Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strange Sensations &/or Compulsions.

Strange Sensations, Compulsions.

For several months now; & curiously it only started a few months ago, 
i have been experiencing a very strong & compelling sensation that i am ‘missing’ something whenever i leave my apartment. This Sensation doesn’t usually start until i am at The bottom of The Steps or about a block from The Building.
This Sensation however is not at all mysterious. 
i know exactly what is missing. 
It is my Wrist Watch.
The Oddest part is though, i have not worn my Wrist Watch for About 3 years now.
Partly because i now have my iPod that i take everywhere with me, & partly because i stopped wearing it after i broke that wrist, & it didn’t ‘fit’ right, even after it stopped hurting & most The Strength returned to that hand.
But The Sensation is very distinct that that Wrist is ‘Bare’ & ‘Empty’ & The arm feels too light ( ! )
- - -
Another Sensation or Compulsion that i’ve had for a much longer time is that very often when i am holding something, usually something expensive, i will have a compulsive ‘Desire’ to throw it. This usually manifests as a sudden urge that appears & then subsides, without my having thrown anything ( yet ). 
- - -
A Third Sensation is that whenever i am crossing a street or having just done some benign thing that has not expressed itself as being in The Least Dangerous or put myself in any peril; i will suddenly become ‘Aware’ that another version of me, in another universe, was just then in a terrible accident as a result of things having just occurred in ‘their’ universe, slightly differently than they did here in this universe. 

( ??? )

How Obvious is gawd?

How Obvious is gawd?

It occurred to me last night that there may be a wondrous new project to work on with The Gematria.
Now that 2012 ( December 21st ) has come & gone & The World has not yet Ended,
What is The ‘Next’ ‘Best’ Date for The World to End ?
From time to Time; Obscure & ‘Reckless’ Christian Theologists have Predicted when The World will End. i presume that Other Religions are plagued with Nuts like this, but Curiously, they don’t seem to receive The Press here in The Continental United States for me to have heard about them.
These Fruit-Baskets typically Divine this Date by ‘Secret’ or ‘UnRevealed’ methods & they are not available for Examination by The Lay Critic or Pundit. 
What if.
gawd were ( more ) obvious than this ?
What if.
If you knew just ( How to Look ) at where these secrets were revealed, 
Would These Secrets would hit you over The Head with how Obvious they Were ?
What is This Obvious Method?
A Small Variation of The Cabbage Codes.
Using The SEG ( Simple English Gematria ) 
( As English is The Language of Choice by gawd ( The Great Cabbage ) )
Wouldn’t it be ( Fun ) if An Gematrian Alchemist were to find 
Various Dates that Equaled The Disasters that Happened on That Date ( ! )
Null Example : ( As i have not yet begun this Project )
“Monday, The Fifth of October, NineteenSixtyThree” 
Would Equal some Value according to The SEG. 
A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 … Z = 26 
And Simultaneously;
“An Horrific Earthquake in Japan” 
Would Equal that Same Value. 
This Gematrian Alchemist would find Several Examples of this Effect for Past Events to ‘Prove’ The method’s Validity—
Then The Alchemist would Project this Method into The Future; 
Matching Dates with Disasters for ‘Next’ Year. 
How Evil would this Be ?
- - 
For those of you ( us ) that understanding something about The Gematria,
This project would -Certainly- Yield many Terrific Examples, 
Both for Past Events & Even more for Future Events !
Consequently; Many Gullible ( Rubes ) Traffic Cones may act irrationally on these Revelations, Ruining their lives or The lives of others. 
But still; 
The Gematria is So Deliciously Mischievious that This Project is Irresistible. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Neglected Sins

If you believe in Eternal Damnation, The Furnaces of Hades, The Pits of Despair where Fires burn without Shedding any Light, Where Gruesome Feral Rats gnaw on your Family’s Knitwear for All Eternity, Where Screams come in so many Varieties that you never quite get used to them—
Then you may be Interested in a Class of Sins that i call ‘Neglected Sins’.

