Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Alone : 911 Conspiracy

All 4 of the black boxes were reportedly never found !?
The 2 from the twin towers--- Maybe;
But it is certainly inconceivable that the 2 from Pennsylvania & the Pentagon ?
That alone is hinky enough to >Prove< that an independent investigation with the power to open any doors & coerce anyone into testifying into what really happened is required.

( ??? )

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Everything is Wrong

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 8:38:48 AM
Everything is Wrong

There’s a series of Books called : Everything is Wrong

Everything you Know is Wrong : The Disinformation Guide to Secrets & Life / Russ Kick
Everything You Know is Wrong : The Disinformation Guide to Secrets & Lies / Russ Kick
You Are Still Being Lied To : The New Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes & Cultural Myths / Russ Kick
Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong : The Disinformation Guide to The Extremes of Human Sexuality / Russ Kick
The Graphic Canon ( Volumes ? ) / Russ Kick
The Disinformation Book of Lists / Russ Kick
100 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know / Russ Kick
Everything You Know about God is Wrong / Russ Kick
Hot Off The Net / Russ Kick
You Are Being Lied To / Edited by Russ Kick
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

And when i first came across them; They weren’t at The Library, because they were just too heretical, Like The Anarchist CookBooks, Of which there were also quite a few.

And some time after that;
i finally began to develop my own Series of Ideas that Refuted All of Cognition.

Topics :

Logic is Bunk / Smart People believe whatever they want to believe, just like everyone else. but they use a technique called ‘Logic’ to create Rational & Convincing ‘Arguments’ to Prove they’re Right. The AntiThesis to This is that Other Very Smart People that Believe exactly The Opposite are able to Create just as Convincing & Just as Rational Arguments to Prove that they’re Right.
People are about as Smart as Fish / The Stepping off point for This Argument is The Very Easy Assumption, or Question that Posits this Query; Just how are Zebras or Wildebeests or Gazelles; Which are Very Large Brained Mammals, Any Smarter than A Tiny Brained Dinosaur grazing on a Savanna? It is now Believed that Such Herding Dinosaurs were every bit as smart as Modern Birds, Good Parents, Nest Building Engineers & they were also very successful for Several Hundreds of Millions of Years. What can a Zebra do that was beyound The Cognitive Skills of a Oviraptor or Stegosaurus? How is a Zebra noticeably Smarter than a Cockroach? Without Language, A Riffraff of HumanBeans would live exactly like Apes, And Apes are only Marginally more Creative than Marmots.
An Examination of Taboos / Taboos are Fascinating ! For any Given Taboo, which will invariably be tied to A Very Austere Punishment for Its Violation; There will be a Sibling Behaviour that is Almost The Same Behaviour as The Taboo. Not only will this AntiEvil Twin Behaviour be just slightly different, But it will be a Preferred or Advocated Behaviour.
Conspiracy Theory / The Theory of Conspiracies. It is often suggested that when some Nuts suggest that such & such a News Item has some Conspiracy behind it, That such a Conspiracy would require The Collusion of Hundreds or Thousands of Confederates that would all have to Keep The Secret for Years & Years, Taking it to their Graves. But Actually; The Great Beauty or Elegance of A Well Crafted Conspiracy is that Hardly anyone knows ‘The Big Lie’. The Conspiracy is set into motion by a small Cadre of Ne’er-do-wells & All The Other ‘Dupes’, ‘Patsies’, ‘Puppets’ or ‘Minions’ are all just doing their jobs, working with The information that The Conspiratorial Nucleus has fed them. They all think that They’re doing one thing, while they are actually doing something else entirely. During The Great Moon Landings Hoax, all of those Employees at NASA were simply pushing The buttons that their consoles told them to push. They had no idea that they were part of a Vast Bamboozling of The Entire World.
What i Believe to Be True / i believe a lot of Crazy Things. Even i think they’re Crazy. But The AntiThesis of Each Crazy Thing, Is Crazy too. Maybe even Crazier.
Obvious UnTruths / These are Things that are; Upon even a moments reflection, will or should be exposed as Obviously Untrue. But they are also things that are Axioms of our World Understanding. The Allowance that any of these Obvious Untruths as being UnTrue will or Should bring about a Catastrophic Collapse of your Hierarchal Pyramid of Reality. As such; Any Normal & Sane Person has a Toggle Switch in Their Brain which Immediately Switches their Brain off if they get too close to Questioning any such Item. If you Press someone to Think too Hard about an Obvious Untruth; They will invariably become Violently Hysterical & Probably go Irrevocably Insane. A Very Benign Example, which is actually gaining some ground in exposing it as an Untruth; Is The idea that some People have ‘Red’ Hair. Simply pick up a Tangerine, which most anyone will acknowledge as ‘Orange Colored’, & An Apple, which most anyone would agree is ‘Red’ & hold each to The Head of a person with ‘Red’ Hair, & ask them which Fruit is Closest to The Color of The Person’s Hair. It is becoming more common that some people are acknowledging that such people do have ‘Orange’ hair, or possibly ‘Copper’ colored Hair, but it is also becoming quite common to refer to such people, especially if they have freckles, as ‘Gingers’. But Still; when this Truth is Used; There are others that Laugh hardily at these Malapropos when Referring to ‘Red’ Haired People. The Truth is Staring them in The Face, & they Refuse to See it.
The Fermi Paradox / Or Where are All The Aliens ( ExtraTerrestrials ) / This Assumes that you Refute that they are in Fact Routinely Visiting us in their Flying Saucers. There may be many curious & convincing reasons why they haven’t overtly contacted our National Leaders or Media Outlets, but Assume for A Moment that they aren’t here ( yet ). This is Very Odd. We may present The Conundrum with The is Opening Premise; Either we Are The First Technological Civilization in The Milky Way Galaxy or Perhaps The Universe, as Surely There must be A First One, Especially if The Big Bang Theory is Accurate; Or we are Not. If We are Not; Then if There was Another ‘Twin’ Earth on The Other Side of The Milky Way Galaxy, & they Began their Earth at The Same Time as Our Earth & they are Exactly The Same as Us, Except for one Small Detail; They Never had an Age of The Dinosaurs. Their Mammals Started at The Same time as our Mammals, but they weren’t Impeded from Evolving to Primates & something very much Humans by 300 million years of Very Large Reptilian like Mammoths. Such that they Created a Technological, Space Faring Civilization 300 Million years before we did. This would have allowed them, even if they never, in all those 300 million years, developed a Space ship that could travel faster than 5% of The Speed of Light, To have Colonized Every Planet or Star System in The MilkyWay Galaxy. And If they had Developed Warp Drive. This Argument may easily apply to any Twin Earth anywhere in The Visible Universe. So where The Heck are they?
A ScreenSaver Universe / Given that Consciousness is some Amazingly Clever Trick that The Brain Produces, It should be possible to Recreate it in A Mechanical or Electronic Device. The AntiThesis to this is That Consciousness is A Manifestation of The Soul that becomes Tied to Corporeal Carbon Based Robots for some very good Reason. In Either Case; It should possible to Either Make a Conscious Robot or Create a Robot that will ‘Accept’ an Seraphic Quintessence to take control of it. We are at The Verge Right Now of Creating Computer Games or Simulations of Fractional Realities that are Indistinguishable from our ‘Real’ Reality. When we are able to then insert Genuinely Conscious Entities into These Simulicons, Those Monads will believe that they are in a reality just like ours, or at least, just as real. Are We living in a Simulicon ? Is there any Way to Know for Sure ? Statistically; There is only One True Reality & Any Number of Millions of Potential Simulicon Realities; Therefore it is entirely Reasonable to Believe that We must be living in A Screen Saver Reality, & Not The True Reality.  If we take into consideration all The things that are so very odd about our reality that out & out defy a ‘Rational’ ‘Understanding’ then it make all The more sense to believe that these things have no ‘Underlying’ Causality, but are merely lines of code in a Computer Simulation. Gravity works simply because there’s a subroutine that tells our simulated bodies to stick to The ground. Tides & Magnets & Bigfoot all Exist because The Programmer thought it would be fun to put kooky impossible things into our reality.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

And whenever i’m watching The News on TV now;
Everything, Absolutely Everything that i see is Wrong.
It’s all Lies.
Compulsive Lying.
Everything is Backwards.

