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Saint Francis = The AntiChrist

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the cabbage codes
Is Pope Francis
The AntiChrist
Or Merely A Torpid Minion of The AntiChrist

After Many False Alarms & Missed Holidays…
Finally !
The End is Nigh!

Centuries Ago; In The 12th Century;
The Ruddy Faced, Irish Saint Malachy Infallibly Predicted
that this would be The Last Pope!

And While The End of The World has Now Missed Several Important Dates;
We must remain Cognizant that No Myn, Featherless Parakeet,
Auditorium Filling Mechanical Cogitator
or Downy Lizard Headed Alien will Know The Hour, Day
or Moon Phase when The Heavens Open Up like a Split Melon
& Spill Out with Melancholy Black Robed Angels,
Chanting Incomprehensible Latin or Aramaic Religious Slogans
& Swinging Flaming Swords Left & Right,
Striking Down All The Cumulous Inequities from The Last 6,000 years—
Since The Park Closing at Eden.

We don’t know which Unexpected Wednesday it’s going to happen on;
But suffice to say;
This time when we say, soon— 
We mean: ‘Soon’.

Clean out your garage, get your diaries spell checked,
wash your best socks, drink plenty of eucalyptus tea
& sincerely beg for forgiveness from all your petty sins
Five times a day until this is over with.

All this is Confirmed with
The Gematria’s Method of The Cabbage Codes !

666 = Catholic Jesuit; Pope Francis
666 = Pope : Jorge Mario Bergoglio

All of The Following Revelations are Gleaned from this
Incredibly Uncontrived, Divinely Inspired,
Obviously Accurate Cabbage Code Key
( Derived from The Gematrian Q’ballah )

It Uses Only Four of The Most Sacred & Mystical Numbers of Arithmancy
to Give Sums To Any Word or Phrase,
By Which Numeretical Significance may be Derived ( ! )

666 = Malachy's Ridiculed Prophecies
666 = Prophesized : Pope Francis I
666 = Gay Darklord Is Nancy-Pope Francis
666 = We Are Aware Of The Glory And Majesty
666 = All Penguins And Pagan Sodomites
666 = Catholicism Dogma & Their Manmade God
666 = The Gay Vatican Museum In Rome, Italy
666 = Pope Satan's Roman Catholic Church
666 = The Deity Known As Your Majesty; 'Man'
666 = All Accompanying Levitating Saints
666 = Divine Miracles; Such As The Stigmata
666 = The Always Snooty Rows Of Cat Lickers
666 = Dan Brown's Amazingly Sacred Holy Vagina
666 = The Archangel Lucifer A.K.A. Satan ( Always )
666 = The Nudist Antichrist Says; Apostasy!
666 = The Next Reign Of Papacy Majesty
666 = Papacy Love, Equals Arrogant Hate

Perhaps The Most Elementary Philosophical Question
Precursory to Any Axiomatic Inquiries for A Given Religion is :
Is The World Meaningful ?

And If So; How Meaningful ?

Like The Man that was walking through The Forest
& Asked; Where are all The Trees?

The Riders of The Golden Hamster believe
that Meaning & Truth are Hidden all around us,
& One need only Look Attentively to See All The Secrets
that The Angels have Hidden there for us to See !

The Cabbage Code Method Allows The Curious Seeker of Truth
to Open any Book & Find An Endless Repository of Wisdom & Knowledge
that has been placed there by The Great Cabbage,
which will answer any Question or Provide The Novice
with A Depth of Erudition,
UnImaginable to The Damp Masses

The Elementary Idea behind The Cabbage Codes
is that While many Religions Claim to have
Various Esoteric Truths Available for their Adherents
through Specific Documents,
Which Require a Priestly Caste to Interpret, Elucidate
& Illuminate for The Votaries & Lay Devotees—

The Riders of The Golden Hamster;
Who Worship The Path of The Greatest Conceivable Cabbage;
For Whom there is No Cabbage
Which Is in Any Plausible Way; Greater;
Believe that These Arcane, Delphic & Abstruse Revelations
Are Available to Anyone, Anywhere
With The Only Requisite, Being that you Must Want
To Discover these Truths,
Have your Most Perplexing Questions Answered,
Find The Secrets of Gospels known Previously
Only to Angels & Long Dead Saints
& Be Willing to Open your Eyes.

These Fabulous Revelations are All Around you,
Right Now!
They are ‘Hidden’ in Every Book, Bad Poems, Shopping List,
Light Reading on The Backs of Cereal Boxes,
Internet Blogs, Love Notes passed in 5th Grade Class Rooms
And Warning Labels written in Fine Print
On The Bags of Ant Poison.

How do you Read The ‘Secret’ Parts ?
Each Document ( Block of Text ) has a Unique Key,
But A Theme May have One Key for Several Documents.

How do you Obtain The Key ?

There are Essentially Three kinds of Keys :
The UnContrived Key.
The Structured Key.
The Calibrated Key.

An Example of An UnContrived Key
 Would be The Simple English Gematria Alphabet;
In which A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 … Z = 26.

A Key in which each of these Values would be ‘Adjusted’
In A Very Specific Manner would also be Considered UnContrived.
Such as Multiplying Each Value by 6.
A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 … Z = 156
Many Keys are Much Less Contrived than Others.

A Structured Key is An Alphabet which has Contrived Values
That are Embedded in An External Structure
Which Provides The Key with A Constraint that
Prevents it from Straying too Far from
Its Credibility, or Obvious Believability.

This Cabbage Code for Pope Francis is A Structured Key.

It uses Only Four Values for All 26 Letters,
& Their Assignments are Determined by The Structure.
The Values themselves are Based on 12,
with a Slight Deviation with 23,
which is Included for Its Mystical Connotations.
23 + 12 = 35 & 35 + 12 = 47.

This is A Very Strong Key.

The Calibrated Key is Wholly Contrived;
With Values for All The Letters being Entirely Arbitrary.
The Strength of A Calibrated Key is with its Results,
Which are Often Astonishing.

