Monday, May 13, 2013

‘I’ ‘Think’ ( Therefore ) ‘Something Something’

To Reiterate a little.

Let us say that a TapeRecorder ( or Digital Equivalent, Whatever that would be called ? ) comes on by some UnSpecified ( NonIntentional ( ? )* ) Mechanism, & The Tape Plays The Phrase: ‘I think, therefore I am.’

Is The TapeRecorder in any way, suddenly aware, ( Or ) - - Able to Recognize The Significance Of, ( Or ) ( Something Something ) :  ( Of ) It’s own Existence ?


i think everyone would be in agreement that The TapeRecorder is No more aware ( in Any Sense ) of it’s own Existence - Now, than it was a Few Minutes ago, prior to playing The Tape.

It’s a Classic ( Interpretation Of ) Category 4, Subsection B, Subliminal Analysis H.6 of The Ancient Philosophical Question;
If a Tree Falls in The Forest & there is No One there to Hear It, Does it make a Sound ?

Likewise; If a Mechanical Windup toy says; ‘I think therefore I am’.
Does The Windup Toy suddenly experience any change in it’s physical or psychological condition?
What if The Windup Toy were very clever, & it was Never Created or Programmed to Say; ‘I Think, therefore I Am.’ But it does anyways.
What if The Windup Toy ‘Created’ this Statement by way of a Series of Logical Inferences that Satisfied The Criteria of its own programming to make a ‘Rational’ Statement.
Would The Windup Toy Experience any Additional Changes in it’s Condition ?
What if The Windup Toy made note of The ’Significance’ of this Statement, Thus ‘Recognizing’ The Tacit, or Conjectural Logical Summary of This Statement; That it’s Existence is Proven, & then Stores that Supposition in it’s Memory Loops.

Would The Windup Toy -Then- Experience any ‘Awareness’ of its own Existence ?


What if The Windup Toy were a Carbon Based, Very Complicated Molecular Based Robot, Whose Robot Brain went through all these Permutations & -Also- had ‘Evolved’ A Faux Consciousness that made Note of The Conclusion that This Statement ( I think, Therefore I am. ) Actually Meant that Its Own Personal Existence was Assured & Justified.

Would The Carbonbased Windup Toy be ‘Aware’ of its own Existence ?

“If a Windup Toy Makes A Statement that ‘Means’ Something, Anything at all, ( Or ) in This Case; A Irrefutable Proof of Minimal Existence; But there is No One to Hear or Be Aware of The Windup Toy’s Assertion; Does The Statement have any Significance ?

This seems very much like The Question;
Does The Number Two mean Anything in An Empty Universe ?

If The Windup Toy States ( or Doesn’t State ) ‘I Think, Therefore I am.’
In an ( otherwise ) Empty Universe, Does The Windup Toy Exist ?

Yes, Of course.

Does this ( Actually ) Mean that ‘I Think, Therefore; I am.’ is So Rhetorically Tautological as to Render is Entirely Pointless, And in Fact; Meaningless ?
Can a Statement with Absolutely Zero Significance, have Meaning ?

- - - -

There is an Additional ( Redundant ) Layer to this;

And that is : The Question of ‘Awareness’.

If we Allow that The Robot Brain in The Carbonbased Windup Toy has No Ability to Exercise any Capacity for ‘Awareness’ in The Generation of its own Thoughts;
But then; Somehow later, Generates this Residue of Awareness, which does not in any way contribute to The Generation of these Thoughts…

There is A Dilemma Here which must be set aside for a Moment while we Acknowledge that No One has yet come up with a ‘Model’ of what or how this Consciousness Works.

That is; We have a fairly well understood ‘Model’ of The Carbonbased Robot Brain as a Windup Toy that Generates ‘Thoughts’,
But What If The Additional Feature of ‘Consciousness’ is a Trick.

And By ‘Trick’; i mean; What if this ‘Consciousness’ was nothing more than The Carbonbased Robot Brain ‘Observing Itself’ in Exactly The Same Manner as it Observes Other Carbonbased Windup Toys.
When The Carbonbased Robot Brain ‘Sees Itself’ ‘Thinking’ it concludes that this ‘Observed Entity’ ( Itself ) is Doing something Remarkable, & The Carbonbased Windup Toy then ‘Believes’ that This Observed Entity is ‘Conscious’ in a Remarkable Way.

And then; An Additional Layer of Kookiness comes into Play when The Carbonbased Windup Toy becomes ‘Confused’ about whether this Belief of its own Consciousness is being Internally Generated or Coming from Somewhere Else, Since is Rightly has taken note that this ‘Observational’ Status of Itself seems to be coming from a Source other than its own Thoughts ( !!! ) .

At this point: We can ‘See’ that The Carbonbased Windup Toy is Nothing More than a Perfectly Ordinary Windup Toy that is Suffering from A Stage 4 Schizophrenic Episode of Identity Confusion; Such that when it States : ‘I think, Therefore, I am.’
It has no Significance Whatsoever beyound that of a much simpler Windup Toy in An Otherwise Empty Universe -Not- Stating ‘I Think, Therefore, I am.’

Both ( The Carbonbased Schizophrenic Windup Toy ) & The Simple Windup Toy Exist Regardless.

- - -
* ( ? ) = Means ‘i am as mystified by this non rhetorical question, comment, suggestion or clarification, as anyone, & i’m not expecting an answer.

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