Monday, November 05, 2012

i am dumb.

This happens to me at least once a month;
And that is;
i will have a very distinct ‘Recollection’ of (x
& then try to find The Proper Definition, Spelling or Reference to it,
And NOT be able to find it !!!

Like just now;
i was certain that there is a Passage in The Bible that says something like; Thou shalt not Suffer A Witch to Live.
So i searched my iPod & Kindle Bibles for ‘Witch’ & my NIV Concordance for ‘Witch’ & Found Nothing !!!
So then i decided to Search my MacBook; Gutenberg Etext of The Bible, & Again; There are No Mentions of Witches ( !!! )
i am deeply confused !
So then; Being absolutely certain that The Phrase ‘Suffer to Live’ is Elemental to this Quote; i Searched for that; And Sure Enough; The Passage that was searching for was Discovered:
Exodus 22 : 18
Wizards thou shalt not suffer to live.

i like my recollection better : Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live.

iPod Version : You must not allow a Sorceress to live.
That really should have come up under my ‘Witch’ [ Close ] Search !!!

Kindle Version : You shall not permit a sorceress to live.

King James Version : This is where i remember it from !
Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live!
But ‘Witch’ or ‘Witchcraft’ is NOT in The Concordance !
And although it has ‘Suffer’; It does not include this Verse. ( ! )
Nor is it under ‘Live’.

That is so Exasperating !

As i’m examining this;
Exodus 22; 16 −17 is very interesting.
i would quote it here; but if i did, you’d think that i was pulling your leg.

All Search Engines should have a Thesaurus Built into them, & there should be a Reverse Search Engine that would allow you to Search for Words by Their Vague, Very Vague Definitions;
Such as: Red Gem = Ruby.
or Last King of Judea = Zedekiah.
Curiously !!!
The Dictionary on my Old Performa 460 ( Scully Era Macintosh ) had a Dictionary on it that allowed you to look up all The Definitions that included The Word (x.
Such as All of The Definitions that Included The Word ‘Pink’ or ‘Dog’ or ‘Dust’.
It was very useful in finding obscure words & making lists of things.
i have not come across anything like this since then.

Likewise; My Franklin Dictionary has A Homonym Button, which is Very Useful when Trying to find The Correct Spelling for Idle or Idyll or Ideal.
Tenet or Tenant ? Desert or Dessert ? Precedence or Presidents ?
Those drive me crazy !!!
Every Dictionary should have one of those too.

Why are computers becoming dumber & dumber ?
Is it an Accident or Carelessness or It is Methodically Intensional ?

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