- -
As a Side Issue;
The World is Suddenly filling with lots of bits of Technology which seem very amazing, But Simultaneously; There are still lots of things, Lots & Lots of things that are still remarkably primitive.
It’s as if these things were being ‘held back’ because they’re somehow elemental to The Look & Feel of ‘Western Civilization’
Changing these things would be ‘Too’ Dangerous.

Microphones / i hate it that everyone on TV or wherever is still holding a microphone in front of their faces. This is so UnNecessary & Stupid Looking. Why is this Persisting ?
Chairs, Tables & Furniture
Book Cases have always been made very inefficiently for keeping books upright. Simply giving The Shelves a slight incline would fix this.
Programming Languages / Instead of becoming easier & easier to use, as they once were, they’ve disappeared, & only versions available today are incomprehensible.
Robots / Why can’t i buy a robot kit that will allow me to make a robot of my own design. It is very curious that The Lego Masterminds Robot Kits are so very specifically designed to prevent The Builder from making a truly functional robot with a unique design.
ESP / While numerous Experiments by Industries, Corporations & Governments have proven beyound any doubt that ESP Exists, it remains tantalizingly unavailable for productive exploitation because The underlying principles of how it might work & how to make it work effectively are still unknown, & The Critics insist that anyone in An Established University or Corporation must first have a Complete & Thorough Understanding of these Principles before they can begin studying it further.
There is a very common ‘Method’ of Locomotion which i call ‘Internal Inertia Generation’  that has been invented & reinvented over & over again, but each time, its been somehow suppressed, & any effort to ‘Explain’ how it works is shouted down by The Orthodoxy. It’s simplest Actualization may be seen in The manner by which children can kick themselves ‘Up by their Bootstraps’ while on a Swing. They’re certainly not pushing against The Air to Swing higher & higher. How are they doing it ? If this were put into a Car, The Wheels could be attached freely to Axils, or Boats would no longer need Propellers. It might even allow for An AntiGravity Effect by Pushing A Vehicle Up, Rather Than simply along a Level Surface.
Sound Camera. Imagine a Camera that took pictures of Sound. This technology might easily be built with ‘Shotgun Microphones’ which have been around forever. Such a Camera would be able to take Essentially Free & Safe Images through any medium that allowed Sound Waves to Pass through it, like a human body.
How about a Camera that took Pictures using The Entire ElectroMagnetic Spectrum, Far Outside The Visible Range or Even Beyond Infrared & UltraViolet. Each Element or Chemical that Such a Camera would ‘See’ would have a Unique Color & This Camera could see through Anything using only The Ambient light of Cell Phones & Other Benign Electronic Devices & Overhead Electrical Power Cables. Such Cameras could easily see Bomb making chemicals inside Suitcases or hidden in body cavities without intrusive searching. Such a Camera might even be able to take ‘CT’ Like images of a book, being able to read each page without opening it. We could go back to The ‘Olden’ days when people just went to The Airport & got on a plane without any fuss.
There are a lot of ‘Funny’ Things about The Moon Landings in The Late 1960’s & Early 70’s, But My personal Favorite concerns The Moon Buggy. There is a School of though that suggests that if you take The Footage of The Astronauts or Lunarnauts jumping around on ‘The Moon’ & Speeded it up by 2x, They would look exactly The Same as if they were hopping around on Earth. This Assumes that they’re not really on The Moon, Such that their SpaceSuits are not really The Heavy Suits that they would be if They were real Space Suits. The Outfits that they’re actually wearing are light cotton & nylon Costumes given form with wire frames. & The Astronauts aren’t really, or may not really be, The Celebrity Lunarnauts, They may instead be Gymnasts or Ballet Dancers. Now. The Curious bit is The Moon buggy. When you look at The Moon Buggy on the Moon, The Dust flying out from The Rear Tires is in slow-motion, just like The Lunarnauts are when they’re hopping around. But The Dust coming out from The Tires should be spraying out much faster & Farther if it were really on a low Gravity Moon wouldn’t it ?
It seems to me that if you were A Little Country at war with The United States it would be extremely prudent to take a few steps to make The war all The more egregious & costly for The United States. But they don’t. Especially if The United States were Carpet Bombing your Cities; How much worse could it be? The Question or ‘Concern’ that you don’t want to make things worse by ‘Acting Up’ would be irrelevant. Like simply bombing on a Regular ‘Daily’ Schedule, Targets within The Continental United States. This wouldn’t require Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles; All it would require is a Truck crossing over A ‘Weak’ or Compromised Boarder Gateway from Mexico or Canada, Or you could establish some Internal Supply Depots inside The United States. It might also be very easy to sink or at least effectively attack an Aircraft Carrier by delivering a ‘Whale Submarine’ ( which would be a Submarine that appeared to A SONAR Operator to be a Whale, Dolphin, Tuna or Swordfish ) with sufficient explosives to blow off their Propellors. Once ‘Dead in The Water’, along with any support vessels surrounding it, which should all be attacked simultaneously, you would then simply draw their fire with ‘Faux Attack Missiles’ until their ‘antimissile’ Guns were Exhausted of Ammo, Then use your few & more Expensive ‘Real’ Missiles to Breach Their Waterline Hulls, All along one side, So that they’d topple over.
Another thing that confuses me is why These ‘Terrorists’ would bomb their own ‘Traitorous’ Civilians, such as Local Police Officers that are Collaborating with The United States Armed Forces. This would only allow The United States to Reasonably Assert that they have to Remain in The ‘Host’ Country indefinitely— Perpetually, to ‘Keep The Peace’. The Net Effect would be Exactly The Opposite of What these Fanatical Nationalists would Presumably Want.
And why does The United States have Military Bases in Other Countries all over The World ? Aside from Britain or Maybe, Maybe France or Russia, Does any other Country do this. Does China have Military Bases in Any other Country Anywhere ? Why does The United States have a Military Base on Cuba ! ? Why would The Cuban’s & The USSR have allowed this ? World War II wasn’t so very long ago; When a Tiny European Country, In Bankruptcy, Nearly Conquered all of Europe & Asia, Which that alone is so kooky that there is something mind-numbingly fishy about it. But nowadays; Wouldn’t it be more providential to Demilitarize all of Europe & Asia, along with The United States & South America, Just as nearly everyone did after World War I, & this time; Make sure it Sticks!
The Biggest Resistors to such an idea would be The Arms Manufactures & Dealers. The Solution to that; is to find them something else to make. One solution is A World Wide Network of Underground Tunnels & Cities to Free up Surface land from Roads, Dangerous Air-Travel, Transporting Toxic Materials by Rail, & Providing Cheap Transportation across invisible Boarders by means of TaxiVators. TaxiVators are like Elevators, which go up & down, but also go side to side, & can transport an individual or group from The 30th floor of a high-rise building in New York, Directly to A Cafe in Paris France, Via A TransAtlantic Undersea Tube at Supersonic Velocities. Mail & Consumer Goods would be transported by this Method, making Traditional ‘Shops’ completely Obsolete. Shopping Malls would be Replaced with Covered Parks, Community Sports & Recreation Centers, Learning Kiosks & Cafes with enough tables to allow The elderly to sit there all day long without annoying The Waitresses.

