Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Obvious is gawd?

How Obvious is gawd?

It occurred to me last night that there may be a wondrous new project to work on with The Gematria.
Now that 2012 ( December 21st ) has come & gone & The World has not yet Ended,
What is The ‘Next’ ‘Best’ Date for The World to End ?
From time to Time; Obscure & ‘Reckless’ Christian Theologists have Predicted when The World will End. i presume that Other Religions are plagued with Nuts like this, but Curiously, they don’t seem to receive The Press here in The Continental United States for me to have heard about them.
These Fruit-Baskets typically Divine this Date by ‘Secret’ or ‘UnRevealed’ methods & they are not available for Examination by The Lay Critic or Pundit. 
What if.
gawd were ( more ) obvious than this ?
What if.
If you knew just ( How to Look ) at where these secrets were revealed, 
Would These Secrets would hit you over The Head with how Obvious they Were ?
What is This Obvious Method?
A Small Variation of The Cabbage Codes.
Using The SEG ( Simple English Gematria ) 
( As English is The Language of Choice by gawd ( The Great Cabbage ) )
Wouldn’t it be ( Fun ) if An Gematrian Alchemist were to find 
Various Dates that Equaled The Disasters that Happened on That Date ( ! )
Null Example : ( As i have not yet begun this Project )
“Monday, The Fifth of October, NineteenSixtyThree” 
Would Equal some Value according to The SEG. 
A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 … Z = 26 
And Simultaneously;
“An Horrific Earthquake in Japan” 
Would Equal that Same Value. 
This Gematrian Alchemist would find Several Examples of this Effect for Past Events to ‘Prove’ The method’s Validity—
Then The Alchemist would Project this Method into The Future; 
Matching Dates with Disasters for ‘Next’ Year. 
How Evil would this Be ?
- - 
For those of you ( us ) that understanding something about The Gematria,
This project would -Certainly- Yield many Terrific Examples, 
Both for Past Events & Even more for Future Events !
Consequently; Many Gullible ( Rubes ) Traffic Cones may act irrationally on these Revelations, Ruining their lives or The lives of others. 
But still; 
The Gematria is So Deliciously Mischievious that This Project is Irresistible. 


Wm Jas said...

One of Nostradamus's methods was to choose a prominent historical event, calculate the locations of various heavenly bodies at the time of its occurrence, find a date in the future when the heavens would be in a similar configuration, and predict the occurrence of a similar event on that date.

Something very similar could be done using gematria instead of astrology.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

how successful was this method ?
- -
I've been working quite a bit on my technique this morning, and decided to use 9 Proof of Concept dates; 911, Pearl Harbor, A Tsunami, etc.
And find some very good equivalencies for those, then extend the method to some future dates.

By the Way;
Didn't you like my pope frances analysis ?
I didn't get ANY feedback from it !
I was thinking that anyone that glanced at it, Thought that it couldn't possibly be real or true or 'functional' and summarily dismissed it !