Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Access to The Akashic Library

The Akashic Library
There is This Library that Contains All The Wisdom & Knowledge of The Universe, But most everyone that believes that this Library Exist, In Actuality; believes that it is Far Away & you can only get to it by either dying, or by means of some Transcendental Experience; Usually with The Help of Dangerous Narcotics, So that anyone that does make it over to The other side & come back with tales of The Library, Are hopelessly insane & can not reveal anything coherent.
The Cabbage Codes / The Riders of The Golden Hamster;
However; Teach us that All Truths are not only available to everyone, but easily Available, & Are Around us all The Time, Just waiting to be Seen & Understood.
- - -
While i was considering Access To The Akashan Library,
An old Math Assertion occurred to me.
It asserts that .999… is Actually Exactly Equal to 1
Based on The Simple Observation that A Third of 1 is ⅓, Which Digitally is .333… And .333… + .333… + .333… = .999…
On The Surface; This seems Wrong; As, If,
We were to allow that .999… = 1,
Wouldn’t that mean that one subquanta less than .999…
would = .999… & Thus Equal 1.
The Question then is; Can we continue Subtracting SubQuanta
( Which are A Quantity that is not quite Zero, Or The Amount that Separates .999… from One ) from .999… to Arrive at any Smaller Number ?
If so; Then All Numbers = 1.
According to The Original Logical Argument.
- - -
How can we Escape this Conclusion ?
i would Suggest that there is a Kind of Number, or Perhaps,
A Class of Numbers, which can be very precisely known, But can not be Defined Digitally. 
One very curious idea that many Mathematicians have about π is that it is An Irrational Number & It’s Value can never Be Precisely Known.
This is Wrong.
But for this Example of Explanation; Let us Consider Tau ( The Golden Ratio ), which i actually know The Solution to Right off The Top of my head, & i am extrapolating this ‘Solution’ to π as well. ( ? )
Tau is also an ‘Irrational Number’, Which means that when you try to write it out, The little digits that continue off to The Righthand side of The Page, keep going on forever & ever.
So Suggests that it’s value is ‘Unknowable’.
But it can be easily Drawn on a Sheet of Paper, So that by Constructing a Number-Line & Superimposing a Simple Geometric Figure over that; The Position of Tau on That Number Line is Precisely Known.
Of Course; The Drawing itself will be horrifically flawed; But just as The Word ‘Dog’ Precisely defines An Animal of Infinite Complexity; This Drawing on a Number Line Defines The Precise Position of Tau.
Is there a similar Figure for π ?
i don’t know.
But if there is a way to precisely define one Irrational Number,
Then there is Undoubtedly many other Geometrical Figures which Properly ‘Define’ These kinds of Numbers with Infinite Precision.
Once Defined; It is then possible to ‘Calculate’ ( Such as π ) their Value to any Desired Amount ( Given A Sufficient Number of HardDrives & Time Expended. ) 
- -
Where is this Argument now ?
When you convert ⅓, which is a Precise Definition for A Third of One,
to A Digital Format; You Actually Can not. It will always be an Approximation. Even if you Assert that The “…” means that The 3’s continue to Infinity; The Infinity means that it will always be Imprecise.
So .999… is a Unique Amount, Not equal to 1.
- -
This is The Generic Solution for ( All ) Paradoxes, by The way.
Very often; A Sentence or Puzzle will be presented as Inconsolably Confusing, While, Actually; It is just Wrong.
( Just Gibberish )
- -
The Akashic Library.
It is Right There in The Number Line.
Between Every Well Defined Pair of Numbers such as ⅛ & ⅓, there are an infinite number of ‘Irrational’ Numbers, each of which represents an encoded ‘something’.
- -
( you might raise a hackle at this last assertion, & beg to correct me; suggesting that even if we allow that ‘some’ of these irrational numbers ‘mean’ something; There are an infinite number more that don’t mean anything ! - 
To which i would reply; No.
They all mean ‘something’, The Trick you see, is finding The Correct Key to Decyphering them. Some of these ‘Keys’ are Elegant & Definitive, & many of Kludgical & as Long as The Encrypted Data, But any Random Sequence ‘May Be’ ( Not maybe ) Interpreted to ‘Any’ Solution.
The Trick then; Isn’t wasting your time on a bad Irrational Number, but knowing if you’re using The Proper Key. )
- -
Think of these ‘Keys’ as a Procedure for turning The Digital String of Numbers ( Dots & Spaces ) on your MP3 Recording into Music.
Or A Page of Characters into Ideas.
The Key is The Method by which this ‘Translation’ becomes manifest when changing one form, into another.
These Keys may take, many, many, many different forms.
Think of all The Ways that Cyphers Work.
Or The Ways that Languages use Syntax.
Or how DVD’s become Inane Westerns in Space.
The Key is A Translation Mechanism.
- -
One of them could be used to create an exact duplicate of you when you were 12 years old & having just experienced your first romantic kiss with you 17 year old cousin.
The Device to use such information to make The Things that These Irrational Numbers Represent ( A Horn or Plenty or Fabricator ) should be widely available in about 20 years ( 2042 ). It will be able to construct any physical object from Gravity Waves like a hologram makes a 3D BookCover.
