Monday, May 13, 2013

Rent Increase

i recently got a notice for a Lease Renewal & The Amount that The Rent was going up was about 4 times The Cost of Living Increase for this Past Year, As Calculated by Our National Government.
So i looked through my papers & Discovered that for The Past 8 Years, while i’ve been living here; The Annual Rent Increases have always been -Below- ( ! ) The Cost of Living Increases ( !!! )
So this struck me as very Quirky.

This also brings up A Tangential Side Mystery that Confuses me.
If The Rent as been going up Regularly, At The Rates that i’m Experiencing,
& We then Scroll this Process Backwards;
How much were The Residents Paying 5 or 10 years ago.
There must have been either very long periods when The Rent didn’t go up at all,
Or They would have had to have been paying people to live here 15 years ago.
( ??? )

Some time ago; ( 3 Years Ago ) The Building that i live in Changed Hands, & Was Sold to A Wei Yan for However much.
This ‘However Much’, In Today’s Market must have been at least a Million Dollars.
i really have no idea.
It’s a Very Old ( 50’s Era ) Brick Building, 3 Stories, 10 Apartment Units of Small & Less Small Units. My Unit; One of The Smaller Ones, Goes for Just under $400 per month.
So The Question is; How long will it be before Wei Yan makes some money off of this Building, & The Resounding Answer i believe is; Never.
Why then; Would he buy it.
For Investment Purposes? Is he hoping that it will someday be bought up by a large corporation that’s going to tear down this block & put up a ( ? ). And in this Race of Expediency during The Buy Out; This Corporation will buy The Building for 200 or 300 Percent of What it’s really worth.
Is that it?
If so; That seems very unlikely to me. This is an Ancient Residential Neighborhood, & All The Development in this City is Taking place around The Outskirts, which when i was a child, was all Farm land.
- -
The Other approach that i was considering was that If Wei Yan really wanted to make some money off of this building; He’s throw out all The Current Low Income Residents, Renovate The Entire Building, Put in Nice Carpeting throughout, Paint all The Walls Creatively, Acoustically Insulate The Units, Put in Some Mailboxes that allow for a Subscription to Netflix, Get rid of The Yappy Dogs that Surround The Building & Bark all night long, Rewire The Building for Post 1950’s Electrical Usage, Hire a Competent Groundskeeper to Care for The Lawn, Wash The Outside Windows Regularly, Possibly Buy up The Surrounding Houses & Bring them up to Spec ( which many are not ! ), Making A much Nicer Neighborhood, And then Rent these Units to Up & Coming New Bubble Yuppies At Appropriate Rates.*
But this isn’t A Building for Yuppies, The Windows aren’t Washed Regularly; There is a Meth House Next Door ( ? ), & The Current Residents are All Decidedly Low Income Lost Souls.
So that; To Charge Rents At Slum Lord Rates, Is just wrong.
This building is a Dump, i expect to pay Dump Rates. 

- - -
* If i were to buy this Building, i would do so as a personal project ( Clearly not why Wei Yan bought The Building ) & Relocate all The Residents that i don’t like, finding them new apartments & paying all their moving costs. Then i’d Massively renovate The Building with The Method’s mentioned above, with some additional changes; of Taking out The 3 Units on The ‘Main’ Entry Floor & Making them into Community Areas for Social Nudism**, Activities, Seminars, Ongoing Projects ( Robotics & App Development ) & such. Then i’d find only guys & gals with Asperger’s or some other amenable personality disorders, that are artists & encourage to exercise their compulsive muse driven creativity on The Walls, Windows & Lawn Projects.
Essentially; i’d like to create a friendly, creative micro-community of quirky heretics whose long term ( 20 year plan ) would be to take over The World. 

- - -
** My Entire Proposal for something like this is Deeply Heretical, but The Softer Points for a Larger Community; Say, Something like a Friendily ( ? ) Walled Off City Block of Houses, All Connected together, with an Expansive Interior, Park like Area— Would be to Recruit a Number of Severely Passive, Unmotivated, Ambitionless Compulsive Nudist Masturbators that would merely lounge around all day & night as Kinetic Art for The Other Residents to Enjoy. These would be The ‘Cats’.
Then The Principle Residents would be The Residents; that would work on Various Projects. Rather than thinking of these Projects as ‘Work’, It would be more like The Activities of Highly Motivated Hobbyists.
There would also be another Class of Busy Bees, who would Dress up like Busy Bees with Little Wings attached to their Backs that would buzz frantically whenever they were in motion. The Busy Bees would run around & ‘Get things done’. They would be Intelligent Creative Problem Solvers that would be available to The Residents to perform chores, do shopping, fix things & so on.
There are other things that i would love to touch on, but society just isn’t ready for them yet. You are not ready for them yet. These are Socially Necessary Changes that are ‘Interestingly enough’ Deeply Illegal Now. Society is entirely prepared to Bomb Civilization into Dust, Rather than make Changes which will lift them into Paradise. People Hate Change. Change is nearly always bad. And Important Changes are The Worst.

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