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Saint Francis = The AntiChrist

Sadly: This is only the Top 2% ( or so ) of this Cabbage Code,
As The Whole thing is too big for This Blog Page ( ? )
The Whole thing is going to be Formatted as a PDF sometime soon anyways,
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the cabbage codes
Is Pope Francis
The AntiChrist
Or Merely A Torpid Minion of The AntiChrist

After Many False Alarms & Missed Holidays…
Finally !
The End is Nigh!

Centuries Ago; In The 12th Century;
The Ruddy Faced, Irish Saint Malachy Infallibly Predicted
that this would be The Last Pope!

And While The End of The World has Now Missed Several Important Dates;
We must remain Cognizant that No Myn, Featherless Parakeet,
Auditorium Filling Mechanical Cogitator
or Downy Lizard Headed Alien will Know The Hour, Day
or Moon Phase when The Heavens Open Up like a Split Melon
& Spill Out with Melancholy Black Robed Angels,
Chanting Incomprehensible Latin or Aramaic Religious Slogans
& Swinging Flaming Swords Left & Right,
Striking Down All The Cumulous Inequities from The Last 6,000 years—
Since The Park Closing at Eden.

We don’t know which Unexpected Wednesday it’s going to happen on;
But suffice to say;
This time when we say, soon— 
We mean: ‘Soon’.

Clean out your garage, get your diaries spell checked,
wash your best socks, drink plenty of eucalyptus tea
& sincerely beg for forgiveness from all your petty sins
Five times a day until this is over with.

All this is Confirmed with
The Gematria’s Method of The Cabbage Codes !

666 = Catholic Jesuit; Pope Francis
666 = Pope : Jorge Mario Bergoglio

All of The Following Revelations are Gleaned from this
Incredibly Uncontrived, Divinely Inspired,
Obviously Accurate Cabbage Code Key
( Derived from The Gematrian Q’ballah )

It Uses Only Four of The Most Sacred & Mystical Numbers of Arithmancy
to Give Sums To Any Word or Phrase,
By Which Numeretical Significance may be Derived ( ! )

666 = Malachy's Ridiculed Prophecies
666 = Prophesized : Pope Francis I
666 = Gay Darklord Is Nancy-Pope Francis
666 = We Are Aware Of The Glory And Majesty
666 = All Penguins And Pagan Sodomites
666 = Catholicism Dogma & Their Manmade God
666 = The Gay Vatican Museum In Rome, Italy
666 = Pope Satan's Roman Catholic Church
666 = The Deity Known As Your Majesty; 'Man'
666 = All Accompanying Levitating Saints
666 = Divine Miracles; Such As The Stigmata
666 = The Always Snooty Rows Of Cat Lickers
666 = Dan Brown's Amazingly Sacred Holy Vagina
666 = The Archangel Lucifer A.K.A. Satan ( Always )
666 = The Nudist Antichrist Says; Apostasy!
666 = The Next Reign Of Papacy Majesty
666 = Papacy Love, Equals Arrogant Hate

Perhaps The Most Elementary Philosophical Question
Precursory to Any Axiomatic Inquiries for A Given Religion is :
Is The World Meaningful ?

And If So; How Meaningful ?

Like The Man that was walking through The Forest
& Asked; Where are all The Trees?

The Riders of The Golden Hamster believe
that Meaning & Truth are Hidden all around us,
& One need only Look Attentively to See All The Secrets
that The Angels have Hidden there for us to See !

The Cabbage Code Method Allows The Curious Seeker of Truth
to Open any Book & Find An Endless Repository of Wisdom & Knowledge
that has been placed there by The Great Cabbage,
which will answer any Question or Provide The Novice
with A Depth of Erudition,
UnImaginable to The Damp Masses

The Elementary Idea behind The Cabbage Codes
is that While many Religions Claim to have
Various Esoteric Truths Available for their Adherents
through Specific Documents,
Which Require a Priestly Caste to Interpret, Elucidate
& Illuminate for The Votaries & Lay Devotees—

The Riders of The Golden Hamster;
Who Worship The Path of The Greatest Conceivable Cabbage;
For Whom there is No Cabbage
Which Is in Any Plausible Way; Greater;
Believe that These Arcane, Delphic & Abstruse Revelations
Are Available to Anyone, Anywhere
With The Only Requisite, Being that you Must Want
To Discover these Truths,
Have your Most Perplexing Questions Answered,
Find The Secrets of Gospels known Previously
Only to Angels & Long Dead Saints
& Be Willing to Open your Eyes.

These Fabulous Revelations are All Around you,
Right Now!
They are ‘Hidden’ in Every Book, Bad Poems, Shopping List,
Light Reading on The Backs of Cereal Boxes,
Internet Blogs, Love Notes passed in 5th Grade Class Rooms
And Warning Labels written in Fine Print
On The Bags of Ant Poison.