- - - -


The Interweb is A Hoax

Monday, May 13, 2013 10:44:44 PM
The Interweb is A Hoax

One of my very crazy Ideas is that The Internet is a Hoax.

And what i mean by ‘Hoax’ is that it is being ‘Sold’ or ‘Presented’ to us as one thing,
& it is not that thing.

The Evidence that i have for this, is that The Numerous Search Engines,
Notably Google; will return The Most Obscure Links to The Most Obscure Topics,
with some Exceptions.
Its these Exceptions that ( Concern ) me.

It certainly seems very odd to me that when i type in The Names of some of The Children that i went to School with, Nothing comes up.
It is remotely possible that these ( Now Adults ) have managed to remain Digitally Invisible, Or have changed their Names*;
But it is somewhat more ‘’Incredible” to my way of thinking that The Entire World has no References to =Anyone= with ‘That’ Name. ( ??? )

The other day i got a piece of ‘Official’ Government mail that had a ‘Fine Print’ notation on The Bottom that revealed The My Name & Address had been provided by The Dave Martin General Agency. So i was a little Curious as to What this Dave Martin ( An Extremely Common name ( presumably ) ) General Agency Was, But A Search for it Resulted in No Hits by Dogpile. ( ??? )

- - -
And again; i have come to learn from ‘Reasonable’ Sources that The Owner of This Building is A Wei Yan. But A Search for Any Wei Yan’s in The Spokane Area Yielded a Tantalizing Hint that there indeed was a Wei Yan in this Area, But no Direct References to Him. ( ? ) It has been by experience that Rich People normally leave a broad Digital Wake, & Here we have an Example of A Wealthy Landowner in The Spokane Area that is Entirely Digitally Invisible.
The Name Wei Yan is Historically Well Referenced as a Chinese Warrior, But not as an Obscure Apartment Building Owner anywhere in The United States.
The Tantalizing Hint is :

Phillip Yan, the son of Wei Yan and Mancong Zhang of central Spokane.
Mancong Zhang ( presumably kept her ‘Maiden’ Name for Professional Reasons ),
As she is an Established Doctor ( Pathologist ) in this Area.

i have from time to time come across similar ‘Holes’ in The Internet, & i generally attribute it to Poorly Indexed Source Code, Incompetent Search Methods by myself or The ‘Other’ Grand Conspiracy Theory, which is that The Search Engines are Specifically Designed Not to find what you’re looking for, or at least to make it nearly impossible. This is Very Certainly The Case for Many Government Websites, in which The Information is Ostensibly ‘There’ ( Somewheres ), Although It is nearly impossible to locate.

What i ( also ) believe is that The Search Engines are Suspiciously Incompetent in that i really believe that these Utensils really should be able to Fully ‘Understand’ Plain English Questions, so that instead of merely looking up ‘Key Words’, The Search Engine could have a slightly deeper understanding of how various words in your question relate to one another. This seems like something that Computers really should be able to do by now.

So what is The Most Reasonable ( Non Schizophrenic Paranoid ) Interpretation of These Examples ?

- - -
* Something very curious happened to me a few years ago during one of our city’s Marathons. i was walking along The Race Path, & i heard over The Loud Speakers; ‘Something Something -Joni Pirtle- Something Something’ ( ! ) Joni is one of these girls that i went to school with & am curious as to what has happened to her. So i was thinking, She is Now Reporting to Such & Such a Location or is there Now ( ? ), But i didn’t know where that was, & it is also inconceivable to me that her name is still ‘Pirtle’. So; Presumably, it was some ‘Other’ Joni Pirtle. ‘Daughter’ ‘Cousin’ ‘Stranger’ or was gawd just messing with my head. ( ??? )

- - -
Odd Internet Phenomena - - - - - - - - : o

Netflix has an truly astounding library of films & a small subset of them is available on The ‘Streaming’ Version of Netflix, which is almost Free.
But There are Several Films, that are missing from The Streaming Version, Some are comparatively ‘New’, & some that are Missing might well be Very Obscure Films held by Independent Film Distributors that don’t want to release them to The Internet, believing that they are still valuable as Nearly Unobtainable Theatre Films on Celluloid. ( ? ) Such as : Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
But others; Such as Dr. Doolittle with Rex Harrison are more Confusing.
Or The Doogie Houser Television Series. For whatever reasons, i have never seen a full episode of Doogie Houser, But now that Neil Patrick Harris is comparatively Famous ( ! ) i’ve had some desire to watch some of them. Many older Television Series are Available, but many Classic Series are Not ! Are they still in Syndication & doing well, Is that it?
- - -
Peter Schickele’s PDQ Bach Series of Albums has garnered a Certain Following, & The Most Renowned ( ? ) Album; Winner of A Grammy ( ? ) Music for An Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion Is not available Online. Some of The Other PDQ Back Albums are, but not The Best ones ( ? ) !!!
This is also true for some other Albums, notably by Robert Crumb & his Cheap Suit Serenaders, Some of newer Albums are Available online, but not The older ones. Really. What is The Sense in that? How much investment would be required to Digitize The old Albums & put them online? It wouldn’t cost them anything, & they might make a few dollars.
- - -
It also seems to me that every magazine in The world should now have a digital tablet version available. Some like; Fortean Times simply Scan The Pages of each issue & Present that as their online version. How hard would that be to do? The New Yorker has a very unique Digital Version which requires more effort, but not much. What is The Sense of Not having a digital Version ?
- - -
The Kindle Fire HD allows me to Listen to most any book in digital form, But The Synthetic Voice sounds Synthetic, & there is only one choice of a voice. The Apple Macintosh has more voices to choose from, but they’re even more synthetical sounding. This seems incomprehensible to me. A Really nice, natureal sounding voice should be fully integrated into every computer appliance by now.
What is even more annoying & inexcusable, is that The Voice often mispronounces common words or abbreviations. Each book should have an appendix Dictionary of all ‘Unusual’ words that The Synthetic Voice Reader could access to pronounce all words in The book Correctly.
- - -
What i would really like to see though, is that all books would be specifically digitally encoded so that when read by a synthetic voice reader, each voice could be chosen by The author or listener, & thus each character & narrator in The book would have their own voice, plus sound effects & background music.
This is What ‘Story Telling’ in its most Original Form was all About. An Oral Tradition. Writing & Books were always a Cheap Patch to Extend The Capabilities of Story Telling as Populations Grew, Villages Spread out & Stories needed to be Taken on Long Voyages. But now A Method has been Created to Return Story Telling to that Oral Tradition. In another 100 years or so; Everyone will be, should be; illiterate again. !
What has very much annoyed me about ‘Literature’ & ‘Writing’ is that The Punctuation of Story Telling has Blatantly Neglected Large Expanses of how Any Given Story should be Told. Alphabets have Neglected to Include Phonemes to Accurately Reproduce many sounds that The Human Voice can Easily Create. But now that Negligence can be set aside, as The New Story Telling Medium can Create Stories with any Audible Effects Desired by The Original Author or Anthology Editor.
- - -



Friday, June 14, 2013 7:51:22 AM

i would like to see The Word ‘Feeble’ replace The Contemporary Expression ‘Lame’.
Feeble would be used most exclusively when providing a summary critical analysis of You Tube Videos ‘ReCycled’ on Morning or Late Night Television Programs as ‘Something Interesting’ or ‘Exciting’, but are Not.
Such Filmettes would be ‘Feeble’.