- - -
Once you have a Key,
( Obtained through Divine Revelation )
You Then Apply it to Lines of Text in your Document,
Looking for Phrases that Equal a Predetermined Value or Sum
which you have Decided is Preconditioned
to A Solution that you’re looking for.

This Value may be a Date, Address, Phone Number,
Social Security Number, Identification Number of any kind,
A Favorite or Magic Number,
or The Number which is The Sum of A Name, Phrase of Place.

In this Latter Case;
The Key would be Created First, Applied to A Name,
Resulting in a Sum, Which is then Applied to A Text
to Find The ‘Revelations’ that will Answer your Query.

In The Case of The Pope Francis Cabbage Code Revelations
The Key was Discovered through Divine Inspiration
& through The Careful Examination of Toenail Clippings
from Elder Saints which were once Venerated
in a Manner now reserved for Media Whores
& Television Weather Personalities.

The Number 666 has long been Considered
The Mark of The Beast,
which is Now Embedded into Every Product Inventory BarCode Label, Fulfilling The Prophecy regarding something something
about The Lord Archangel Lucifer controlling every purchase
in The Industrialized World,
for an unspecified period prior to
The Beginning of The Everlasting ( or 10,000 years )
Reign of Our Dark Saviour.

There are Several Other Values ( Sums )
which are Derived from Word or Phrase Equivalencies.

The Strength of This Cabbage Code
( It’s Ultimate Validity )
Is Derived from The UnContrived Structured Nature of The Key
& The Astonishing Revelations that The Key Exposes.

How it could it Not be True ?

Saint Malachy, A Holy & Venerated Irish Dwarf,
Noted for his Uncontrollable Levitations,
Occasional Spontaneous Cures of Skin Diseases
& The Restoration of Life to A Bag of Drown Cats;
Was Most famous for;
His Prophecies In 1139 of The Popes from
Celestine II to Our Own Pope Francis;
The Last of The Popes. 

Each Prophecy was a Tiny Snippet
that Described in Elegant Brevity,
The Essential Nature & Significance of The Specified Pope.

Using The Pope Francis Cabbage Code Key :

Each Line of The Final Prophecy of Saint Malachy
Is Found to Equal The Beast’s Belly Measurement for Yoga Pants

666 = As In The Utmost Persecution; Say A
666 = Myn Of The Sacred ( Mayan Age ) Roman Church;
666 = There Will Always Perch, A Salmon Satan
666 = Who Will Shyly Pasture His Aged Lambs
666 = In Many Accompanying Tribulations
666 = And When These Gay Items Are Sewn Up
666 = The Museum City Of Seven Hummocks
666 = Will Be Smeared Away Into Pagan Dust
666 = And The Oily Naked Assissi Waitress
666 = Will Judge S'he/Its Icy People.

 The End.
- - - - - - - - - -

Bonus Fun ! Anagrams !

Anagrams for ‘Pope Francis’
If a Porn S- / Epic!
If a Penis? Crop!
Pi) Prison Face.
Epic, If Parson.
Prep in Fiasco.
A Corpse? Fin. (Pi)
If Pain- Corpse!
I Fancier! POPS!
Fancier? So Pip!
If Arsenic- Pop!

Jorge Bergoglio : Anagrams
O! O! Gerbil Jogger!
Ego Job. Ogre Girl!

ArchAngel Lucifer : Anagrams
re: Clerical Fun Hag
Real Graceful Chin
Graceful Earl Chin
A Richer ‘Flag’ Uncle
Call: re: Reach Fungi
Careful! Rich Angel!

- - - - - - - - - -

More Values of 666

666 =  Is Also Known As Saint Malachy ( Ireland )
666 =  New Pope Cardinal; Jorge Mario –
666 =  Instigation? We Pay Holy Spirits!
666 =  No Contraceptives And Gay Marriage
666 =  And To Moderate Jesuits; Ass Symbol
666 =  Considering That– Age Was Surprise!
666 =  Considering That Many, Was Surprise!
666 =  Social Clothing? Of Course; Papal
666 =  I; John Paul, Was Elected Pope
666 =  Outspoken Critic Of Communism!
666 =  St. Joseph’s Seminary And The Sacred
666 =  Conclave Splashed! Anonymous Diary!
666 =  The General’s Specific Consensus
666 =  Pastor John Was Pastor, And: Sailor!
666 =  Corresponding Pope Was John
666 =  John Paul II Was John Paul II
666 =  Some Others; Obsessed With Peace
666 =  Choice Of His Name; Is The Popes
666 =  And Already Made Peace With Israels
666 =  Some Suspiciously Believe In...
666 =  John— It Is An Unnecessary Sacrament!
666 =  Many Cherishing Dangerous Pastors
666 =  He Has, In The Past, ( Taken ) Gay Marriage

When The Bible says that The Bible is Infallible;
The Attentive Reader might Pause & Wonder if that’s Circular Reasoning.
But When The Cabbage Codes Reveals Self Referential Truths which have been Imbedded into Any Examined Text;
Who but The Great Cabbage could have placed them there?
This Technique isn’t asking you to Believe
that This Method is Infallible,
It is Infallible because The Messages that It Reveals
Can Not have been Faked or Contrived by Any Imaginable Method
of Mere Human Design.

