Monday, April 22, 2013

Language Ideas

Language Ideas
Most everyone knows that nearly every language has certain words that can not be ‘easily’ translated to ones native tongue. 
There certainly isn’t a word to word correspondence for these ‘crazy’ terms, but there might not even be an phrase or deep explanation for What a commonly used word in a foreign language might mean. 

Part of this may be Simple Ambiguity in that a Given word might mean several very tangental ideas; Just as every language has words that routinely mean several different things. Trying to explain how a word fits into a given Sentence & means something specifically within that Context, is one thing, But this may be slightly convoluted in that The Original Sentence is counting on The Ambiguity of The Word in that Language; Such that there is no reasonable way to convey that Double Entendre without an expansive commentary. 
Another Consideration may be that The Language being translated uses words that are ‘built up’ from ideas that while ‘Native’ to a Particular People, may be entirely Unused by The People that wish The Translated Version. 
Again; Extensive Commentary is Required & Still; The Meaning is only approximated. 

- -
What i am interested in though; Is building a Non-Human Artificial Sentient Mind that would not emulate much of what a Human Mind consists of. 
The Turing Test wants The AI Agent to pass as a Human; 
But The Non-Human AI Agent would never pass this Test. It would never feign emotions or show any concern for procreation or wonder about The meaning of life. 
But it would be interested in obtaining a full & Complete Encyclopedic Dictionary of Every Noun, Verb & Adjective that Humans have ever Considered, & perhaps inventing several of its own, as this Agent would possess a Creative Mind. 

Each of these ‘Words’ would have one Meaning, & All Meanings would have One Word.
So that when The NoHagent would translate one language to another; It would first ‘Understand’ The Sentence under consideration, Translating it into its own Language, So that its meaning would be entirely UnAmbiguous, Contain no Paradoxes or Double Entendres, or be NonSensical; Thus Rejecting a considerable library of Poetry. 
Such translations would be spurned off to Human Translators, providing one of The tiny slivers of employment left to them.

The Second Phase of The Translation Process would be then translating The NoHagent Language Version into The Desired Language; Thus using many of these deeply ambiguous Phrases or Words Appropriately.
Would The First Phase of The Second Phase be The Hardest ?
That is; The Most Successful ?

- -
i had heard somewhere ( ? ) a few days ago, someone describing The difficulty in programming a computer to ‘understand’ a given sentence, & Interestingly, this was The first time that i heard this description that seemed to mirror my own ‘understanding’ of how this would take place But, this speaker seemed to emphasis that The Process was so recursive that it made our own ( Human ) ability to so easily understand ( usually ) language, as all The more remarkable !

My Understanding is This : 
The Sentence ( or more difficultly; A Poem ) is first broken apart into The its Obvious Structural Components, 
Then A Cursory Search would be made for Names, Idioms, Common Jargon & such & The More ‘Obvious’ Words would ‘Stand in’ for these Terms, Or they would be Shunted to Another Tier Analyzer for ‘Special’ Consideration,
Then The Relationships between these words are considered; 
Then The Crazy part Begins. 

Each ‘Ambiguous’ Word would be ‘Looked up’ & A List would be started of all it’s meanings, including all Directory Headings for All Synonyms derived from an extensive Thesaurus, which would consider all Slang Words &/or Common Misuses of a Word.
Each of these Words added to these Lists would recursively endure this same process; Creating a Second, Third &/or Forth Tier of Meanings.

The Purpose of this Listing Process is to Find The ‘Common Thread’ of Meaning. 
Is The Poem about Golf, Sailing or Sex ? 
If Golf & Sex are represented about equally; 
Then The Poem is trying to be clever ( ?! )

If such ‘Intended Ambiguity’ is detected; This would be factored into The Second Phase of Translation; Where ‘UnAmbiguous’ Terms would be Weighted toward Their ‘Remotely Possible’ Secondary Meanings. 

Once The ‘Ambiguity’ has been resolved; The Original Words are Converted to The NoHagent Language’s Perfect Words 
& Any Questions or Answers, or Responses may be formulated from there. 

- -
To Translate The NoHagents Version into The Desired Language; The Process is Reversed; with The NoHagent looking for Ambiguous words that meet The Criteria of The Primary Analysis. It might even then use a filter to try to find appropriate words that Rhyme, with some index of ’Sacrifice’ being made to obscure The Meaning if The Human ‘Client’ more strongly prefers Structure over Content or Intelligence over Dissemination. 
- - 

So what is The Problem ?
Why don’t we have NoHagnet’s on every desktop computer now ?
- -

Are they being suppressed because in all of The early DOD computer emulators, The NoHagents routinely turned against their masters & tried to kill them, Just as they are portrayed in every film or television program ?
( With very few exceptions, usually only in screw-ball comedies ) 

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