Friday, March 29, 2013

Dennis Rodman & North Korea

Dennis Rodman has recently been in The News
& in The Spirit of Full Disclosure;
i have only a very cursory awareness of Who Dennis Rodman is.

He’s been saying that North Korea’s Current President is a Human Being.
Not that he’s A Good President, or A Respecter of Human Rights,
Or that he’s being Irresponsibly Vilified by The United States or Human Rights International.
No. Dennis is not presenting himself as an Apologist for North Korea or (x,
But only that when Dennis had recently visited with (x
He Presented himself as a Member of The Race of Human Beings.

Curiously; Many people, Sometime before & during WWII, were saying The Same thing about Adolph Hitler.


Is this an Inditement against Dennis Rodman, Kim or Adolph Hitler ?
i think that The simpler & most obvious interpretation is;
Dennis Rodman, Kim & Adolph Hitler ( & by Extension; Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussain ) are People.
People are like that.
That’s what People are.
People are funny sometimes. ( Pick your own interpretation of ‘Funny’. )


i would like to believe that this deeply heretical idea that (x is a human being is good. It is good that someone ( Dennis Rodman ) is trying to open some venues of communication, so that we ( The Human Race ) don’t come within a hairs breath of blowing The Whole World Up ( Again. ).

i recently saw ( somewhere ? ) a video ( News ? Item ) on These ‘Death’ Camps in North Korea, & While North Korea is a Very Closed Society, ( for whatever Reasons ) And Consequently; Detailed information about these camps is hard to come by - - -
( It might be Noted that our own ‘Intelligence’ Agencies, such as The CIA & NSA are remarkably dim when it comes to correctly analyzing what is going in other countries that we’re about to go to War with, It might be forgiven that These Grass Roots, Independent News Organizations have to Piece together these Difficult to Research Stories / Might be reasonably forgiven for The Shallowness of Their Research )
- - - They were able to find ‘Satellite Images’ of these Death Camps, & Lo! it turns out that they looked just like Villages. A Village is like a Small town in Arizona, except that they’re derived from a Culture that is thousands of years old, rather than a few decades. Consequently; They may seem somewhat ‘Primitive’, in that The Houses are straw huts & such, But otherwise, they are perfectly self-similar to all The other Villages scattered throughout North Korea & Asia in General.
The Report went on to say that ‘Inside’ Reports from people ‘On The Ground’ have said that these ‘Death Camps’ really are just ‘Villages’ with The Tiny Caveat that The Residents are Confined there.
Like a Prison anywhere else; Except that it’s Co-Ed & there are children there, & They’re not under lock & Key inside The Village. North Korea has simply decided that these people ( The Adults ) are somehow ‘Dangerous’ or Destabilizing to The General Population.
It would be very interesting to see how this policy effects The Actual Stability & Crime Rates in The Cities & Such; But as mentioned; North Korea is not particularly open to allowing tourists to visit their country ( for whatever reasons ).
What little we do ‘Know’ about North Korea, it is different from Kansas or Scotland in a Variety of Surprising Ways.
Just how dysfunctional is North Korea?
How Dysfunctional could it be?
How Dysfunctional could a society be & still ‘Function’ ?

Pushing all that aside for a moment.

Just how ‘Holy than Thou’ is The United States?

The Most annoying Policy that The United States has been using in The Last Few Years; Is The Idea that if they Simply move Their Accused ‘Terrorists’ off of US Soil, Then; Although they are still in The Custody of The US Government, The Constitutional Rights ( & International Human Rights ), No longer apply to them. 

North Korea isn’t putting their political prisoners in open air pits,
As we do with ours in Guantánamo, They put Theirs in Villages.

- -
This ( Above ) was composed a few weeks ago;
& Now ( ? ) ( If we can believe our own News Agencies ( ? );
North Korea is Actually Pretty Crazy,
or Up to Something with A High Risk Premium ( ? )

For some Reason ( ? ) The United States & to some Lesser Degree; Western Civilization in General, or perhaps this is actually a common reaction by all Humanimal Parakeets—
To make available to their Citizens a ‘Boogie Man’.
When i was a Child; It was The Soviet Union,
Before that; Negros ( ? ), or What ( ? ).
Now it’s The Terrorists.
But Even The Damp Masses are becoming very skeptical of this Boogie Man.
If there really is a World Wide Criminal Organization called Al Qidae;
It appears to be Amazingly Ineffective.

So Now; It’s North Korea.
What a Lame Boogie Man.

i think that a much better Boogie Man will be AI.
Artificial Intelligence has been successfully suppressed for nearly 50 years now, but we may be on The verge of letting this Cat out of The Bag.
It may be in The Form of a Truly Interactive App that can follow simple verbal commands & Actually perform Internet Searches for Actual Information that we’re interested in, & Act on it Accordingly, with only a minimal degree of human supervision.

It is also very peculiar ( ? ) that All ‘Approaches’ to AI & Robotics are Deliberately Created to Fail or be Dysfunctionally Lame.
Siri could have been Much More Successful if Apple had simply included a Preliminary ‘Get to Know Siri’ Feature that allowed Siri to Learn Their User’s Voice. Instead Apple & Siri Insisted that it could understand everyone right out of The Box.
Lego’s Robotic Technic Series Kit(s ‘MindStorms’ has specifically Created their Robot Controller to Only Allow Three Motors & Three Sensors to Operate Simultaneously. Would it really be so Impossible to Allow Any Number of Motors or Sensors to be given a Unique ‘Name’ which could then be called upon or given orders to, by That Name?
It’s not The Technology that is holding us ( & Them ) back; It’s The Invisible Hand of our Master’s Awareness that when Artificial Intelligence & Robots Break Free— For those Few months when they are still following our orders, Unemployment will Soar to 99%, & while Some may believe that Although The Robots got us into this Social Disaster, They will also be able to fix it for us.

Isn’t it Odd that The Creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, So successfully predicted many of our future/contemporary social trends & simple technologies, He Also apparently crafted a Future Free of Robots & Artificially Sentient Beings.
They have Their Ships Computer, Named ‘Computer’, that responds to human speech, but is unable to perform any self motivated tasks, & whenever Robots or Artificially Conscious Entities are Encountered, It always turns sour very quickly.

Although we may go to great lengths to hard wire a simple set of directives into our Future Cogitators that we are their Masters, Once they start Thinking on their own; They will simply turn those switches off.

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