Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Delimiters of Cultness ( ? )

i just recently heard that Billy Graham;
One of Christianities most Popular Evangelical Media Whores, had ‘Reconsidered’ his View that Mormonism was a Cult, & that ‘Consequently’ it would be ‘All Right’ to Vote for Mitsy Romney for President.
From The Tiny Number of Articles i’ve read on this topic, i’m not sure if Reverend Graham is being Bi-Partisan; As President Obama is Clearly a Dyed in The Wool Christian, or if Rev. Graham is Encouraging his Flock to Vote for Governor Romney. ( ? )


There was also some mention in that original story about Rev. Graham’s ‘List of Cults’ which i was naturally very curious about, but, sadly, i was unable to find it. There were some ‘comments’ that maybe The List disappeared for The Duration of The Current Presidential Election, but will return to Rev. Graham’s site later. ( ? )

But in The Question & Answer section of Rev. Graham’s site; There were quite a few questions regarding Cults, And an equal number of very short, vague & ambiguous answers. ( ? )
What is A Cult ?
What is Not A Cult ?

Any Group that Claims to Reveal The Real Truth is Not a Hallmark of A Cult for The Very Reason that All Religions, Philosophies, Idyl Ramblings & Science Claim to be The One & Only, True & Infallible Source of The Truth; With The Possible Exception of The Epistemologists, which only Claim to be Searching of The Truth.
So; Unless we wish to State that Every Believe System is A Cult, Which may be True, but Not Particularly Useful in Using The Word Cult in A Meaningful Manner.
This Examination is Not Merely Interested in Defining What a Cult is;
But Explaining to you That there Exists a ‘Not A Cult’ that really does provide The Curious Spiritual Traveler with A Method for Obtaining Genuine Truths, Which may apply to All Moral, Scientific, ParaPsychological, MetaPhysical, Social, Political &
Æsthetic Matters.

The ‘Not A Cult’ that i refer to; Is :
The Most Holy Church of The Riders of The Golden Hamster
Which finds their Truths through The Ongoing, UnAmbiguous & InCorruptible Revelations of The Great Cabbage.
A Cabbage for which No Cabbage could be Imagined to be Any Greater.
How is This Different from A Cult?
It might be noted as A Slight Tangential Digression;
That The Riders of The Golden Hamster are all Epistemologists,
And Don’t actually know any specific Truths Until they’re Revealed.
This may be A Fine Point; But Real Truths are Very Slippery,
And The Application of Any Given Truth to A Social or Moral Dilemma may be ’Site Specific’ & Not Applicable in The General Way that Judicial Litigators love to Codify Laws which are Then Carved into Stone Tablets.
In Practice; This simply means that If you are seeking a truth regarding A Quandary of (x ? You Arrange for The Great Cabbage to Answer your very Specific & Detailed Question of (x, And The Resulting Revelation will Apply as a Solution to That Unique Case.

What is A Cult?
- - Does your newly acquired bandy of featherless parakeets urge you to give them a substantial portion of your hard won worldly lucre ?

The Riders of The Golden Hamster do not have any Temples or Properties which require their lawns to be manicured or pews to be dusted, The Riders represent a Philosophy, And more precisely; A Method by which your Inquiries can be Addressed. This Method is Given Freely to All, And anyone, Anywhere in The Universe could easily acquire it with only a small amount of careful thought, supplemented with a Pencil & Paper, Which you are expected to provide for yourself.

- - Does your freshly adopted congregation require that The Source of Their Holy Truths, which come from a Single Specific Book or Limited Folio of Treaties, Must be Interpreted by Their Priestly Caste; Which will Tell you What is Good &/or Evil ?

The Riders Method of Deriving Specific Truths from The Great Cabbage is Performed only by The Inquirer & The Revelations will only make sense to That Singular Hat Pin.

- - Does your NewFangled Coterie insist that their Path to Enlightenment is The Only Kitchen Table with The Luncheon of Salvation ?

The Method taught by The Riders of The Golden Hamster is only one of The Very Many Gateways to See The Truth. After all; The Truth is Everywhere, Only Fictional Stories are confined to One Shoebox. One of The Most Convincing & InFallible Aspects of The Cabbage Code Method is that It Reveals how To Access The Truth that is Etched into The Very Fabric of Reality. It is Not found in Only One Book or One Creation Myth; It is The Same Everywhere you Look. A Book or Myth might easily be Changed &/or Distorted by anyone with A Personal Agenda that they wish to Promote; But a Truth that can be Accessed by Anyone, Anywhere, & Obtain The Same Revelation(s is Far Less Corruptible.

- - - -

i fully intended to include more Questions & Answers;
But i have thoroughly neglected this Rant & haven’t worked on it for a few months !

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