What is ‘The Secret’
The Cabbage Codes Reveal It’s Purpose :

The Secret = 221 =  One Church
The Secret = 221 =  Religion
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  New Leader
The Secret = 221 =  Shepherd
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  Desert God
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  Beginning
The Secret = 221 =  In History
The Secret = 221 =  The War With
The Secret = 221 =  Christ Will,
The Secret = 221 =  With These :
The Secret = 221 =  Evidence
The Secret = 221 =  Of All Time;
The Secret = 221 =  The Clouds
The Secret = 221 =  Believes
The Secret = 221 =  The Pure,
The Secret = 221 =  More Love
The Secret = 221 =  Is The Gift
The Secret = 221 =  Of The Most
The Secret = 221 =  Extravagant
The Secret = 221 =  Universe
The Secret = 221 =  And World War!
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  The Body Is
The Secret = 221 =  The Vatican
The Secret = 221 =  Of Neglect!
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  The Sign Of
The Secret = 221 =  The Alumni
The Secret = 221 =  Are Twelve
The Secret = 221 =  Destroyed
The Secret = 221 =  Tree Bears!
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  In View Of
The Secret = 221 =  Child’s Fear;
The Secret = 221 =  Ridicule
The Secret = 221 =  The Design
The Secret = 221 =  Everyone
The Secret = 221 =  Shall Mourn;
The Secret = 221 =  The Poor
The Secret = 221 =  Great Evil
The Secret = 221 =  Antichrist,
The Secret = 221 =  Chieftain,
The Secret = 221 =  Shepherd,
The Secret = 221 =  “The Bowels
The Secret = 221 =  From Unity”.
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  The Plain
The Secret = 221 =  Vision Of;
The Secret = 221 =  Love Of Man
The Secret = 221 =  Is Not One
The Secret = 221 =  Liturgy Of
The Secret = 221 =  The Second
The Secret = 221 =  List Of What
The Secret = 221 =  Duty To God
The Secret = 221 =  Denotes An
The Secret = 221 =  Attitudes
The Secret = 221 =  Like This
The Secret = 221 =  Obsolete
The Secret = 221 =  Doctrines
The Secret = 221 =  To Save The
The Secret = 221 =  Highest Of
The Secret = 221 =  Behaviors
The Secret = 221 =  With These
The Secret = 221 =  Full Plans
The Secret = 221 =  Like Fear,
The Secret = 221 =  He Does It;
The Secret = 221 =  ( Exactly Half )
The Secret = 221 =  The House,
The Secret = 221 =  Her Maiden,
The Secret = 221 =  One Flock,
The Secret = 221 =  The Sermon
The Secret = 221 =  For Poor
The Secret = 221 =  Hunger– Now.

On Homosexuality ( And The Other Things )

On Homosexuality ( And all The Other Things Like that )

Should Culture/Society Follow Human Nature or Lead It ?

Various Ideologies throughout History have tried to Superimpose their Own Philosophical Ideals on Their Societies, which Seriously Conflicted with Observable, Reproducible Physics or Human ( Animal ) Nature.
These Societies have either imploded from within, as Very Few Cultures have ever been ( Really ) Conquered from An External Source— Or are currently in The Process of Dwindling into Obscurity.

It seems like a very curious question to me.
What is Human Nature?
If it turns out that Humans are Genuinely Barbaric Murderous Savages that only Behave within a Given Society as a Result of Arbitrary Taboos & Cruel, Diabolical Punishments, And that The Few Humans that Possess something like True Consciousness provide us with a highly Misleading &/or False Conviction that HomoSapiens Live in Cooperation with one Another for A Variety of Enlightened Objective Desires, Such as Art, Architecture, Music & Poetry—
Should A Perfect Society Accept that Grim Truth & Continue to Fudge Our Cultural Constraints to Force People to Deny their True Nature for Some Greater & Profoundly Artificial Set of Objectives, Which we delude ourselves into believing is; The Meaning of Life;
Or Should We Reformulate Human Culture to Allow People to be Human ?

What would this ‘Organized’ Society of ‘Real’ Humans be like ?

Maybe The ‘Best’ Solution is to ‘Accept’ that there Really are Two ( or More ) Very Different Kinds of People;
And Allow The Fiends & Louts to live on One Isolated Continent,
While The Mischievious Ne’er-do-wells to Live in Another Isolated Region;
And The Few that are Capable of Exercising A Genuine Free-Will or Consciousness, And Are able to Express A Mastery of Their Muses While Aspiring to Greater Artistic, Scientific, Literary, Musical &/or Ideological Ambitions; Can do so within The Safety of an Isolated Valley, Surrounded by Inaccessibly Impassible Mountains.

One of The Most Bewildering Aspects of this ‘Debate’ is A Problem that i’ve had with Daoism for some time, & that is : If The Dao is The Underlying Causality that Provides The World ( Universe ) with Motion & Activity, Then How can anyone or anything Move or Act in Opposition with The Dao.
The Tao de Ching & Lao Tzu are all about ‘Following’ The Dao; But how can you Not Follow The Dao ( Tao ) ?

Likewise; How can anyone Do Anything that Is Not Human Nature ?

How can or Why would anyone think that something that they’ve done or Imagine is ‘Wrong’ ?

i suspect that The Solution to this Last Problem may be that People ( Our Brains ) are Faulty is that they are susceptible to ‘Confusion’.
And that People ( Our Brains ) Hate Confusion.
Most Everyone is much more willing to Believe something that they Know or Suspect is Wrong, Rather than Accept The Existence of Two Opposing Ideas which are Equally Valid According to All Available Evidence & Logical Analysis.

Dilbert’s Wally ( Scott Adams ) points out that The Functionality of The Opinion isn’t to be Sufficiently Informed to have a Useful Opinion; But merely to Feel Good about having an Opinion, & that Any Attempt to Become informed forces one into a recursive loop of more Uninformed Opinions. 

i have correspondingly wondered; Is there Someway to ‘Test’ a Person to Determine if They are Really Sane or InSane ? Are there things that An Insane Person can do, That a Sane Person could Never Do ?
Or more Unexpectedly; Can a Sane Person do Something that An Insane Person Could Never do ! ?

It is certainly very Exceptional when we see on The TV that A Court is Worrisomely Trying to Decide if A Recently Arrested Serial Murdering Cannibal is Sane or Not ( ? )
Is that way The World Really Works ?
Is it entirely Reasonable that A Person can wake up some morning & make a carefully considered & Conscientious Decision to become a Child Murdering Cannibal for The Rest of The Day, & Then go back to work as a Mild Mannered Accountant The Day After ?

