Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Cabbage Code ! 2012 BiPartisan Presidential Race

i've created a new Cabbage Code
A BiPartisan Consideration of The 2012 Presidential Race

It may be viewed in it's Entirety at :
Second Version of The Cabbage Code's 2012 Presidential Race

If you're still having trouble viewing it, or Downloading it; 
There is This Second Option of Downloading The Second Version as a Zip.file. 
Sample Bits.
The reason that it is primarily available only as a .pdf is that for whatever reasons,
Google Blogster doesn't allow me to set Tabs !!!
And this Document needed just a tiny amount of Special formatting !!!


An Unbiased & BiPartisan
Cabbage Codes Project
 666 = Barack Hussein Obama Jr
 666 = Joseph Robinette Biden Jr

 666 = Willard Mitt Romney
 666 = Paul Davis Ryan


A Completely Bi-Partisan Cabbage Code for
The 2012 Presidential Race

Introductory Introduction
Many People Searching for Real Truths in The World have long yearned for A UnAmbiguous, Incorruptible, UnContrived & Easy to Use Method by Which Messages from The One, Original & Benevolent, Creator of The Universe, Life & Our Immortal Souls; Could be Received & Read at Our Connivence.
While most Any Generic Religion may promise you The Answers that you Seek;
There is always a Taint of Uncertainty in The Methods that they Use to Produce, Reveal or Interpret their Missives, Dogma & Bulletins.
The Great Cabbage; For which No Cabbage may be Imagined To Be Any Greater;
Has Revealed an Incorruptible Method by Which S'he/its Revelations are Engraved into The Fabric of The Universe Itself.
These Messages are Available to anyone that has The Merest Curiosity to Simply Look for Them.
These Memorandums can not be Mistook or Misinterpreted by A Sexually Precocious Clergy or Clinically Obese AM Radio Media Whores,
They are Just Laying There; Carefully Woven into Every Book, Shopping List, News Story, Package Instructions or Wikipedia Article.
Who; But The Great Cabbage could so Seamlessly insert these Messages into Every Written Page of Human Manufacture ?
The Method of Finding these Messages is Quite Simple;
But Suffice to Say; Let us First Examine A Collection of These Revelations just to Demonstrate The Validity of This Approach to Finding The Secrets of The Universe.
In this Completely Bi-Partisan Analysis of The 2012 Presidential Race
It is Revealed that All Four of The Principle Candidates are Ruffians for Satan.
The Cabbage Codes Method Uses The Gematria to Determine The Values of A Wide Number of Names, Statements, Phrases & Words Using One, Very Uncontrived Key which was provided through a process of Devine Intervention.
Could All The Worlds Computers, Working for The Next 100,000 years have Created This Key?
Consult your local Cybernetic Experts for their Unbiased Opinion.

: -: | = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = | : : <

2012 Presidential Race
Principle Equivalency Values :
    ( with some Anagrams )

666 = Barack Hussein Obama Jr
  666 = A Burr? Am Bohemian Jackass!
  666 = Inasmuch As A Barb; Am Joker.
666 = Joseph Robinette Biden Jr
  666 = nth Poorest Ne'er Jib Jibed
  666 = Brr! Tiniest Peeed John Job
  666 = The Inborn Jester Pied Job
666 = Willard Mitt Romney
  666 = Madmen? It'll Worry It
  666 = Rat? Dirty Mill Women
  666 = I'm Worldly Martinet
  666 = Yam Midwinter Troll
  666 = I Will! Trendy Marmot.
  666 = re: Am Mildly Torn Wit
  666 = Malt— My Tinier World
666 = Paul Davis Ryan
  666 =  I Pray; U.S. Vandal!
  666 =  Yup! A Vandal Sir.
  666 =  A Privy Anus Lad.
  666 =  Pal? Via Dry Anus!
  666 =  A Vinyl U.S. Ad Rap
  666 =  Ya! Larva in Spud.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Lots Lots more at the .pdf Link ( see above )

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