Society & Community, Williams Consistently lost his appeals again & again. He was not freed, And Society is Safe.

RD : Well; It’s not just that he was taking advantage of this opportunity to get some experience, Bob fully embraced this job; And declared that ‘It was a great feeling!’ to provide this brutal cop killer with representation.

TC : yeeeeah. That’s what were going to focus on tonight. Bob Ferguson seems to be expressing his support & enthusiasm for our Judicial System that promises adequate legal representation to everyone that is accused of some criminal activity, irregardless of their financial resources or social caste. You seem to saying this ostensible fairness is gratuitous. That simply being being accused of a crime is sufficient cause to be locked away without a trial or a chance to defend themselves.

RD : That may be overstating it, But criminals are certainly being coddled & given rights & resources in prison that are denied many of are hardest working middle class that religiously refrain from any criminal or antisocial acts. These gawd fearing dweebs understand that vengeance & Punishment are an unacceptable risk to what little they may gain from what their natural inclinations may urge them to commit.

TC : So you don’t believe that there are any genuinely good people in The world? Only people are ‘Act Well’ out of fear of punishment?

RD : Isn’t that what The Bible Teaches us. Adam & Eve lost their naivety & what gawd called ‘Innocence’ after Satan convinced Eve to Taste The Fruit of Knowledge.

TC : yeeeeah; So If you’re comfortable with sending The Accused to Prison without Proper Representation of The Kind that Bob Ferguson is Willing, & Enthusiastic about providing These presupposed Criminals; How many Innocent People, The Falsely Accused, are you willing to Send to Prison; 20 Percent, 40 Percent ?

RD : The Question really is; How Safe & Secure do you personally want to be, & how Safe & Secure would you like your Wife & Children to be. All these ‘Falsely Accused’ Innocent Pedestrians are nearly always guilty of something. That’s The Nature of Being Human. We’re all guilty of something. If The Punishment that you Receive is Inconsistent or Excessive for The Actual Guilt that you’ve participated in; This is a small price that Society pays for A Truly Safe Community. The Question isn’t so much that we’re Unjustly Condemning 40% of The Accused; But if we Accused more people of Crimes that they may or may not be genuinely guilty of, We might obtain a Society & Community that was Genuinely Free of All Criminals. All we’d have to do is Initiate a Accusation Ratio of say; 260 Percent of Genuinely Guilty Criminals, & this previously mentioned, completely Acceptable 40 Percent of False Positives would be doing their part to make The rest of us completely safe. And once that was achieved; This 260 Percent would translate into a very, very few people being accused of The smallest venal sins.

TC : Well; Thank you very much for coming down, I think we’ve cleared that up.

RD : Can i take another donut with me, These are really very good.

TC : Help yourself, They’re just from Safeway.

RD : Thanks !

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