These are The Mortal Sins that will Provide you with Access to A Escalator leading to The SinkHole of Wondrous Misery, But are so subtle & ‘Ordinary’;
That as you’re lying on your deathbed, recounting all your Sins to An Unfamiliar Cleric So that they may be Forgiven prior to Your Everlasting Judgement,
You will have forgotten all about them.

i suppose i should make a cursory list of these Neglected Sins;
But i suspect that they are so Indistinct, Understated, Insipid &/or Anemic,
By The Standards of ‘Pedestrian’ Pragmatism that it would take a very keen mind to see them for what they are.
Curiously; These Violations of Moral Righteousness that we so easily glaze over every day, Are The Very sorts of Transgressions that The Gawds find so very intolerable.

Your more Flamboyant Vices & Indiscretions that Mortal Judicial Courts are Obsessed with, Are The Very Sorts of Tepid Wickedness that The Gawds & Angels take no Notice of whatsoever.

The Laws of Angels are quite Different from The Laws of Myn.

Consider things like Murder; Angels have no concerns with Murder, They aren’t worried about stealing, as Angels have no personal Property.
The Only Crime that Angels & Myn may Share is something like The Mind Fawk. Myn experience this as Rape, Capitalism, Authoritative Bosses, Dress Codes, Peer Pressure or Enculturated Tastes for Art & Music.
All Angels are Unique Beings that live in A Personal Bubble that has Existed for All Eternity. They hold their Idiosyncratic Quirks to be Holy Ground, & Any Attempts that may be made by ‘Others’ to Compartmentalize them into ‘Castes’ or Social Stations will be Fervently Repulsed.
All of Reality that we Believe is ‘Real’ is a Stage Play of Shadows, But The ‘Groundedness’ of Our Temporal Existence is Preparing us for The True Reality that we are able to glimpse fleetingly in our dreams.

What is ‘Important’ ?

Standing Idly in a Doorway.
Trimming your Fingernails on The Bus.
Charging Unfair Prices for Neglected Services.
Wearing Socks of Two Different Colors.
Tearing a Page from a Magazine at The Dentist’s Office.
Wearing too much perfume.
Pissing on a Sleeping Hobo.
Going to A Museum to Meet Girls.
Returning a Book to The Wrong Shelf at The Library.
Putting Masking Tape on The Paw of a Kitten.
Shooting monkeys for fun.
Telling Ugly girls that they’re pretty.
Bending Spoons at A Restaurant.
Biting Strangers in an Elevator.
Masturbating in Doorless Bathroom Stalls.
Using Elephant tusks for anything other an Making Piano Keys.
Arguing pointlessly with underpaid service personal.
Telling a Child how to Spell a Word, Incorrectly.
Changing The Preferences on a Friend’s Computer.

May or May Not be Examples of The Neglected Sins.

Rent Increase

i recently got a notice for a Lease Renewal & The Amount that The Rent was going up was about 4 times The Cost of Living Increase for this Past Year, As Calculated by Our National Government.
So i looked through my papers & Discovered that for The Past 8 Years, while i’ve been living here; The Annual Rent Increases have always been -Below- ( ! ) The Cost of Living Increases ( !!! )
So this struck me as very Quirky.

This also brings up A Tangential Side Mystery that Confuses me.
If The Rent as been going up Regularly, At The Rates that i’m Experiencing,
& We then Scroll this Process Backwards;
How much were The Residents Paying 5 or 10 years ago.
There must have been either very long periods when The Rent didn’t go up at all,
Or They would have had to have been paying people to live here 15 years ago.
( ??? )