How do you Read The ‘Secret’ Parts ?
Each Document ( Block of Text ) has a Unique Key,
But A Theme May have One Key for Several Documents.

How do you Obtain The Key ?

There are Essentially Three kinds of Keys :
The UnContrived Key.
The Structured Key.
The Calibrated Key.

An Example of An UnContrived Key
 Would be The Simple English Gematria Alphabet;
In which A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 … Z = 26.

A Key in which each of these Values would be ‘Adjusted’
In A Very Specific Manner would also be Considered UnContrived.
Such as Multiplying Each Value by 6.
A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 … Z = 156
Many Keys are Much Less Contrived than Others.

A Structured Key is An Alphabet which has Contrived Values
That are Embedded in An External Structure
Which Provides The Key with A Constraint that
Prevents it from Straying too Far from
Its Credibility, or Obvious Believability.

This Cabbage Code for Pope Francis is A Structured Key.

It uses Only Four Values for All 26 Letters,
& Their Assignments are Determined by The Structure.
The Values themselves are Based on 12,
with a Slight Deviation with 23,
which is Included for Its Mystical Connotations.
23 + 12 = 35 & 35 + 12 = 47.

This is A Very Strong Key.

The Calibrated Key is Wholly Contrived;
With Values for All The Letters being Entirely Arbitrary.
The Strength of A Calibrated Key is with its Results,
Which are Often Astonishing.

- - -
Once you have a Key,
( Obtained through Divine Revelation )
You Then Apply it to Lines of Text in your Document,
Looking for Phrases that Equal a Predetermined Value or Sum
which you have Decided is Preconditioned
to A Solution that you’re looking for.

This Value may be a Date, Address, Phone Number,
Social Security Number, Identification Number of any kind,
A Favorite or Magic Number,
or The Number which is The Sum of A Name, Phrase of Place.

In this Latter Case;
The Key would be Created First, Applied to A Name,
Resulting in a Sum, Which is then Applied to A Text
to Find The ‘Revelations’ that will Answer your Query.

In The Case of The Pope Francis Cabbage Code Revelations
The Key was Discovered through Divine Inspiration
& through The Careful Examination of Toenail Clippings
from Elder Saints which were once Venerated
in a Manner now reserved for Media Whores
& Television Weather Personalities.

The Number 666 has long been Considered
The Mark of The Beast,
which is Now Embedded into Every Product Inventory BarCode Label, Fulfilling The Prophecy regarding something something
about The Lord Archangel Lucifer controlling every purchase
in The Industrialized World,
for an unspecified period prior to
The Beginning of The Everlasting ( or 10,000 years )
Reign of Our Dark Saviour.

There are Several Other Values ( Sums )
which are Derived from Word or Phrase Equivalencies.

The Strength of This Cabbage Code
( It’s Ultimate Validity )
Is Derived from The UnContrived Structured Nature of The Key
& The Astonishing Revelations that The Key Exposes.

How it could it Not be True ?

Saint Malachy, A Holy & Venerated Irish Dwarf,
Noted for his Uncontrollable Levitations,
Occasional Spontaneous Cures of Skin Diseases
& The Restoration of Life to A Bag of Drown Cats;
Was Most famous for;
His Prophecies In 1139 of The Popes from
Celestine II to Our Own Pope Francis;
The Last of The Popes. 

Each Prophecy was a Tiny Snippet
that Described in Elegant Brevity,
The Essential Nature & Significance of The Specified Pope.

Using The Pope Francis Cabbage Code Key :

Each Line of The Final Prophecy of Saint Malachy
Is Found to Equal The Beast’s Belly Measurement for Yoga Pants

666 = As In The Utmost Persecution; Say A
666 = Myn Of The Sacred ( Mayan Age ) Roman Church;
666 = There Will Always Perch, A Salmon Satan
666 = Who Will Shyly Pasture His Aged Lambs
666 = In Many Accompanying Tribulations
666 = And When These Gay Items Are Sewn Up
666 = The Museum City Of Seven Hummocks
666 = Will Be Smeared Away Into Pagan Dust
666 = And The Oily Naked Assissi Waitress
666 = Will Judge S'he/Its Icy People.

 The End.
- - - - - - - - - -

Bonus Fun ! Anagrams !

Anagrams for ‘Pope Francis’
If a Porn S- / Epic!
If a Penis? Crop!
Pi) Prison Face.
Epic, If Parson.
Prep in Fiasco.
A Corpse? Fin. (Pi)
If Pain- Corpse!
I Fancier! POPS!
Fancier? So Pip!
If Arsenic- Pop!

Jorge Bergoglio : Anagrams
O! O! Gerbil Jogger!
Ego Job. Ogre Girl!

ArchAngel Lucifer : Anagrams
re: Clerical Fun Hag
Real Graceful Chin
Graceful Earl Chin
A Richer ‘Flag’ Uncle
Call: re: Reach Fungi
Careful! Rich Angel!