FreeWill Solution

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 2:19:30 PM

This Idea occurred to me while Listening ( on my Kindle Fire HD )
to : Who’s In Charge? Freewill & The Science of The Brain
By Michael S. Gazzaniga
Which i obtained through my Library’s liaison with OverDrive,
Which allows me to ‘Borrow’ Digital Books for A Fixed Time Period.
- - -

One of my ( Not at all Original ) Crazy Ideas is that Freewill is Possible outside of this ‘Local Reality’, & is provided by A ‘Soul’ in The Ξ.6 Reality, one Step Up.

The Problem of Freewill in an old one that busies itself with The Two Opposing Absolute Truths;
One that The Universe is a Machine, A Clockwork that works on certainty principles of cause & effect ( negating Randomality as Irrelevant, even if true )
-vs- The Puzzling Improbability that if this were so;
Then The Complexity of The World we are Now Familiar with it;
It must have been ‘Determined’ Billions or Trillions of Years Ago, Perhaps an Infinite Amount of Time ago.
Even if ‘Intelligence’ were somehow integrated into this ‘Determined Causality’,
It would remain subservient to The Causality of The First Principle.

The New Crazy Idea is This.

It has been show through Philosophy & Behavioralist Experiments that our Brains make Decisions that we are only ‘Later’ aware of Consciously.
This seems to prove without Reservation that The Brain Creates all of our Thoughts & Behaviours; & then we become aware of them.
Consciousness is an Observer that has No Role in The Creation or Mediation of Our Thoughts or Actions.



What if this were true; Freewill would be Finished Right ( ? )

What if.

What if; We as Conscious Entities didn’t have FreeWill,
But that our Robot Machinery Brains Did. ( ? )

Our Conscious Experiences merely Observed The World, with our Robot Bodies engaging in Their Predetermined Behaviours, & We had No Control over what our Robot Bodies Did at all.
In Fact ! Our Very Thoughts are Determined by The Robot Brains !
Our Reactions, Horror or Glee at what our Robot Bodies Do is Entirely The Manufacture of The Robot Brain.

What does Consciousness Do ?

Why doesn’t The Robot Body just do everything with The Same Intentionality & Determination of A Stone Rolling down a Hill.
Consciousness doesn’t do anything. There is no Getting around that.
And Freewill is an Illusion, That Idea was Created by The Robot Brain’s Activity ( ! )

But what if;
The UnConscious, Robot Windup Toy, that has No Sense of What it is Doing,
Has FreeWill.
The Machinery of It’s Robot Logic is Determined by Some kind of Freewill that is Outside The Causality of The Machinery Set into Motion Trillions of Years ago; & that Our Consciousness Then Observes this.

This Crazy Idea Breaks up The Two Immutable Principles of The Eternal Living Soul.
That Thinking has Always been The Sum of Consciousness As A Living Soul, could only work if Freewill were Existent.
But what if there is Freewill, but Not Connected to Consciousness Directly ( !!! )

The Freewill in The Robot
Created Consciousness
To Create A Witness
To See What It was Doing !

What does this Mean ?

My Old Question has been :
Are we living in a Universe so Cruel that it allows us to be aware that we are Robots?
& The Implied, Rhetorical Answer has always been; No!
There is something Else; Something that we’re overlooking, Some Magickal Principle that is outside The Observable Universe—

But now this New Theory Says :
Yes. That’s Exactly It !

We ARE living in a Universe that is So Crazy & Cruel that Our Robot Bodies & Brains have Created An Observation Monad to Be -AWARE- of it’s TransCausality Freewill.

The Universe is Far More Insanely Cruel than i had ever Previously Expected.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Strange Sensations (B

Strange Sensations (B

i have been noticing now for quite some time, but not for a very long time

That is; Recently;

That while i am listening to The Radio with my Headphones on,

i will become ‘Aware’ of a ‘Second Tier’ of Sounds that are noticeably less audible than that ‘Primary Music’.

This Second Tier, sounds like a Second Radio Station leaking in, but it’s not.

i’m pretty sure it’s not.

This happens most frequently on a Jazz station that i listen to, & it’s more noticeable with some tunes than others.

It often sounds like a second trumpet or some other instrument that is ‘beyound’ The Microphone’s range to pick them up.

This is such a strange effect that i’ve added it to my list of mischievous things to do while composing music with Garageband !

Another Mischievous thing to do; Is play with The Left/Right Speakers, so that it would seem as if a particular musician ( Faux Instrument on Garageband ) would seem to be walking back & forth ( ! )


These ‘Ear Muff’ Headphones also tend to ‘Amplify’ Lower Frequency Sounds from Outside my Room, such as dogs barking or The Eritreans upstairs talking ! When i become aware of these sounds, & take my headphones off, These lower frequently sounds are less predominant than they seem with The Headphones on ( !!! )


It’s very annoying.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mousie Names

i added a new 'Mouse Names' to my Google Doc's Collection, in .pdf format !,
Which is now Google Drive ( by the way ) ( btw )

'An Extensive and Exhaustive Anthology of Potential Mousie Names !'

Box i used to Capture my Mousies with :

Ritz Mousie Motel 5B Explanation by chrstphre
Ritz Mousie Motel 5B Explanation, a photo by chrstphre on Flickr.

The Cabin in The Woods ( Film : 2012 )

Foot Note ( from Wm Jas’ Blog / Bugs to Fearen Babes withall
Article : Deep Magic from The Dawn of Time

*If you haven’t seen The Cabin in the Woods, don’t. It’s the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen in my life and this is coming from someone who has seen both 2-Headed Shark Attack and Mega-Python vs. Gatoroid. However, the synchronicity fairies saw to it that I watched it the day after teaching “Deep Magic,” so I had to point out the obvious parallels. In the movie, the Ancient Ones are “giant evil gods” who will destroy the whole world if they are not periodically appeased with the blood of people who are drugged, entrapped into “sinning,” and then “punished.”

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

i loved The Cabin in The Woods!

Is this The One that i’m thinking of,

With The Rubic’s Cube Cabin on The Cover of The DVD ?

Made in 2012 ?

Warning : Some Spoiler Content

But The Film’s Enjoyability is Tangental to Its Plot or Resolution.

First; The Overall Plot line is of absolutely no relevance to me. Dumb or not.

The Dialog is Great.

The Acting is Fair to Middling, Definitely Acceptable.

The Sets & Production Values are Good.

The Premise is that Some Teenagers are ‘Directed’ to A ‘Friends’ Cabin in The Woods to spend a Weekend or somesuch.

Then The Focus switches to some Men in A Control Room somewheres that are ‘Arranging’ Things to put The Teenagers into Moral & Ethical Dilemmas to ‘Test’ Them.

All this is again, completely Irrelevant.

All The ‘Religious’ Aspects that Wm Jas is apparently seeing as somekind of Christian Allegorical Tale, Like he ( & everyone else ) uses to Interpret The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, may or may not be Accurate; But i interpreted it as References to The Cthulhu Mythos, which i am fond of.

Certainly; These Monsters & Such that Reoccur throughout The Cabin in The Woods, are not at all from a Christian or Any Traditional Religious Narratives.

The Film is really just a Parody of All Previous Films of This Genre, Where The Causality of The Teenagers Misfortunes are Carefully Accounted for by these Scientists that have Rightly or Wrongly ‘Bought Into’ This Ancient Dogma that Blood Sacrifices must be Periodically made to Pander to The Whims of The Ancient Ones that apparently live deep underground.

