Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strange Sensations &/or Compulsions.

Strange Sensations, Compulsions.

For several months now; & curiously it only started a few months ago, 
i have been experiencing a very strong & compelling sensation that i am ‘missing’ something whenever i leave my apartment. This Sensation doesn’t usually start until i am at The bottom of The Steps or about a block from The Building.
This Sensation however is not at all mysterious. 
i know exactly what is missing. 
It is my Wrist Watch.
The Oddest part is though, i have not worn my Wrist Watch for About 3 years now.
Partly because i now have my iPod that i take everywhere with me, & partly because i stopped wearing it after i broke that wrist, & it didn’t ‘fit’ right, even after it stopped hurting & most The Strength returned to that hand.
But The Sensation is very distinct that that Wrist is ‘Bare’ & ‘Empty’ & The arm feels too light ( ! )
- - -
Another Sensation or Compulsion that i’ve had for a much longer time is that very often when i am holding something, usually something expensive, i will have a compulsive ‘Desire’ to throw it. This usually manifests as a sudden urge that appears & then subsides, without my having thrown anything ( yet ). 
- - -
A Third Sensation is that whenever i am crossing a street or having just done some benign thing that has not expressed itself as being in The Least Dangerous or put myself in any peril; i will suddenly become ‘Aware’ that another version of me, in another universe, was just then in a terrible accident as a result of things having just occurred in ‘their’ universe, slightly differently than they did here in this universe. 

( ??? )


Wm Jas said...

I often experience that third sensation also, usually when going through an intersection on a motorcycle. I will be aware of an alternate universe in which I crossed at a slightly different time and was hit by a car.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

I created another blog post to deal with this !