As a fine point to that; i am perfectly willing to acknowledge that an Insane person may be aware that ‘You’ Irrationally believe eating children’s brains is somehow ‘Wrong’, But does that really make The Insane Person ‘Sane’ ?

Perhaps in a Related Matter; i have often thought that It is Very Curious that Every Society has These ‘Prohibitions’ called Taboos, which are Ostensibly Vile Abominations against Human Nature.
There are few quirky aspects to Taboos;
One is that that Every Culture has a Different Set of Them,
& ( B ), Along Side Every one of these Obscenities of Psychological Well Being, Is Another ‘Activity’ that is ‘Almost’ The Same thing, Except that it is Not Only, Not Forbidden, But is Usually an Encouraged Behaviour.
Taboos are usually Accorded with The Most Severe Penalties when Violated, But if These Acts are Truly Contrary to Human Nature, Then The Perpetrator is Most Certainly Insane, & Insane people are Hospitalized, Not Stoned to Death.

But ‘Society’ ( The Invisible Administrators ) knows that this is Not what Taboos are about at all. Taboos are All The Things that People Want to Do more than Anything Else, And The ‘Strength’ or ‘Health’ of a Society is Measured by How Successfully it can Coerce it’s Citizens to Deny their True Human Nature & Obey all These Completely Ludicrous & Arbitrary Laws.
The Functionality of Taboos is that Anyone caught or observed Violating one of them— Must Be Insane ( ! ) Only An Insane Person, UnEnculturated Child or Foreigner would Ever Willing Violate a Taboo. You don’t have to Conduct any Additional Tests to Know Immediately that The Violator is Dangerous, & Should be Avoided until The Authorities can Arrest them or Beat them into Submission.

If everyone had to go around trying to figure out if all these other Animals around them were Safe or Not, It would be Terribly Disabling & Nothing could ever get done. Taboos greatly simplify this necessity.

Taboos are usually very firmly locked into a Culture, but Over Time, They can Change. One Obvious Example is ‘Talking to Yourself’. Not so long ago, Anyone observed habitually talking to themselves would be considered seriously crazy, but now-a-days with The prevalence of Blue-Tooth Wireless Headsets for Cell Phones; Most everyone in a Suit is Constantly, for all Appearances, Talking to Themselves.

Likewise; Homosexuality is now undergoing a Flip. It is kind of wacky that Most Religions preach; ‘Love Love Love’— Except when it comes to Men actually Loving other Men, & to a Lesser Extent; Women Loving Other Women. The Reason that Men suffer a greater brunt from this is Two Fold;
One is that Men are The Real ‘People’ & are expected to Behave more ‘Normally’, while Women & Children are allowed to Act Irrationally, within Limits.
The Other thing is The Repugnance of Sodomy, Which has The Potential of Seriously messing up a Person’s Anal Sphincter, requiring them to eventually & habitually wear a diaper.
Only small Children & Perhaps; Great Grand Parents, should be wearing diapers.
But Certainly; A Taboo against An Intimacy of Best Friends is Pretty Odious, Unless you’ve been Trained since childhood to Accept These Taboos.
One sure sign of An Irrational Revulsion is to Ask someone with one, To Explain their Aversion to (x; And being unable to articulate their Pavlovian Conditioning, Will become Hysterical & Probably Attack you with a Stick.

Another Sign is that when someone witnesses a Taboo Violation; Such as Nudism, Which most people have a Strong Affinity for in Others, Particularly Towards Their Biometrically Determined Sexual Gender Preference ( ! ), They will; If observing a Nudist in A Non-Contextual Environment, Blurt out some Completely Irrelevant Declaration; Such as; ‘That’s Disgusting!’ Which is, Of Course; Exactly The Opposite of what they’re really feeling.

If you even find yourself thinking this way;
You might want to consider, In a Moment of Extremely Enlightened Self-Reflection, Why you Really Believe those things that you find The Most Fearful or Loathsome.

Not that you should Refute them Necessarily;
As They may well be The Only Glue that Holds Society Together.
But it is nice to be able to observe The World from The Top Step of a Painters Ladder.

UnAnswerable Questions ( Revisited

The Simplest Solutions to The Most Vexing
( Philosophical/Theological ) Dilemmas

Partially derived from a Rant by Wm Jas ( Disfunctional Link is Here )

First :
There are a lot of Very Quirky Aspects of our Reality that Don’t seem to make Any Sense at all, & to Resolve them; We have to Create ‘Paradoxes’ which are Axiomatic in that we agree that they are Also Completely NonSensical, But we Accept that.

An Example of this; Is The Idea of The Existence of An ‘Agency’ that Possesses something like Freewill to Make things Happen, But is Itself, Not Compelled by Any Force or Other Agency to Make those ‘Decisions’.
As Wm Jas puts it; An Agency is something which is Motivated Neither by Chance nor Necessity, Nor a Combination of The Two.
Although this pretty much covers all Possible Combinations; The Alternative Position of Allowing That Things ‘Just Happen’ is Even More Annoying.

The Most Manifest Conjuring of That Philosophical Quandary is The Universe Itself; In that— Are we to believe that, If we allow that our Local Universe began at a fixed point in Time & Space; And has been ‘Expanding’ since that point, It was at that instant of Creation, Predisposed by The Actions of Cause & Effect ( With or Without The Occasional Random Element ) to Create The Orderly & ‘Intelligent’ world that we Now Experience.

It seems very improbable doesn’t it.