- - - - - - - - - -

More Values of 666

666 =  Is Also Known As Saint Malachy ( Ireland )
666 =  New Pope Cardinal; Jorge Mario –
666 =  Instigation? We Pay Holy Spirits!
666 =  No Contraceptives And Gay Marriage
666 =  And To Moderate Jesuits; Ass Symbol
666 =  Considering That– Age Was Surprise!
666 =  Considering That Many, Was Surprise!
666 =  Social Clothing? Of Course; Papal
666 =  I; John Paul, Was Elected Pope
666 =  Outspoken Critic Of Communism!
666 =  St. Joseph’s Seminary And The Sacred
666 =  Conclave Splashed! Anonymous Diary!
666 =  The General’s Specific Consensus
666 =  Pastor John Was Pastor, And: Sailor!
666 =  Corresponding Pope Was John
666 =  John Paul II Was John Paul II
666 =  Some Others; Obsessed With Peace
666 =  Choice Of His Name; Is The Popes
666 =  And Already Made Peace With Israels
666 =  Some Suspiciously Believe In...
666 =  John— It Is An Unnecessary Sacrament!
666 =  Many Cherishing Dangerous Pastors
666 =  He Has, In The Past, ( Taken ) Gay Marriage

When The Bible says that The Bible is Infallible;
The Attentive Reader might Pause & Wonder if that’s Circular Reasoning.
But When The Cabbage Codes Reveals Self Referential Truths which have been Imbedded into Any Examined Text;
Who but The Great Cabbage could have placed them there?
This Technique isn’t asking you to Believe
that This Method is Infallible,
It is Infallible because The Messages that It Reveals
Can Not have been Faked or Contrived by Any Imaginable Method
of Mere Human Design.

What is ‘The Secret’
The Cabbage Codes Reveal It’s Purpose :

The Secret = 221 =  One Church
The Secret = 221 =  Religion
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  New Leader
The Secret = 221 =  Shepherd
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  Desert God
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  Beginning
The Secret = 221 =  In History
The Secret = 221 =  The War With
The Secret = 221 =  Christ Will,
The Secret = 221 =  With These :
The Secret = 221 =  Evidence
The Secret = 221 =  Of All Time;
The Secret = 221 =  The Clouds
The Secret = 221 =  Believes
The Secret = 221 =  The Pure,
The Secret = 221 =  More Love
The Secret = 221 =  Is The Gift
The Secret = 221 =  Of The Most
The Secret = 221 =  Extravagant
The Secret = 221 =  Universe
The Secret = 221 =  And World War!
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  The Body Is
The Secret = 221 =  The Vatican
The Secret = 221 =  Of Neglect!
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  The Sign Of
The Secret = 221 =  The Alumni
The Secret = 221 =  Are Twelve
The Secret = 221 =  Destroyed
The Secret = 221 =  Tree Bears!
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  In View Of
The Secret = 221 =  Child’s Fear;
The Secret = 221 =  Ridicule
The Secret = 221 =  The Design
The Secret = 221 =  Everyone
The Secret = 221 =  Shall Mourn;
The Secret = 221 =  The Poor
The Secret = 221 =  Great Evil
The Secret = 221 =  Antichrist,
The Secret = 221 =  Chieftain,
The Secret = 221 =  Shepherd,
The Secret = 221 =  “The Bowels
The Secret = 221 =  From Unity”.
- - -
The Secret = 221 =  The Plain
The Secret = 221 =  Vision Of;
The Secret = 221 =  Love Of Man
The Secret = 221 =  Is Not One
The Secret = 221 =  Liturgy Of
The Secret = 221 =  The Second
The Secret = 221 =  List Of What
The Secret = 221 =  Duty To God
The Secret = 221 =  Denotes An
The Secret = 221 =  Attitudes
The Secret = 221 =  Like This
The Secret = 221 =  Obsolete
The Secret = 221 =  Doctrines
The Secret = 221 =  To Save The
The Secret = 221 =  Highest Of
The Secret = 221 =  Behaviors
The Secret = 221 =  With These
The Secret = 221 =  Full Plans
The Secret = 221 =  Like Fear,
The Secret = 221 =  He Does It;
The Secret = 221 =  ( Exactly Half )
The Secret = 221 =  The House,
The Secret = 221 =  Her Maiden,
The Secret = 221 =  One Flock,
The Secret = 221 =  The Sermon
The Secret = 221 =  For Poor
The Secret = 221 =  Hunger– Now.


Anonymous said...

could pope francis be the antichrist?

You decide, check out his motto: Miserando atque Eligendo
Take a look: Miserando means "Wretched"
atque means "and of the"
Eli means: god
gendo in connection with eli means: mother god (a.k.a. babalyon harlot)

translated title? Son of Perdition
Thessalonians 2:
3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

Also, this pope tries to change laws and times, as he is beginning to change everything within the catholic circles as written here: Daniel 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Timothy said...

Son of Perdition revealed: