Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mice, Pixies, Angels & The Xi.6 Controllers

Amoung The many ( other ) crazy things that i believe, i very much suspect that after i relocated The last mousie ( Jumbolyah Juki ), i may have ‘damaged’ The occupation of Pixies in my room or The building.
Pixies are ( like mice ) more mischievious or benign, than dangerous or malicious, they may also do good things, & are necessary to keep things in balance.
- -
After i relocated Jumbolyah; i put out a cracker on a dab of peanut butter, & after about 3 weeks, it has remained undisturbed. This strikes me as very odd, in that it seems very improbable that this building, or room, was accessible to only One Mouse. Is there some other ‘Influence’ that is controlling or limiting The population of mice in The building ?
If so; i am completely unaware of it.

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