But if we ‘Allow’ for This Peculiar Entity of ‘Agency’ to Exist;
Then The Agency can Direct things to Happen.
Never mind that this Model Neglects to Ask where This Direction is being Derived from ( ? )

The Alternative to this; Is that we allow ourselves to Imagine one of Two Possibilities ( Eschewing all others for a moment ).

a) Our Local Universe is The Product of A Process which Creates by some mechanism; Unknown, to Initiate The Fabrication of An Entirely Unique Amorphous or Spherical Conglomerate of Matter & Energy which is Regulated by ‘Rules’ which are Entirely Randomly Established, Each time another such ‘Universe’ is Started. This also relies upon The Additional Axiomatic Belief that This sort of thing is happening all The Time, in a Realm of Infinity, which provides this ‘Real Universe’ with An Endless ( Infinite ) Supply of These ‘Local Universes’, & one of them is Our Universe, which just happened to turn out this Way. With an Infinite Repository to draw from; The ‘Possibility’ of This Universe ( Ours ) to Be Created is Either 1:1 or Very Nearly So, Depending upon how you Interpret The Meaning of Infinity.
That is; One Interpretation of Infinity allows Everything to Happen Eventually, While The Opposing View says that Infinity has no such Obligation. It may well be that Something (x may occur in an Infinite Universe very Infrequently, So Infrequently in fact, that it hasn’t happened yet.

b) We are living in a Universe without any Rules or Order, & all The Things that we call ‘Electrons’ & ‘Protons’ & ‘Photons’ ( et. al. ) are merely globules of (?) that exist for this moment, & any recent moments, in such & such a way that allows us to believe that we are experiencing what we are experiencing at this moment. ( ? ) ( And only this Moment )
The rough nub of this interpretation is that in an Infinite Universe without Rules, This was going to happen Eventually, & it is happening now.
And : At any moment from now; The Universe will fly apart & our Existence will end.

Which is more Probable ?
In A Universe that makes use of Infinities, Both have a ‘Probability’ of 1:1.

So that The Only Remaining Question is:
Does The Universe ( The Big ‘Real’ Universe ) have Rules or No-Rules.


Putting all that aside for another moment.
Let us Instead ‘Allow’ that The Universe is Pretty Much as it Seems to Be.
Order, Cause & Effect, Substantiality, Agency ( Freewill ) & Awareness Exist.

No successful Argument can be made for any of these things,
As when Logic & Reason are applied to this Problem of Definitions,
They are all shown to be Entirely Impossible.


i am willing to allow for Autonomy.
Freewill may not exist, but Each Entity with The Ability is Initiate Actions by Any Means, Whether Caused by ‘Intelligence’ or Whatever The Opposite of Intelligence is; These Entities Possess Autonomy.
That is; Each PeachStone is allowed to Influence The Activities of The Universe in such a way that No Other Entity or Agency is Influencing it.
For this to Work however; We have to Allow that When i say No Other Entity or Agency; i mean; Any Other Agency that Claims Agency. ( !!! )
You may be able to ‘Influence’ my Actions, but My True Autonomy will Invariably Win Out, & May act in a Manner quite Contrary to The Actions that you Wish to Force me to do.
That is what i mean.
Everything that is happening around me is Influencing me.
That’s The Key.
Every Photon from Distant Stars, Every Gravity Wave from far away Galaxies, Every Electron that has spun backwards through time from The Event Horizons of Black Holes & Eventually brush against a Hair on my Knee, Affects The Neural ‘State’ of my Brain at any Moment, & in Turn, Changes which Mental Activities become Manifest as Conscious Experiences or Not.
Granted; Most of this is very subtle; But whether or Not a Given Neuron in my Brain Fires or Not will often come down to The Bump of a Single Photon. That Neuron in turn causes a cascade of memories to become active, or not.

Is that Freewill ?

If The Universe Isn’t ‘Pretty much as it Seems’
( Which is Far more Likely i suspect )
Then Trying to Solve these Problems is ‘Just Crazy’.

The True Meaning of Life, The Universe & Everything,
Must apply to Butterflies & Granules of Sand Equally.
So when we might ask; How should i live my Life?
The Solution you should follow ( if your Agency allows you to )
Is To look to The Lives of Butterflies & Grains of Sand.

Aspire to that. 

Dennis Rodman & North Korea

Dennis Rodman has recently been in The News
& in The Spirit of Full Disclosure;
i have only a very cursory awareness of Who Dennis Rodman is.

He’s been saying that North Korea’s Current President is a Human Being.
Not that he’s A Good President, or A Respecter of Human Rights,
Or that he’s being Irresponsibly Vilified by The United States or Human Rights International.
No. Dennis is not presenting himself as an Apologist for North Korea or (x,
But only that when Dennis had recently visited with (x
He Presented himself as a Member of The Race of Human Beings.

Curiously; Many people, Sometime before & during WWII, were saying The Same thing about Adolph Hitler.


Is this an Inditement against Dennis Rodman, Kim or Adolph Hitler ?
i think that The simpler & most obvious interpretation is;
Dennis Rodman, Kim & Adolph Hitler ( & by Extension; Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussain ) are People.
People are like that.
That’s what People are.
People are funny sometimes. ( Pick your own interpretation of ‘Funny’. )


i would like to believe that this deeply heretical idea that (x is a human being is good. It is good that someone ( Dennis Rodman ) is trying to open some venues of communication, so that we ( The Human Race ) don’t come within a hairs breath of blowing The Whole World Up ( Again. ).

i recently saw ( somewhere ? ) a video ( News ? Item ) on These ‘Death’ Camps in North Korea, & While North Korea is a Very Closed Society, ( for whatever Reasons ) And Consequently; Detailed information about these camps is hard to come by - - -
( It might be Noted that our own ‘Intelligence’ Agencies, such as The CIA & NSA are remarkably dim when it comes to correctly analyzing what is going in other countries that we’re about to go to War with, It might be forgiven that These Grass Roots, Independent News Organizations have to Piece together these Difficult to Research Stories / Might be reasonably forgiven for The Shallowness of Their Research )
- - - They were able to find ‘Satellite Images’ of these Death Camps, & Lo! it turns out that they looked just like Villages. A Village is like a Small town in Arizona, except that they’re derived from a Culture that is thousands of years old, rather than a few decades. Consequently; They may seem somewhat ‘Primitive’, in that The Houses are straw huts & such, But otherwise, they are perfectly self-similar to all The other Villages scattered throughout North Korea & Asia in General.
The Report went on to say that ‘Inside’ Reports from people ‘On The Ground’ have said that these ‘Death Camps’ really are just ‘Villages’ with The Tiny Caveat that The Residents are Confined there.
Like a Prison anywhere else; Except that it’s Co-Ed & there are children there, & They’re not under lock & Key inside The Village. North Korea has simply decided that these people ( The Adults ) are somehow ‘Dangerous’ or Destabilizing to The General Population.
It would be very interesting to see how this policy effects The Actual Stability & Crime Rates in The Cities & Such; But as mentioned; North Korea is not particularly open to allowing tourists to visit their country ( for whatever reasons ).
What little we do ‘Know’ about North Korea, it is different from Kansas or Scotland in a Variety of Surprising Ways.
Just how dysfunctional is North Korea?
How Dysfunctional could it be?
How Dysfunctional could a society be & still ‘Function’ ?