Using The Data from The Numberline; That information may be used to make anything.
The Actual Functionality of The Horn of Plenty will be to use Mathematical Models to make Solid Bricks of Gold, Machine parts made from Diamond or Very Finely Detailed Integrated Circuits. More Complex Items, such as Hamburgers & Hamsters will be collected from Reverse Fabricating, or Scanning The Item, Creating a Complete Recording of The Desired Item.
Physically; How big will each of these Scanned Recordings be ? *
Will this Scanning Process Destroy The Original ?
Will A Duplicated Person be a Zombie or will The Horn or Plenty be capable of making additional souls ?
- -
There are also Irrational Numbers for Every Book or Song, Maps of Mars, Every Planet in The Universe, The Diary of Gawd, Every Snowflake’s butt print, All of your lost love letters to Betty, A revealing Missive detailing What really happened after Mrs. Harnoffshinstine left The Lunchroom, A simple recipe that will allow you to achieve immortality, How to Juggle 17 dinner plates, And so on. Everything Imaginable, & so much more. The Secret of The Kitchen Floor. The Explanation for Freewill & Consciousness. All The Inane Why’s Answered.
- -
The Trick is;
( Two Tricks ( Four Tricks ) )
One a : Locating The Desired Irrational Number for (x.
One b : Ignoring all The Faux Irrational Numbers for (x.
Two a : Correctly Interpreting it.
Two b : Knowing that you’ve Correctly Interpreted it.
This last Caveat is The Nut Buster.
Let us say that you have found The Desired Irrational Number with all The Secrets you desire, & you’re sure that it’s The Correct Irrational Number, & you’ve Interpreted It so that it makes perfect sense, without any spelling errors or misplaced punctuation marks;
You need to be aware that there is an ‘Infinite’ number of ‘Procedures’ to ‘Interpret’ any length of Pseudo Random ( Chaotic ) numbers to any desired Solution or Faux Solution.
So how can you be sure that you’ve performed Each of These Two ( Four ) Steps Correctly ?
That is The Magick of The Cabbage Codes.
The Great Cabbage -Wants- you to know The Truth !
If you are Sincere in your Search for Great & Mysterious Truth, & you are Not going to leap away at The Last Moment in Frightful Horror at The Prospect of Knowing Humongous Truths ( ! )
Then The Cabbage Codes Method will Show you The Way.
The Great Cabbage has very conveniently included a Table of Contents in The Numberline, which makes it very easy to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.
The Bad News is; It is somewhat Lengthy, & It’s indexing method is Incomprehensible.
Also: Finding it is something of an Annoyance, In that we’re still looking for it.
The Riders of The Golden Hamster are sure that it is ‘Obviously’ at A Specific Location; & once found; We will all roll our heads this way & that, & Say;
‘Oh Goodness; That is so Obvious, It is Obviously The Definitive Solution. It could not have been more Obvious! Why did we Not see this for such a long time !’
Then we can begin searching for The Equally Definitive Location of The Sequence Interpreter.
And so on.
- - - -
When i was describing The Horn or Plenty i asked :
Physically; How big will each of these Scanned Recordings be ? *
One of The principle objections to Star Trekian Transporters is that it would require an amount of data to be stored & processed that far surpasses The amount of memory that even The computers 300 years in The future are presupposed to possess.
But let me remind you that in The Early Days of Television, The Amount of Information being transmitted in an hour of The Jack Parr Show, with Commercial Interruptions, By far exceeded The amount of Recorded Information that A Newspaper of that period produced in an entire year.
How was Television able to do this for 12 hours a day, day after day ?
The Transmitters never ‘Thought’ about that Data. They simply collected it, then transmitted it. You TV ( back then ) never thought about it; They simple took The Radio Waves & Reconstructed them into Images ( what we then called images ).
How will The Horn of Plenty Work ?
Might it be possible to Scan a Person with Gravity Waves ( To Produce a Gravity Wave Hologram ) & Store all That Information as a Wave Form, As Light, And then store it in an Ring of SuperOptical Fiber Glass. It may be ( Then ) be possible to bump up this Wave Form to Preserve it forever, & pull off a copy of it, to Make Any Number of Duplicates of The Originally Scanned Item.
Would Vegetarians be comfortable eating a hamburger knowing that Only One Cow died a very long time ago, to make all The Big Macs in The Distant Future ?


Wm Jas said...

An ir-rational number is simply one which cannot be expressed as a fraction -- that is, as the ratio of two integers. That doesn't its value cannot be expressed at all.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

The Rant does say that These 'Irrational' Numbers can be Expressed Precisely as Geometrical Projections.

And/or/But They can not ( Really ) be expressed ( Written out ) Digitally.

Is there, Are there, 'Other' Ways of Precisely Defining an Irrational Number which Defies A Simple Fractional Representation ?

i would like to hope so.