Monday, May 13, 2013

Neglected Sins

If you believe in Eternal Damnation, The Furnaces of Hades, The Pits of Despair where Fires burn without Shedding any Light, Where Gruesome Feral Rats gnaw on your Family’s Knitwear for All Eternity, Where Screams come in so many Varieties that you never quite get used to them—
Then you may be Interested in a Class of Sins that i call ‘Neglected Sins’.

These are The Mortal Sins that will Provide you with Access to A Escalator leading to The SinkHole of Wondrous Misery, But are so subtle & ‘Ordinary’;
That as you’re lying on your deathbed, recounting all your Sins to An Unfamiliar Cleric So that they may be Forgiven prior to Your Everlasting Judgement,
You will have forgotten all about them.

i suppose i should make a cursory list of these Neglected Sins;
But i suspect that they are so Indistinct, Understated, Insipid &/or Anemic,
By The Standards of ‘Pedestrian’ Pragmatism that it would take a very keen mind to see them for what they are.
Curiously; These Violations of Moral Righteousness that we so easily glaze over every day, Are The Very sorts of Transgressions that The Gawds find so very intolerable.

Your more Flamboyant Vices & Indiscretions that Mortal Judicial Courts are Obsessed with, Are The Very Sorts of Tepid Wickedness that The Gawds & Angels take no Notice of whatsoever.

The Laws of Angels are quite Different from The Laws of Myn.

Consider things like Murder; Angels have no concerns with Murder, They aren’t worried about stealing, as Angels have no personal Property.
The Only Crime that Angels & Myn may Share is something like The Mind Fawk. Myn experience this as Rape, Capitalism, Authoritative Bosses, Dress Codes, Peer Pressure or Enculturated Tastes for Art & Music.
All Angels are Unique Beings that live in A Personal Bubble that has Existed for All Eternity. They hold their Idiosyncratic Quirks to be Holy Ground, & Any Attempts that may be made by ‘Others’ to Compartmentalize them into ‘Castes’ or Social Stations will be Fervently Repulsed.
All of Reality that we Believe is ‘Real’ is a Stage Play of Shadows, But The ‘Groundedness’ of Our Temporal Existence is Preparing us for The True Reality that we are able to glimpse fleetingly in our dreams.

What is ‘Important’ ?

Standing Idly in a Doorway.
Trimming your Fingernails on The Bus.
Charging Unfair Prices for Neglected Services.
Wearing Socks of Two Different Colors.
Tearing a Page from a Magazine at The Dentist’s Office.
Wearing too much perfume.
Pissing on a Sleeping Hobo.
Going to A Museum to Meet Girls.
Returning a Book to The Wrong Shelf at The Library.
Putting Masking Tape on The Paw of a Kitten.
Shooting monkeys for fun.
Telling Ugly girls that they’re pretty.
Bending Spoons at A Restaurant.
Biting Strangers in an Elevator.
Masturbating in Doorless Bathroom Stalls.
Using Elephant tusks for anything other an Making Piano Keys.
Arguing pointlessly with underpaid service personal.
Telling a Child how to Spell a Word, Incorrectly.
Changing The Preferences on a Friend’s Computer.

May or May Not be Examples of The Neglected Sins.

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