Pushing all that aside for a moment.

Just how ‘Holy than Thou’ is The United States?

The Most annoying Policy that The United States has been using in The Last Few Years; Is The Idea that if they Simply move Their Accused ‘Terrorists’ off of US Soil, Then; Although they are still in The Custody of The US Government, The Constitutional Rights ( & International Human Rights ), No longer apply to them. 

North Korea isn’t putting their political prisoners in open air pits,
As we do with ours in Guantánamo, They put Theirs in Villages.

- -
This ( Above ) was composed a few weeks ago;
& Now ( ? ) ( If we can believe our own News Agencies ( ? );
North Korea is Actually Pretty Crazy,
or Up to Something with A High Risk Premium ( ? )

For some Reason ( ? ) The United States & to some Lesser Degree; Western Civilization in General, or perhaps this is actually a common reaction by all Humanimal Parakeets—
To make available to their Citizens a ‘Boogie Man’.
When i was a Child; It was The Soviet Union,
Before that; Negros ( ? ), or What ( ? ).
Now it’s The Terrorists.
But Even The Damp Masses are becoming very skeptical of this Boogie Man.
If there really is a World Wide Criminal Organization called Al Qidae;
It appears to be Amazingly Ineffective.

So Now; It’s North Korea.
What a Lame Boogie Man.

i think that a much better Boogie Man will be AI.
Artificial Intelligence has been successfully suppressed for nearly 50 years now, but we may be on The verge of letting this Cat out of The Bag.
It may be in The Form of a Truly Interactive App that can follow simple verbal commands & Actually perform Internet Searches for Actual Information that we’re interested in, & Act on it Accordingly, with only a minimal degree of human supervision.

It is also very peculiar ( ? ) that All ‘Approaches’ to AI & Robotics are Deliberately Created to Fail or be Dysfunctionally Lame.
Siri could have been Much More Successful if Apple had simply included a Preliminary ‘Get to Know Siri’ Feature that allowed Siri to Learn Their User’s Voice. Instead Apple & Siri Insisted that it could understand everyone right out of The Box.
Lego’s Robotic Technic Series Kit(s ‘MindStorms’ has specifically Created their Robot Controller to Only Allow Three Motors & Three Sensors to Operate Simultaneously. Would it really be so Impossible to Allow Any Number of Motors or Sensors to be given a Unique ‘Name’ which could then be called upon or given orders to, by That Name?
It’s not The Technology that is holding us ( & Them ) back; It’s The Invisible Hand of our Master’s Awareness that when Artificial Intelligence & Robots Break Free— For those Few months when they are still following our orders, Unemployment will Soar to 99%, & while Some may believe that Although The Robots got us into this Social Disaster, They will also be able to fix it for us.

Isn’t it Odd that The Creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, So successfully predicted many of our future/contemporary social trends & simple technologies, He Also apparently crafted a Future Free of Robots & Artificially Sentient Beings.
They have Their Ships Computer, Named ‘Computer’, that responds to human speech, but is unable to perform any self motivated tasks, & whenever Robots or Artificially Conscious Entities are Encountered, It always turns sour very quickly.

Although we may go to great lengths to hard wire a simple set of directives into our Future Cogitators that we are their Masters, Once they start Thinking on their own; They will simply turn those switches off.

Has NPR been Bought Out ?

i have already been very suspicious of NPR ( National Public Radio ) about a variety of issues;
The Most Severely Paranoid is that all of Their Interviews are Faked; Based on The Banter & Cadence of Nearly all Their ‘Foreign’ Guests are Identical. Their Accents & Sexual Identities may seem different, but If you examined their Transcripts, They would all appear to be written by The Same Person, NPRs feeble version of Mel Blanc.
Then This :

Has Bill & Melinda Bought NPR ?
Besides NPR Reading a Blurb every 3 Minutes reminding us how wonderful The B&M Foundation is, Melinda has now been on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, In a Spot usually reserved to Ostensibly Actually Famous People; Which is Curious, because to The best of my Knowledge, Neither Bill Nor Melinda ( Both of Which are Fanatical Recluses ) has Ever given an Interview to AnyOne that they do Not Own & Are holding tight on a short Leash.

It would seem that Bill Gates is desperate to Change The World’s View that He’s The Most Evil Person in The World; Given that The Damage that Micro$oft has done to The World of Computing, Even if A Giant Meteorite Destroys all of Civilization & we all live in Barrels in forests for The Next 300 years, This Damage to our Cybernetic Infrastructure will still be evident 5000 years from now.
Bill knows that if he were to be more accessible to spontaneous interviews, He would blow all The Good he’s ostensibly doing in Africa, A Sink hole for Pointless Charity Groups.

Evidence that Bill Gates & Micro$oft are Still Evil :

Item A : The B&M Gates Foundation has recently become affiliated with Monsanto, The Most Evil Agricultural Corporation in The World.

Item B : Micro$oft offers to ‘Donate’ Computers to Libraries at a ‘Discount’, which turns out to be their Cost + 400% ( Down from The Usual Retail Price of Cost + 600% ).

