Thursday, November 08, 2012

Another Kind of False Memory Syndrome

i think that this may be an old idea;
i distinctly remember an episode of Star Trek; Enterprise ( ? )
In which a crew woman experiences a ‘rough’ transporter beaming,
& ( later on ) it’s revealed that she ‘remembers’ a lengthy experience which she believed took place over The course of several days, but actually only formed in her consciousness in The instance of her rematerialization.
- -
 i just uploaded an issue of NewsWeek that features a story, or account, by a brain surgeon that recalled a Near Death Experience while his brain was completely inactive; which contains some elements that seem to be somewhat feeble in their ‘ring of truth’.
i would love to believe in these NDE’s; And many of them are very convincing, Some of The best Accounts however are weakened by their isolation from similar accounts.
Flying Saucer reports also suffer from this ‘effect’; In which The Individual Account may be convincing in some respects, But suffer from being The Only Report of its kind.
- -
Might it be reasonable, or Is there any evidence for A Phenomena, In which a person might believe that they’re recalling a Memory of something that happened during a prior period of their life; But in fact, only formed in The moments immediately after a ‘Recollection Effect’.
This Recollection Effect consists of The Belief that a Thought that just occurred to you, or that ‘Popped into your head’, Is a Memory of something that happened some time ago.
- -
This idea is somewhat similar to another ‘Effect’ that i suspect is possible, And that is; The Effect or Experience of ‘Familiarity’.
This is when you see something entirely New, Yet believe that it is ‘Familiar’ because you seem to recall The Experience of Seeing it at some prior time.
This phenomena is supposed to be what’s happening when you experience Deja Vu.
Your brain allegedly experiences something fresh & novel, But you somehow ‘forget’ that you’re looking right at it, while simultaneously ‘remembering’ it, As you see it again ‘Fresh’ for The Second time.
- -
While this Deja Vu represents a tiny ‘blip’ in your memory;
This other ‘False Memory’ requires a much lengthier process in which you ‘suddenly’ ‘Remember’ An Event that is thereafter created - While you’re recalling it.
Is this at all plausible ?

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