Some time ago; ( 3 Years Ago ) The Building that i live in Changed Hands, & Was Sold to A Wei Yan for However much.
This ‘However Much’, In Today’s Market must have been at least a Million Dollars.
i really have no idea.
It’s a Very Old ( 50’s Era ) Brick Building, 3 Stories, 10 Apartment Units of Small & Less Small Units. My Unit; One of The Smaller Ones, Goes for Just under $400 per month.
So The Question is; How long will it be before Wei Yan makes some money off of this Building, & The Resounding Answer i believe is; Never.
Why then; Would he buy it.
For Investment Purposes? Is he hoping that it will someday be bought up by a large corporation that’s going to tear down this block & put up a ( ? ). And in this Race of Expediency during The Buy Out; This Corporation will buy The Building for 200 or 300 Percent of What it’s really worth.
Is that it?
If so; That seems very unlikely to me. This is an Ancient Residential Neighborhood, & All The Development in this City is Taking place around The Outskirts, which when i was a child, was all Farm land.
- -
The Other approach that i was considering was that If Wei Yan really wanted to make some money off of this building; He’s throw out all The Current Low Income Residents, Renovate The Entire Building, Put in Nice Carpeting throughout, Paint all The Walls Creatively, Acoustically Insulate The Units, Put in Some Mailboxes that allow for a Subscription to Netflix, Get rid of The Yappy Dogs that Surround The Building & Bark all night long, Rewire The Building for Post 1950’s Electrical Usage, Hire a Competent Groundskeeper to Care for The Lawn, Wash The Outside Windows Regularly, Possibly Buy up The Surrounding Houses & Bring them up to Spec ( which many are not ! ), Making A much Nicer Neighborhood, And then Rent these Units to Up & Coming New Bubble Yuppies At Appropriate Rates.*
But this isn’t A Building for Yuppies, The Windows aren’t Washed Regularly; There is a Meth House Next Door ( ? ), & The Current Residents are All Decidedly Low Income Lost Souls.
So that; To Charge Rents At Slum Lord Rates, Is just wrong.
This building is a Dump, i expect to pay Dump Rates. 

- - -
* If i were to buy this Building, i would do so as a personal project ( Clearly not why Wei Yan bought The Building ) & Relocate all The Residents that i don’t like, finding them new apartments & paying all their moving costs. Then i’d Massively renovate The Building with The Method’s mentioned above, with some additional changes; of Taking out The 3 Units on The ‘Main’ Entry Floor & Making them into Community Areas for Social Nudism**, Activities, Seminars, Ongoing Projects ( Robotics & App Development ) & such. Then i’d find only guys & gals with Asperger’s or some other amenable personality disorders, that are artists & encourage to exercise their compulsive muse driven creativity on The Walls, Windows & Lawn Projects.
Essentially; i’d like to create a friendly, creative micro-community of quirky heretics whose long term ( 20 year plan ) would be to take over The World. 

- - -
** My Entire Proposal for something like this is Deeply Heretical, but The Softer Points for a Larger Community; Say, Something like a Friendily ( ? ) Walled Off City Block of Houses, All Connected together, with an Expansive Interior, Park like Area— Would be to Recruit a Number of Severely Passive, Unmotivated, Ambitionless Compulsive Nudist Masturbators that would merely lounge around all day & night as Kinetic Art for The Other Residents to Enjoy. These would be The ‘Cats’.
Then The Principle Residents would be The Residents; that would work on Various Projects. Rather than thinking of these Projects as ‘Work’, It would be more like The Activities of Highly Motivated Hobbyists.
There would also be another Class of Busy Bees, who would Dress up like Busy Bees with Little Wings attached to their Backs that would buzz frantically whenever they were in motion. The Busy Bees would run around & ‘Get things done’. They would be Intelligent Creative Problem Solvers that would be available to The Residents to perform chores, do shopping, fix things & so on.
There are other things that i would love to touch on, but society just isn’t ready for them yet. You are not ready for them yet. These are Socially Necessary Changes that are ‘Interestingly enough’ Deeply Illegal Now. Society is entirely prepared to Bomb Civilization into Dust, Rather than make Changes which will lift them into Paradise. People Hate Change. Change is nearly always bad. And Important Changes are The Worst.

‘I’ ‘Think’ ( Therefore ) ‘Something Something’

To Reiterate a little.

Let us say that a TapeRecorder ( or Digital Equivalent, Whatever that would be called ? ) comes on by some UnSpecified ( NonIntentional ( ? )* ) Mechanism, & The Tape Plays The Phrase: ‘I think, therefore I am.’

Is The TapeRecorder in any way, suddenly aware, ( Or ) - - Able to Recognize The Significance Of, ( Or ) ( Something Something ) :  ( Of ) It’s own Existence ?


i think everyone would be in agreement that The TapeRecorder is No more aware ( in Any Sense ) of it’s own Existence - Now, than it was a Few Minutes ago, prior to playing The Tape.

It’s a Classic ( Interpretation Of ) Category 4, Subsection B, Subliminal Analysis H.6 of The Ancient Philosophical Question;
If a Tree Falls in The Forest & there is No One there to Hear It, Does it make a Sound ?