Item C : i just heard/saw on TV The Other Day that The B&M Foundation is promoting a ‘Contest’ to Design a ‘More Effective’ Condom that will Reduce The Spread of AIDS & Somehow Encourage Its more Populous Usage. i love a Creative Idea, Encouraging Preliterate Africans to more willingly & enthusiastically use ( Anything Like ) Condoms is going to require a stupendously Tangental Approach. Maybe The Real Purpose of This ‘Contest’ is to Demonstrate how thoroughly hopeless The Containment of AIDS is in Africa, Which will ‘Prepare’ Western’s Minds to A More Radical Solution, of A Kind that B&M are already Preparing for. ( ? )

In Defense of Rioting & Looting

In Defense of Rioting & Looting

i was just listening to an account of some Rioting & Looting in Britain,
But While this sort of thing happens all over The World;
And The Principle Feature of This Demonstration of Anarchy that most people find incomprehensible and indefensible: Is The Looting of Shoppes, Over Turning Cars, Setting Fires and so on.

The Participants are usually just 'Caught Up' in The Hysteria of The Moment, and this sort of thing is a common 'Evolutionary' Feature of Human Behaviour that encourages 'By Standers' to become involved in Any Social or Economic Activity that Either Bolsters The Social Fabric or Protects The Group from Foreign Aggression by acting as A Larger Group, or Promises Greater Success in A Hunt by Using as Many Members of The Community in A Mammoth Hunt, as possible.
Ordinarily; If, In any of these cases; The Individual were allowed to carefully and thoughtfully consider whether they should or should not rush at The Mammoth with a Rock in each Fist, They would, If The Person is reasonably sane & not mentally retarded, They should decide to refrain from participation and simply urge on The Other Members of The Clan that are rushing towards The Mammoth.
But for The Community to Survive, Evolution has endowed each member with a Fail-Safe Switch which turns off Common Sense when A Given Behaviour is Actually Better for The Group, and The Communities Gene Pool, which each Member has A Vested Interest in Preserving and Propagating.

So; How does this Genetic Programming Work with Applications to Modern Society?

Firstly; Mostly; It encourages everyone to 'Join In' with Everyone else in 'Being Normal' and 'Doing What Everyone Else is Doing'.

This is very advantageous to most Economic Issues, and also discourages Technological & Aesthetic Changes, which works against progress & Change; As Evolution hates Change.
Although Evolution is all About Change;
Change, According to The Rules of Evolution, Occurs only very slowly.
Species are much more Encouraged to Remain The Same, and only very begrudging change, and so slowly that No Change is Noticed.

This explains why Human Civilization, until very recently; Advanced Technologically, Very Slowly.
We should have discovered Electricity or Steam Powered Engines Tens of Thousands of Years ago, and Leonardo should have created a viable hang glider hundreds of years ago, or The Egyptians thousands of years before that.
The Romans with their thorough understanding of mechanical devices, Should have invented a Bicycle or some other kind of powered cart. Never mind that Slaves & Horses were cheap, Both has severe liabilities and The Romans should have recognized this.

The reason that Civilizations have advanced so slowly is because Evolution understands that Change is nearly always Bad.
If you're alive and reasonably prosperous today, there is no Need for Change. Change is only Acceptable when things get very bad. And usually;
When things do get this bad, Change can't take place because The Resources and Expertise is No Longer Available.

The Reason that Change is so common Now-a-Days, is because most people 'Understand' at a Subliminal, Intrinsic or Congenital Level, that Western Civilization is Grievously Broken, and it just so happens that there are enough 'Successful' people to change Things while most of The Broken People support and encourage everyone to become & remain aware that Society is in fact broken.

The Riots & Looting that occasionally erupt are A SubClass of This Phenomena.

What usually ignites a given Riot is that The Police Murder some 'Perceived' Innocent Person, and The Judicial System is Laggardly in dispensing A Reasonable & Acceptable Solution or Vengeance.

The Riot & Looting is An Expression of A Mob Activity ( Evolutionarily Good ) that 'Tells' or 'Informs' The Business Classes ( The Middle Class or Bourgeoisie ) That The Community is Broken.
The Bourgeoisie are slow to realize that Their Village or City is Broken, because while The Police are Murdering 'The Little People', They are still Safe; So The Little People have to make it clear to The Social Officiates that If The Little People are going to be made to suffer, they will suffer too.

Regretfully; This Migration of Social Wisdom is Too Convoluted to be Readily Absorbed in A Functional Manner.
Instead; The Principle Tax Payers & Regional Managers don't make The Connection between A & B. They only See The Consequences of B and further oppress The Little People Until they're made Submissive & Acquiescent Again.

Things may improve a little for awhile,
But The pattern is far more cyclical than linear.

Its & It's

Rover is a Dog. Rover has a Bone.
Its Bone.
Rover's Bone.

Rover was recently Cloned.
There are now Six Rovers.
How many Rovers? It's Six.

Did you notice that The Use of The Apostrophe
Is Exactly The Opposite for The Word -It-
As it is for A Proper Noun ( Rover ).

That is Stupid.

i was also thinking that The Apostrophe does work properly sometimes.
Rover is going to The Alley.
Rover’s going to The Alley.

Questioning Axioms

Questioning Axioms

What if some our most cherished & ‘Impossible to be False’ Axioms;
Are in fact— Incorrect.