In The Cthulhu Mythos ( Proper ); The Ancient Ones or The Great Old Ones, are Aquatic Creatures that live Deep in The Oceans. This Mythos has Spawned many, many stories written by many different authors, drawing on a common vocabulary & characters.

To The Films Credit; The Ending does not Definitively Reveal What Happens when The Teenagers Frustrate The Agenda of This ‘Institution’. Certainly there is Local Mayhem, but does it Result in The End of The World ?

It’s been awhile since i’ve seen it,

But i think that The Ending is Slightly more open ended.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Instructions to Folk Singers

Instructions to Folk Singers

i think i would very much like Folk Singers & Other Musicians, to stop writing songs about stopping wars & feeding The homeless & love, Love, Love !
 Stop It!

Instead; Start writing songs with Very Specific Instructions as to How Each Individual Should Act to Fulfill The Song Writer’s Idealistic Utopian Paradise. To Move in That Direction, with The Understanding that this Terminus Objective may not become fully actualized for several years to come. Decades or Centuries perhaps.

But Right Now, Today; This is how we should start -Acting- ( Behaving ) to move in that Direction.

Specific ‘Do This & This & This’ to move in that Direction.

Avoid Ambiguous, ‘Meaningless’ Words & Phrases like ‘Love your Neighbor’ & Replace that with, ‘Mow your Elderly Neighbors Lawn’.

Of Course; Each Folk Singer is going to have a Different, perhaps Very Different Dream Utopia that they are Promoting, & that’s a good thing, Because we don’t really know what The ‘Real’ Fully Functional Utopian Society is going to be Like. Every Utopian Society that has been tried in The Past has Failed ! So The Real One, The One that’s finally going to Stick, is going to have to be Tinkered together, trying things that work, & discarding The things that don’t work.

It may take Centuries. It’s already been Centuries since we started growing Corn & Weaving Baskets, & very little progress seems to be coming along. Societies are just as War Faring & Criminal as they’ve ‘Always’ been.

An Entirely New Formula may be Required, But you can’t Force people to do it. They have to think it was their own idea. ( ! )

It has to consist of things that they’d do ‘Naturally’ without losing any ‘Freedoms’. ( ! )

This latter idea presupposes that The way we are behaving now, is an ‘UnNatural’ manner of Behaviour that is being Superimposed upon us by a PreRequisite Necessity of Making ’Something Else’ Work that doesn’t Want to Work unless it’s constantly being Forced to Adjust itself against The Natural Order ( !!! ) This ‘Something Else’ may be ‘Capitalism’ or ‘Democracy’ or ‘MediaWhore Popularism’ or (x.

Figuring Out what is ‘Real’, may require our folk Singers to look at little Societies & Communities which ‘Work Better’ & Extracting What it is That allows them to do that, & then putting those suggestions into pithy little songs that are easy to learn & play on a piano.

Future Wars

Future Wars

In The Future; There will No Longer Be Armies.

What i would really like to do, Is get rid of all The Big Armies, AirCraft Carriers, Stealth Bombers, FX-66 SuperSonic Fighter Jets, Tanks, Jungle Snipers, Legions of Disabled Veterans, War Memorials, 3rd Party Munitions Industries & so on.

What would i be willing to Replace that all with ?

After all; National Leaders are still kooky sometimes.

- -

What i think we have to Acknowledge is that when a National Leader does go funny in The Head, The Problem that other Countries may have with that Monarch or Federal Podiatrist, is with that Individual or A Small Localized Cadre of Ill Informed Teenagers, Not The Hosting Entire Continent.

There will No Longer be Intercontinental Stealth Bombers or Orbital Missiles, Or Particle Beam Space Based Weapons, or Tens of Thousands or Millions of Marching Soldiers wearing Bullet Proof Underwear & Carrying Guns that Fire Thousands of Incendiary Rounds per Second.

There will No Longer be Vast Tracts of Land Filled with Leaping Land Mines, or SemiAutonomous Robots Cruising Overhead, Capable of Launching Bullets that Zero In on A Particular Eye Color or Clouds of Biological Talcum Powder that Attack Individual Strands of DNA.

So i would like to Propose a 3 Tiered Approach :

a) Special Forces Teams / Secret Agents / Mission Impossible Squads

These would be like Jedi Knights, James Bond’s or Derrick Flint’s, Samurai Warriors, Navy Seals, Airborne Rangers, CounterInsurgency Commandos or Puddles of NanoRobots dropped from Seagulls with Large Pieces of Human Brains in their Tiny Avian Skulls.

b) World Wide, International ( Cooperative ) Access to Every Citizen of Every Country by Genuine Representatives ( Government, Religious or Multifaceted Cultural Sources ) from Every Other country. You might think that The Internet does this Now, But— Probably Not. This System would be like a TV/Radio/Internet Channel that would feature 20_minute Broadcasts from Every Other Country with Prime Time Access every week to Appraise The Citizens of Country (x, How The Country of (y felt about their International Role in Their Affairs. Since this all very Cooperative; There are many Nations which may like to very justifiably ‘Opt Out’, As their own Culture may be too fragile to withstand UnEdited Commercial & Political Propaganda from Other Nations. We have already witnessed how many Polynesian & Other Preliterate Societies were destroyed by Rapid & Clumsy ‘Westernization’. Even in The United States, Most of The Damp Masses are Unable to Properly or Accurately Interpret or ‘Metabolize’ The Political, Judicial, Commercial or Popular Cultural Promotional Advertising that they are exposed to every waking moment of their over saturated lives. So that some of these Access Channels have to be ‘Mediated’ by Truly Unbiased Anthropologists, Sociologists or Lay Representatives. But The Net Effect will be A Greater Understanding amoung The Caretakers ( Citizens ) of Their Governments ( Even Dictatorships & Commercially Hypnotized Regimes ) Agendas & International Programs.

c) Infiltrated Sleeper Agents.

In The Future; Each Nation will have Perfectly Competent Administrative Sleeper Agents that have Infiltrated Every Level of All The Other Countries of The World. It may well turn out that Every Nation’s Government will Consist of Only 20% Native Nationals that are Genuine & Reliable Patriots. For Smaller Nations; Their Entire Administrative Governments may Consist of Foreign Nationals.

These Sleeper Agents will perform their Jobs Responsibly & Dependably— Until at some Unspecified Time, When their ‘Own’ Country will be Threatened; They will Step away from Their Desks & Eliminate The Point Source of The Danger Decisively without Any Collateral Damage or Perhaps without Anyone Outside of These Departments Knowing that Anything Untowards had taken Place. Entire Wars will be fought during Lunch Breaks without anyone in The Cubicles down The Hall knowing that Anything Amiss was Taking Place.

Obviously; Every Government would be aware that Various Unspecified Employees, Secretaries, Military Officers, Administrators, Bureaucrats, Envoys, Adjuncts, Subordinates, Janitors, Civil Servants, Filing Clerks, Receptionists, Window Washers, Data Processors, Electricians, Computer Technicians &/or Delivery Boys & Girls with Boxes of Pizza; Are Potentially Foreign Spies, They’d have to be Very Suspicious of Everyone.

But The Quirky thing is; Your Best & Most Efficient Employees are most likely The Spies, As they would use their Productivity to Infiltrate The Organization to its highest levels. It would be The Slovenly Malingerers that are your Most Trusted Personnel.

Also: It would be ‘Too Obvious’ if Zimbabwe were to use Native Zimbabweans as Their Agents in Foreign Government Agencies; But it ( Presumably ) wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to recruit natives from The Country that you’re Infiltrating that simply believe that this is The Most Elegant Solution for World Peace, or to Merely Stand Up for Smaller Independent, 3rd World Economies that May at some time, be Genuinely Threatened by 1st or 2nd World Imperialism or A Diplomatic Incident of Infelicity that Cascades out of Control.