Likewise; If a Mechanical Windup toy says; ‘I think therefore I am’.
Does The Windup Toy suddenly experience any change in it’s physical or psychological condition?
What if The Windup Toy were very clever, & it was Never Created or Programmed to Say; ‘I Think, therefore I Am.’ But it does anyways.
What if The Windup Toy ‘Created’ this Statement by way of a Series of Logical Inferences that Satisfied The Criteria of its own programming to make a ‘Rational’ Statement.
Would The Windup Toy Experience any Additional Changes in it’s Condition ?
What if The Windup Toy made note of The ’Significance’ of this Statement, Thus ‘Recognizing’ The Tacit, or Conjectural Logical Summary of This Statement; That it’s Existence is Proven, & then Stores that Supposition in it’s Memory Loops.

Would The Windup Toy -Then- Experience any ‘Awareness’ of its own Existence ?


What if The Windup Toy were a Carbon Based, Very Complicated Molecular Based Robot, Whose Robot Brain went through all these Permutations & -Also- had ‘Evolved’ A Faux Consciousness that made Note of The Conclusion that This Statement ( I think, Therefore I am. ) Actually Meant that Its Own Personal Existence was Assured & Justified.

Would The Carbonbased Windup Toy be ‘Aware’ of its own Existence ?

“If a Windup Toy Makes A Statement that ‘Means’ Something, Anything at all, ( Or ) in This Case; A Irrefutable Proof of Minimal Existence; But there is No One to Hear or Be Aware of The Windup Toy’s Assertion; Does The Statement have any Significance ?

This seems very much like The Question;
Does The Number Two mean Anything in An Empty Universe ?

If The Windup Toy States ( or Doesn’t State ) ‘I Think, Therefore I am.’
In an ( otherwise ) Empty Universe, Does The Windup Toy Exist ?

Yes, Of course.

Does this ( Actually ) Mean that ‘I Think, Therefore; I am.’ is So Rhetorically Tautological as to Render is Entirely Pointless, And in Fact; Meaningless ?
Can a Statement with Absolutely Zero Significance, have Meaning ?

- - - -

There is an Additional ( Redundant ) Layer to this;

And that is : The Question of ‘Awareness’.

If we Allow that The Robot Brain in The Carbonbased Windup Toy has No Ability to Exercise any Capacity for ‘Awareness’ in The Generation of its own Thoughts;
But then; Somehow later, Generates this Residue of Awareness, which does not in any way contribute to The Generation of these Thoughts…

There is A Dilemma Here which must be set aside for a Moment while we Acknowledge that No One has yet come up with a ‘Model’ of what or how this Consciousness Works.

That is; We have a fairly well understood ‘Model’ of The Carbonbased Robot Brain as a Windup Toy that Generates ‘Thoughts’,
But What If The Additional Feature of ‘Consciousness’ is a Trick.

And By ‘Trick’; i mean; What if this ‘Consciousness’ was nothing more than The Carbonbased Robot Brain ‘Observing Itself’ in Exactly The Same Manner as it Observes Other Carbonbased Windup Toys.
When The Carbonbased Robot Brain ‘Sees Itself’ ‘Thinking’ it concludes that this ‘Observed Entity’ ( Itself ) is Doing something Remarkable, & The Carbonbased Windup Toy then ‘Believes’ that This Observed Entity is ‘Conscious’ in a Remarkable Way.

And then; An Additional Layer of Kookiness comes into Play when The Carbonbased Windup Toy becomes ‘Confused’ about whether this Belief of its own Consciousness is being Internally Generated or Coming from Somewhere Else, Since is Rightly has taken note that this ‘Observational’ Status of Itself seems to be coming from a Source other than its own Thoughts ( !!! ) .

At this point: We can ‘See’ that The Carbonbased Windup Toy is Nothing More than a Perfectly Ordinary Windup Toy that is Suffering from A Stage 4 Schizophrenic Episode of Identity Confusion; Such that when it States : ‘I think, Therefore, I am.’
It has no Significance Whatsoever beyound that of a much simpler Windup Toy in An Otherwise Empty Universe -Not- Stating ‘I Think, Therefore, I am.’