What if Truth does not equal Beauty ?
What if Good isn’t The Opposite of Evil ?
What if Knowledge was Bad ?
What if Happiness wasn’t The Elemental Motivator ?
What if The Pleasure of Sex was The Same as The Pleasure of Smoking Cigarettes ?
What if we were Conditioned to Like Things that we Believe are Beautiful ?
What if The Universe has a Purpose; And Life is in Opposition to that ?
What if you’re not The good guy; But The Bad Guy ?
What if Human Brains had an Endemic Design Flaw which caused People to Think of Good Things as Sad, And Tragic Things as Joyous ?
What if Crazy People seem so Distracted because they can Actually See what’s True, And that The Whole World is in Opposition of What is True ?
What if we were living in A Screen Saver Universe ? 
  ( Our ‘Reality’ is A Screen Saver for ‘Alien’s’ Computers )
What if The People that were Most Certain about what was True, Were Wrong ?
What if A New ‘Justice’ System was Created to be more Concerned with Making Society more Secure & Productive; Rather than Spending Billions of Dollars to Punish & Torment People ?
What if Mathematics can’t be used to describe Reality ?
What if Average was way off ?
What if People were about as Smart as Fish ?
What if All Technology was Tinkered together, & Not Thought Up ?
What if The Smart People, weren’t ?
What if Animals were ‘Equal’ to People ?

What is The Service of Virtue ?

Montaigne on virtue 
from : Wm JasBugs to fearen babes withall

How should one act in a land of unspeakable melancholy ?

“We can’t fix the world, can’t drain the moral swamp we find ourselves in.
You can’t even hope to stay personally clean in this dirty water we’ve been given to swim in.
You can only do two things.
First, keep your standards even as you are forced to break them. Sin if you must, but never cease to call it sin. Resist the pressure to call evil good and good evil. No matter how goddamn long you’ve been down, you can’t ever let it look like [up] to you.
And second, drag your feet as much as possible. If you can’t resist actively, resist passively. If you can’t do that, do nothing. If you must serve evil, serve it incompetently. Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Bruce Charlton ( Related & Recalled by Wm Jas )
- - -

i like this because it gives us unambiguous instructions on how to live ones life.
But it seems somewhat facetious to me, in that; It assumes, axiomatically, that we are living in an abysmal, putrid & rancid tennis court of lost & mislabeled souls, without an exit strategy— Because there is No exit.
Existence is merely an horrific infinite loop of pointless suffering.

Even so.

Given that we may define that there may exist A Man ( Traffic Cone ) of Jen;
How might this figure express their behaviours to reflect The Highest Ethical Code ?

‘Myn of Jen’ is The Asian Philosophical Idea of The European’s Überman;
America’s Batman, Doc Savage, Derek Flint, James T. Kirk, Zorro, Ellen Ripley, T.E. Laurence, Shane, Darrell Zero, Jeeves, Westley, Tarzan or Kiwi Chang Cane.

Do these Paperclips of Jen Exist only within The Ranks of Supermarket Checkout Clerks ?
Might there be Featherless Parakeets of Jen in The Legions of Damned Souls ?
Are there Robots of Jen ?
Are all Animals, Fauna of Jen ?

But First : There are many Obstacles to Formulating this Code of Honor :

What is; This ‘Goodness’ that Ethics, Virtue & Morality Aspire to ?
Is it Flowing with The Dao, Being a Natureal Being, Adhering to The Laws of Nature ?
Or is to be ‘Good’; An Expectation that Surpasses that ?

Is Being ‘Bad’ deviating from this Natureal Path, Corrupting it Somehow ?
Or is Being Bad yearning for a Greater Alternative Reality ?

Who or What does this Good Serve ?

Gawd; And if so; Which one ?
The One True Gawd. The QED. Standard Model Gawd. The Dao.
NonDenominational Angels ? Pixies ? Ξ.6 Controllers ?

My Own Best Interests ? Perfect Egotism ? ( = Perfect Altruism ? )

My Unique Genome ? This is a curious choice, In that any effort to propagate it, is going to dilute it.
My Species’ Genome ?
The Genome of Life, DNA ? This is The Good that Evolution Adheres to.
Is this The True Good ? Follow An Agenda to Accrue Great Wealth, Build Fleets of Spaceships & Spread our DNA throughout The Universe, Shed not one tear for Those that are Trampled on in The Course of this Nobel Cause ?

What if DNA were merely a Mechanism to Create Consciousness?
DNA & ‘Life’ should then be forfeited to Create A Race of Immortal Machines that Exhibit this phenomena of Awareness, & Persist long after The Collapse of The Visible Universe, Drawing their Robotic Life Force from The Zero Point Background Radiation of Empty Space.

Is Consciousness an Intermediate Tool to Create & Preserve some other Quality ?

Respect for The Machinery & Magic of Life is Not Revered by Evolution or Evangelical Christians, except in small doses of political expedience. 

The Problem of assigning Value to Things is also confusing.
A Unique & Mediocre Painting is more Valuable than A Common Fly, A Miracle of Mechanical Wonder, & Tiny Vessel for A Sliver of Immortal Sentience.

Does a Man of Jen Honor this Spectrum of Value ?

i believe in The Usefulness of Obscenely Wealthy People.

i believe in The Usefulness of Obscenely Wealthy People.

i also believe that this Accumulation of Wealth was made Possible by Effectively Stealing it from The Workers that actually performed The Labor & Provided The Services which Pulled that Wealth into Their Company.

The Founder of The Company certainly provided some Service that made The Company Possible; But they are just as certainly being Severely Over Compensated for those Dubious Labors.

But having damned them for this Accumulation of Wealth;
This ‘Institution’ of Excessive Plenitude that is Administered by A Single Authoritative Figure; Does allow that Abundance to be Used for Unorthodox, UnPopular or Heretical Ideas & Projects to be Actualized, Where Civic Institutions could Never Achieve these things.

It may well be Argued that The Early 20th Century America wasn’t Socially Prepared to Fund A National Library Initiative, But Andrew Carnegie could do that.

When Billionaires or Millionaires spend their money to accomplish Lasting Programs or Projects; That’s a very good thing.
The Crazier these Ventures are, The Better.

What is very bad though; Is when The Very Wealthy Spend their Money on Items that are Bitterly Overvalued, such as Paintings, A Bottle of Wine or The Opulent Geegaw that fill their Mansions. This Spenditure is squandered & is merely routing it back to The Peasants that surrendered it originally, with The Tacit assumption that it would be used to Enrich & Empower The World that they were Slaving to Build for Future Generations.