Regarding Taxes

Regarding Taxes

What if; It were written into The Constitution that There was a 12% Sales Tax on Everything, Including Food Items, Unless you were on Food Stamps or Below a Poverty Threshold.

Aside from this; There would be No Other Taxes, No State or Income Tax, No Property Taxes, No Inheritance Taxes, or Whatever.

Then also; There would Never be any Initiatives or (? to Increase Taxes or Any Promises by An Politician to Lower Taxes.

The Amount & Rate that you Pay Taxes is Entire Fixed, & The Percentage of Taxation would follow Inflation or Depressions without The Percentage Itself Changing.

The Rich, Buying Expensive Things, would Pay more Taxes, & The Poor would pay fewer Taxes.

The Higher you Lived; The More Taxes you would pay. Live Cheaply, & you would pay fewer Taxes.

Stop Buying altogether & Barter in your Small Communities, & Avoid Paying Taxes all together.

You wouldn’t be able to make your own ‘Tax Free’ Money though. That would be Illegal.

If you bought a Car from a Neighbor; The Seller would Calculate The Taxes Owed & Collect them; Then Either Mail them into A Central Repository, or If The Transaction were done Electronically; The Banking Liaison would be aware that you are receiving money & Send you an Emessage asking you for The specifics of what you’re doing, & The Tax amount would be rerouted appropriately.

If The Amount you are receiving is a Birthday or Christmas Gift, No Taxation would occur.

Prostitution would be Taxed.

Drug Sales would be Taxed.

Murders for Hire ( et. al. ) would be Taxed.

The Electronic Money Network would know when money was being spent, & Tax it.

Bad People & Torture

Bad People & Torture

There are many kinds of Torture;
Physical Torture of course, The kinds that are designed to simply cause The recipient to suffer egregious pain or Emotional Distress; The kind that is meant to make The recipient believe they are in mortal danger; The Kind that is meant to actually bring The recipient to The Edge of Mortal Danger, The Kind that is meant to very slowly kill The recipient, with no hope of saving them after The desired information is extracted — Then there’s The kind that is designed to really, really annoy The recipient into giving themselves up, or driving them to make irrational decisions which may result in The deaths of law enforcement agents or themselves.

This Issue needs to also consider The Kinds of Criminals which may become The Recipients of Torture.

There are The Bad People. Comparatively Sane Career Criminals that commit crimes & mischief to illicit financial gain or simply get into mischief by being ‘Naughty’. Most everyone likes to get Naughty from time to time, break The rules, annoy their office Coworkers, tease their own children or whatever; But The Career Criminal usually gets into an advanced level of mischief that causes serious loss of personal Property, Injuries, Irreparable Emotional Trauma or Wide Spread Societal Chaos.

Then there’s the Psychopath ( or Sociopath ) which exceed The normal parameters of a mere Personality Disorder. These people are Crazy. As such; They are Crazy. And by this; i mean; They are Crazy. They Belong in a Hospital with secure locks on The doors & Carts with potent Tranquilizers. i don’t care how ‘Bad’ these Bad People are; Their Craziness Supersedes their Badness. They are Victims of their Craziness, just as their Conventional Victims are Victims of Them. This may be a little too subtle for some ‘Lay’ people to understand, as most people ( like my sister ) believe that crazy people should be able to just shake off their craziness, & behave themselves. This is; By Definition : Wrong. If they were able to shake it off, they wouldn’t really be Crazy.

The Point being that Crazy People, Irregardless of how ‘Bad’ they are; Even if they’re really, Really Bad, should not be Tortured.

This however brings up an Interesting point that may seem like ( this rule ) disregards or merely creates an exception to The Last Rule. But No. It does not. This New Rule Breaks The Last Rule, Irrevocably Breaks The Last Rule, & there is no Arguing that Point. But. The ‘Investigator’ that is in a position to ‘Need’ to know something that The Crazy Person knows, but isn’t willing or ‘Able’ to tell The Investigator; The Investigator may choose to impress The Crazy person with The Seriousness of Telling The Investigator (x. & this may include breaking fingers & such. This is Wrong. But The Investigator may believe that it is Necessary for Some Greater Good. This is a Decision that The Investigator must make on their own, & when it’s all over with; Their Superiour & Critics will hopefully agree that The Actions they took were all for The Best, Especially if everything worked out for everyone.

So what about The Bad People that Aren’t Crazy?

Can we Torture them ?

Obviously ( ! ) We’re not talking about Torture of The kind that The Spanish Inquisition or Puritan Witch Hunters Used to Illicit numerous False Confessions or Lists of Additional Witches. We are Now Talking about Carefully Crafted Torture Schemes that will Result in Timely & Accurate Information that may be Genuinely Used to Prevent Additional Crimes or Mischief. Is this Alright ?



It may be reasonable to Trick The Bad People to reveal their Secrets, & this Trickiness is a burden & Exasperation to The Investigators. The Good Guys should always Play The Game of Being The Good Guys, Otherwise; Everyone is just Guys. Guys against Guys. The Red Team against The Blue Team. Is this A Game ? Yes. It is. That’s how The Game should be played though. Are The Stakes very high. Yes. But does this invalidate The Game. No. The Game’s Rules must still be Obeyed. Otherwise; There are no Rules. And Chaos Results. The Genuinely Good ‘Lay’ People are then stuck between The Bad Good Guys & The Good Bad Guys. ( It should be noted here that ‘Bad Sane Guys’ are Never Bad Bad Guys. Only Insane Bad Guys are Occasionally Bad Bad Guys, & even then; Hardly Ever. Most Bad Guys thoroughly Understand The Game, & Know that There are Rules that they scrupulously Obey. Everyone Obeys their own set of Rules. Good Good Guys need to Obey a Higher Class of Rules that make them The Good Good Guys. If this is Well Understood; ( ? ) Most Good Bad Guys will respect the Good Good Guys & meet them half way in The Game. Again; You may believe that Bad Guys would not respect The Good Good Guys; But everyone respects Good Good Guys. The only problem is, that there are very few really Good Good Guys.

( Everyone Respects Sheriff Andy Taylor; The Criminals Respect him & know that he is A good Good Guy, & Not just acting for his Own Best Interests, But The Best Interests of Mayberry, The Criminals that Live in Mayberry know that Sheriff Andy Taylor is On their Side, Even when he is Arresting them. ! )

The other major point; Is that using Torture to Annoy Bad Guys into making poor & dangerous decisions, Is just Wrong. ( Such as blaring loud music into a Bad Guys Compound )

The Game requires that The Good Good Guys ‘Trick’ ( Honorably ( ? ) ) The Good Bad Guys ( we have already established The Bad Bad Guys are very Rare ) into doing What they Want to Do— That is; Make Rational Decisions that are in their own Best Interests, but Aren’t. That’s The ‘Honorable’ Game. The Stakes are High, Innocent People may be hurt or killed, Property may be destroyed, But The Game allows for that. It’s not ‘Ever’ “Anything Goes” so That =We= Win. When =We= Win under those Circumstance; Then The Good Bad Guys are The Victims. They Good Bad Guys may be The Losers, but Not The Victims. Good Good Guys -Never- have Victims. That’s how The Game is Played. The US Constitution is all About The Game, and Protecting The Good ‘Lay’ Good Guys from The Bad Good Guys that believe that Winning is Everything. Winning isn’t Everything, Predominantly because most ‘Rules’ & ‘Laws’ are completely Arbitrary. The Game is all about Preserving ‘Order’ in A World where most Good ‘Knowledgeable’ Guys are aware that An Orderly Society is A State of Mind, & Not an Absolute Governance of Right & Wrong. Nobody really knows what Right & Wrong are. The very fact that there are so many Courts & Judges working day & night to this very day trying to piece together individuals rights & wrongs; proves this.