Both ( The Carbonbased Schizophrenic Windup Toy ) & The Simple Windup Toy Exist Regardless.

- - -
* ( ? ) = Means ‘i am as mystified by this non rhetorical question, comment, suggestion or clarification, as anyone, & i’m not expecting an answer.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Whatever happened to The Easy to Use Programming Languages?

It is my personal fervent belief that Not just M$, but all The Principle Computer Manufactures, & Somehow all Additional Independent Programmers have conspired to Bury all The Easy to Use Programming Languages.

Not so long ago; Only 15 years or so ago; There were literally hundreds of Programming Languages, all of they easy to learn & use, & now The Only ( One! ) Programming Language that is available is some Variation on C++, or You have to already be fluent in C++ to program some other ‘Easy’ & ‘Simple’ programming Language.

One of The Really Easy & Fun Programming Languages, Scratch; recently came out with its long awaited Scratch 2.0 & there are NO new features.
The Chat Rooms associated with The Scratch Platform have been piling on hundreds, if not thousands of Suggestions for what The New Version would contain, & The Final Release included NONE of them.

In fact there was a huge step back, in that you can no longer download The New version & use it on your own computer ( ! ) You can only use it On-Line, Storing all your programs on The Site, allowing them to Censor your Programs, if they turn out to be too useful. Not surprisingly; M$ is a big funder of this Project at MIT, & one must wonder why, after it’s very promising release several years ago, This project has been essentially killed.
Originally; Scratch was meant for Very Young Children; But naturally; Many Adults discovered it & began writing some very clever programs with it. There are several things about Scratch that makes doing ‘Complicated’ things difficult, & its very slow, even in Turbo Mode, But all this makes it more challenging & Hobbyists that love to fiddle with such things are not going to be detoured by a few Integrated System Anomalies & Bugs.
Clearly; Scratch had demonstrated that even with all these built in limitations, it was still too dangerous to allow anyone, even children from actually writing programs with it.

Google Recently released a Programming Language that was ostensibly intended to allow dumb people to write Android Programs with a Language that Google Described as pretty much like BASIC, one of The oldest programming languages that every computer sold in The late 70’s came with. It was very easy to use. Any attentive 12 year old could master BASIC in a few evenings.
This New Programming Language by Google Called ‘Simple’ is anything but.
i tried downloading it & discovered that you need to understand how to program in Unix to even open it.
It is Not a Stand Alone Application.
It will only work inside Unix Shells, something that i’ve never been able to figure out. And whenever i tried to ask about this, The people to ‘Understand’ this, are apparently unable to ‘Explain’ it, because it is so Complicated that they will invariably leave out dozens of steps that they think are too Obvious to mention. And then if you try to get them explain these missing steps, they will become flustered & quit trying to explain it, as they come to believe that i am an imbecile.

The Macintosh comes with Several Different ‘Programming’ Languages, AppleScript, Python, X_Code, Dashcode, & Others; But none of them are actually ‘Supported’ by Apple. Although The Apple Stores will have Symposiums on how to use Their Computers, They don’t have any to even introduce these Languages. Even The Local Apple Club shuns any mention of these Languages & Offers no support for anyone interested in them. There are some books on them, But as mentioned earlier, they invariably assume that you are already fluent in C++ or Assembler.

You hear about 12 & 13 year olds writing all these clever apps, but i have no idea where they are learning these languages.
Maybe it’s all a hoax of somekind ?

None of The Young People i know have been taught any programming languages in School,
So again; Where are they getting this from?

Apple & Youtube do have ‘Videos’ & Websites that ostensibly provide The Curious Aspiring Programmer to learn these Languages, But they either Assume that you already know all The Terminology & Details, or Worse; Jump over things that The Video has Determined to be too complicated to Explain, so they just leave it out.
Or The Videos are broken up into tiny little fragments, each one that explains ( ? ) something in a contextual vacuum, & requires you to click, click, click through dozens or hundreds of these videos, each of which is a completely independent fragment, unconnected to anything else.

Even The (x for Idiots ( or Dummies ) assume that you already know all The Terminology that not referenced in any standard dictionary or even Apple’s Dictionary on their Computers.

i just want a simple language to manipulate text & draw some simple pictures.
Why does this scare The Computer Industry so much ?