Providing Equity for The Poor

Providing Equity for The Poor

The One thing that really separates The Poor from The Rich is That The Rich can Solve Simple Problems very easily. These Simple problems for The Poor though, are often Devastating.

Cancer is Cancer for The Rich & Poor, But a Broken Toilet is merely a minor inconvenience for The Rich.

To provide some measure of Equity for The Poor;

There should be something like a 822 Number for anyone to call that will provide them with sound & useful advice to solve any of these ’Simple’ Problems & get these solutions paid for in a reasonable manner without ripping anyone off.

As such; Local Companies would be ‘Included’ in this program if they satisfied The Criteria for helping people in a quick & affordable manner, & they would then be made public through The internet as a ‘Good’ Company. Encouraging more companies to be Good, to be included on this list of Simple Problem Solvers.

- -

What is A Simple Problem?

If Substantial Property Damage or Personal Health or Welfare is Threatened; Then Call 911.

If You are going to be Substantially Inconvenienced or A Small Amount of Property Damage is occurring or Going to Occur Soon; Then Call 822.

If No Inconvenience or Damage is Expected; 822 would be Inappropriate.

- -

Many such Problems may be defined as The Victim being Stymied by The Wonderment of The Situation in The Form; ‘What do I do About this?’

In this sense; The Victim doesn’t really have any idea what to do about (x ?

(x is Bad, but what can or should I do about it ?

Call 822.

Right & Wrong is Obsolete

Do Away with The Entire Judicial System

Right & Wrong is Obsolete

The Entire Judicial System should be Switched over to;

Good Behaviors and Bad Behaviors.

The Entire Idea behind Right & Wrong, Ethical & UnEthical, Legal & IlLegal is Obsolete.

- -

How can a person methodically plan to kill a theatre full of people, buy dozens of guns and ammunition, Then go to The Theatre and proceed to kill a few dozen people and seriously wound several more; And not be insane.

How can a Judicial System exist that allows perfectly sane people to simple decide to murder a theatre full of people The way most people make a baloney sandwich or watch an old episode of Gilligan’s Island.

i’ve often wondered if there is some simple test that can be applied to any given person that would determine if they’re crazy or not. Can Crazy People do things that only Crazy People would do? Are there such things that a Sane Person would -Never- do, No matter how motivated or what The Desired Terminal Consequences would be. Would or Could a Sane Person blow up Bus of School Children if they knew that by doing so The City would be Saved from a Nuclear Bombing ( ? )

- -

If there were things that only an Insane Person could do; They wouldn’t involve life & death, they would be like really kooky Things ! ( ? )

- -

Accompanying this Idea is :

The Problem of Taboos.

- -

Why would a given Culture or Society make up a Set of Often Very Kooky Rules and make them into The Most Serious Crimes?

If something is really Wrong, Why is it necessary to Make Rules forbidding them with Horrific Penalties. If they were really Wrong, Anyone that Commits them must be Insane, and would not be subject to The Horrific Penalties attached to these Taboos; But should be cared for in hospitals, Not prisons.

- -

Cultures & Societies know that there really isn’t right & wrong, Only rules.
- - - : o

There was an Episode of CSI several years ago that considered a Crime that involved one ner’er-do-well tricking an innocent victim into something something, by producing a fake internet love interest— By taking A Picture of The Victim & Morphing it Slightly into A Person of Their Opposite Sex!

The Premise used here, Was that Everyone is Most Sexually Attracted to People that look pretty much like themselves!

Which in all other cases, Would be your siblings.

But we are taught with Taboos that being Sexually Attracted to your Siblings is An Abomination, & only The Most Craziest of Crazy people would ever hold any Fondness for their own Family.

This is Crazy ( ? ) - Right ?

So why is there a Taboo for this?

Why would ‘The Invisible Hand of Western Civilization, Or The Invisible Hand from Every Human Civilization make this into one of our Most Loathsome Crimes ?

Does it have to do with Genetic Mutations.

They’ Say so, but not really. That’s not it.

It probably has more to do with Property & Kinship Ties to Neighboring Villages & Such.


It has to do with Money.

When you Marry your Father’s Enemy’s Daughter or Son, you Form a Unifying Allegiance that holds a community together. People figured that out when we were still living in caves.

Loving your Siblings is a Very Natural Desire. That is why The Most Horrific Penalties must be Ascribed to anyone that chooses to follow The Path of their True Nature.

That’s what being civilized is all about.

That is why we wear clothes.

That is why ‘Being A Natural Human Being’ is The Worst Crime of all.

Most Police Officers are Terrible Shots

Most Police Officers are Terrible Shots

1. One of my crazy ideas is to insist that police officers load their weapons with ‘blanks’, so that they can provide ‘Cover Fire’ when necessary, but since most police officers can’t shoot straight anyway, they won’t ( shouldn’t be ) have to be concerned where their wild shots are ending up.

2. The Problem with ‘Blanks’ though is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that The Shots being fired at you aren’t chipping wood or stones, breaking windows or whizzing by your head.

3. The Solution is to provide The Officers with three kinds of ammunition, The Traditional Blanks, Melting/Rubber/Popping Bullets, and Conventional Bullets.

4. They might also be equipped with Armor Piercing Bullets, Along with even more assertive fire power, But The Emphasis will be on using Less Violence; Not more.

5. One Alternative to Rubber Bullets, which leave Rubber Bullets behind for birds to get sick on after trying to eat them or cluttering up an alley with; Are Melting Bullets. They are not made of ice, but some synthetic material that is biodegradable, and quickly degrades into a harmless vapor or dust when exposed to sunlight or rainwater.

6. A Popping Bullet is made of some harmless material that POPS when it hits something, Creating a Loud Sound and Spark that is intended to be Intimidating and effective when they nearly miss The suspect. If you’re hit with a Popping Bullet, The Effect is Substantially less injurious than a Conventional Bullet, but more irksome than being hit with a rubber band.

7. These Melting Bullets lend to The Effect of Breaking Windows, Spattering when they hit solid objects, Generate a suitably audible Whizzing while in flight, and really sting when they hit you.

8. When in Use; The police Officers would refrain from using their fire-arms until deadly force was deemed necessary, Then use their Blanks to Intimidate The Suspect sufficiently to make a clean & safe arrest. Short of That; They would quickly & easily exchange their Blank Clip for a Melting Bullets, and if this fails to bring about a satisfying result, Switch to Conventional Bullets as a last resort, And only ‘Genuine Marksmyn’ would be allowed ( Usually ) to use Conventional Armaments, & would Fire only a Minimal Number of Rounds; As opposed to The Usual Scenario of Firing Hundreds of Rounds at a Suspect laying inert on The Ground.

9. Another Idea is to allow The Police to be Equipped with A Device that they attach to The Hood or Trunk of Their Police Car that Fires very loud Rounds in a Manner suggesting A Gatling Gun. The rounds are not real bullets, but exploding shells that are made of ceramic or soft Plastic that Makes a decisive Bang with Sparks when it hits anything, lending credence to The Idea that it’s genuinely dangerous, but isn’t really going to damage anyone or anything. / Plus; It doesn’t even have to be manned, in that The Operator just sets it up, points in The general direction and it it pans gentle from side to side, while The police deploy officers &/or Robots to get closer for a safe & secure arrest or perform reconnaissance.

- - -

To be used in Conjunction with :

The Designated Shooter

i originally thought of this when it comes to police shootings in which every single cop at a standoff will begin shooting, such that dozens, if not hundreds of shots are fired at an unarmed or armed suspect.

But i think that this also applies to interviewers on morning talk shows, in which everyone starts talking at the same time. This happens A LOT. And it drives me CrAzY...!!!

So the idea is that ONE person will be given the task of being The Designated Shooter. This person will not necessarily be the highest ranking officer, but the best shot with the temperament to know when it's appropriate to shoot, and be able to hit the suspect where it will either successfully wound/disable the suspect or kill them, depending on the needs of the investigation. This Designated Shoot must also have the team spirit to hand off the Designated Shooter Spot if they determine that another team member has a better shot, and is capable of taking the best shot.

-----------------------------------------:: o

As a Side ( Tangental ) Issue to this;

Movie Goers are often annoyed that in Many ‘Battle’ Scenes, The Two Opposing Forces fire Hundreds of Rounds at one another; While The ‘Good’ Guys are Never hit, & even The ‘Bad’ Guys are hit far less often than might be ‘Reasonably’ Expected.

But in The Really Real Case of Amadou Diallo, who was Murdered by Police in New York City, February 4th 1999; The Two Undercover ( Plain Clothed ) Officers rousted Amadou as he was about to enter his Apartment, Demanding Identification or Whatever. When Amadou, A Blackmyn, Reached for his Wallet, The Two Officers Opened fire & Emptied both of their ‘Clips’, which Consisted of about 18 Bullets Each. Amadou was initially standing about 2 or 3 feet from The officers, then undoubtedly fell to The ground after being hit The first or second time, leaving him as a perfectly immobile target, 3 feet from The 2 Officers. Despite this ‘Fish in Barrel’ Scenario, The Two Officers of New York’s Finest, only hit him with 3 or 4 Rounds.

Clearly they were both Completely Hysterical.


Both officers were found innocent of participating in a perfectly justified shooting.

Riots ensued.

Is This The Best of All Possible Worlds?

Is This The Best of All Possible Worlds?
How common is it that when one ( you ) are walking along or riding in a vehicle of some kind, you are suddenly possessed with The Sideways Premonition that somewhere else, in another universe, either very far away or right next to you, but painted all up with colors that our idea of light doesn’t recognize There is another you that has suddenly experienced an horrific ‘accident’ or circumstance, & that perhaps you are aware of it at that moment because this other you is The same other you that you frequently find yourself looking out of, through their eyes, in your own dreams, & that now, at that moment, they are screaming pitilessly as their life fluids drain away & gawkers passing by in a bus laugh as if something wondrously comical has just happened, as if it were on TV.
If you ever have experienced something like that;

Have you ever experienced The AntiThesis of such an Event, in which this other you, The White & Black Version, is instead experiencing some moment or moments of Ecstasy or Bliss, that far exceeds any such emotional satisfaction that you have ever felt?


Either this Phenomena is somehow, somewhat, or some-sort of Reality; In which you really are momentarily in contact with a Duplicate ( Doppelganger ) & Experiencing in some Vague way through observation of their unique fate(s,

Or it is not.


In my own experiences; i occasionally ( a few times every month ) have a very vivid experience of The Prior Type, & Never of The Latter.

If The Experience is merely Psychological, like Deja Vu or The Common Urge to Pull your pants down in front of young girls, Then this would seem to indicate that i am a fatalist, imagining only disasters that may at any moment cross over this river of dimensional realities & fall upon my own affairs.


The Reason that i am not experiencing Transdimensional instances of Euphoria, Is that they aren’t manifest with The Emotional Force that is required to leap across these barriers of Existence,

Or Of all The Realities that Duplicates of myself Exist in; I am living in The One that contains The Most amount of Happiness & Merriment.

What a Tragic Conclusion. 
- - -

There is a Theory/ies that this Universe of ours is a mere bubble of Expanding Galaxies, & that beyound our own shell, there are numerous other similar bubbles, perhaps an infinite number of them, & that these Other Universes ( Local Universes ) may exist with Entirely Different Physical Laws & such.

Additionally, or Tangentially; i don’t believe in The Big Bang, with An Expanding Universe & so on. It’s just crazy.

If The Red-Shift Evidence does actually mean that all ( most ) of The Other galaxies are drifting away from us, this may mean that The Local Universe is ‘Expanding’, But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it came from a very dense baseball some 17 Billion years ago. It may mean that we’re living in a Steady State Universe in which all The Galaxies are simply dancing around one another, & that at this particular moment, we are living in a period during which all of our ‘Local’ Galaxies bunched all up into a focal point of sorts, which no doubt actually consisted of a region billions of light years across, & just as when galaxies ‘Collide’ The Stars Pass harmless by one another, In this distant Daisy Wheel of Billions of Galaxies, They harmlessly passed through & beside one another, & are now on The outward journey of this ‘Collision’ !

My Crazy theory also explains why The Entire Night Sky isn’t illuminated with The Same Intensity as a Noon Day Sky, by The Infinity of Stars. It turns out that Photons aren’t Eternal. They decay very slowly. & The Time Span for Their Decay is several Billion Years, so that The Light from Stars a Sufficiently Long Way Off, Never reach us, they decay before they get here & slip into The ZeroPoint Region of Space ( ? )


If you believe in an Infinite ‘Real’ Universe that extends far beyound our ‘Local’ Universe, then; First you have to Grasp What Infinity Means.

It means ‘Big’. Very Big. Really Big.

In this Infinity, Anything that isn’t Impossible, is Required.

& Not Only is it required, it’s required to Exist An Infinite Number of Times.

So that if there is One Earth.

There has to be an Infinite Number of ‘Other’ Earths.

Some are -Exactly- Like this one.

& Some are A Little Different.

& many are Earlier Versions of this one, & some later.

i have a few slight problems with this though.

If there was another Earth in some far away Universe, The Surrounding Universes would undoubtedly be arranged differently; & so that The Gravitational & Electromagnetic Fields would be Different when they crossed over this other Earth, making it impossible to be The Same

Unless !

All of these Different Gravitational & Electromagnetic Fields interacted in an Entirely Different Way to Produce A Duplicate Earth for Different Causal Reasons !!!

Like Two Authors writing an Identical Story, but were motivated by entirely different Emotions, & believed that their story meant two entirely different things !

Another Thing.

i don’t think that there could be an Earth exactly like this one, except for one tiny detail.

All of The Forces & Causal Particle Interactions that made Earth One would have to be Duplicated for Making Earth B, & as such, The Clockwork would play out in The Same Manner, Producing all The Same Details.

If any such Detail were changed, they The Causal Hierarchy would Cascade into an Entirely Different Earth.

Another Small Point.

Everything that is Possible must necessarily exist along a continuum of Probable Possibilities.

That is; Some things, Such as The Existence & Formation of Electrons is Highly Inevitable,

While The Science Fiction of Terry Bisson would be substantially Less Probable.

But Infinity.

Infinity & Infinity.

What a Bother.

Even so; Anything that is possible, Must Exist & Exist in An Infinite Number of Identical or Nearly Identical Forms.

Or not.

What if ( as there must be ) There were some things that are so very improbable that while in an infinite universe they would indeed occur an infinite number of times, they just hadn’t gotten around to become manifest ‘yet’.

In an Infinite Universe, these very improbable things may go an infinite period of time without -yet- becoming manifest.

Or maybe they become manifest once.

So it may be that The Earth is Unique after all.

& When you Imagine An Horrible Accident befalling your Distant Twin,

It is just that; A Symptom of a Slight Psychosis.