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Bad People & Torture

Bad People & Torture

There are many kinds of Torture;
Physical Torture of course, The kinds that are designed to simply cause The recipient to suffer egregious pain or Emotional Distress; The kind that is meant to make The recipient believe they are in mortal danger; The Kind that is meant to actually bring The recipient to The Edge of Mortal Danger, The Kind that is meant to very slowly kill The recipient, with no hope of saving them after The desired information is extracted — Then there’s The kind that is designed to really, really annoy The recipient into giving themselves up, or driving them to make irrational decisions which may result in The deaths of law enforcement agents or themselves.

This Issue needs to also consider The Kinds of Criminals which may become The Recipients of Torture.

There are The Bad People. Comparatively Sane Career Criminals that commit crimes & mischief to illicit financial gain or simply get into mischief by being ‘Naughty’. Most everyone likes to get Naughty from time to time, break The rules, annoy their office Coworkers, tease their own children or whatever; But The Career Criminal usually gets into an advanced level of mischief that causes serious loss of personal Property, Injuries, Irreparable Emotional Trauma or Wide Spread Societal Chaos.

Then there’s the Psychopath ( or Sociopath ) which exceed The normal parameters of a mere Personality Disorder. These people are Crazy. As such; They are Crazy. And by this; i mean; They are Crazy. They Belong in a Hospital with secure locks on The doors & Carts with potent Tranquilizers. i don’t care how ‘Bad’ these Bad People are; Their Craziness Supersedes their Badness. They are Victims of their Craziness, just as their Conventional Victims are Victims of Them. This may be a little too subtle for some ‘Lay’ people to understand, as most people ( like my sister ) believe that crazy people should be able to just shake off their craziness, & behave themselves. This is; By Definition : Wrong. If they were able to shake it off, they wouldn’t really be Crazy.

The Point being that Crazy People, Irregardless of how ‘Bad’ they are; Even if they’re really, Really Bad, should not be Tortured.

This however brings up an Interesting point that may seem like ( this rule ) disregards or merely creates an exception to The Last Rule. But No. It does not. This New Rule Breaks The Last Rule, Irrevocably Breaks The Last Rule, & there is no Arguing that Point. But. The ‘Investigator’ that is in a position to ‘Need’ to know something that The Crazy Person knows, but isn’t willing or ‘Able’ to tell The Investigator; The Investigator may choose to impress The Crazy person with The Seriousness of Telling The Investigator (x. & this may include breaking fingers & such. This is Wrong. But The Investigator may believe that it is Necessary for Some Greater Good. This is a Decision that The Investigator must make on their own, & when it’s all over with; Their Superiour & Critics will hopefully agree that The Actions they took were all for The Best, Especially if everything worked out for everyone.

So what about The Bad People that Aren’t Crazy?

Can we Torture them ?

Obviously ( ! ) We’re not talking about Torture of The kind that The Spanish Inquisition or Puritan Witch Hunters Used to Illicit numerous False Confessions or Lists of Additional Witches. We are Now Talking about Carefully Crafted Torture Schemes that will Result in Timely & Accurate Information that may be Genuinely Used to Prevent Additional Crimes or Mischief. Is this Alright ?



It may be reasonable to Trick The Bad People to reveal their Secrets, & this Trickiness is a burden & Exasperation to The Investigators. The Good Guys should always Play The Game of Being The Good Guys, Otherwise; Everyone is just Guys. Guys against Guys. The Red Team against The Blue Team. Is this A Game ? Yes. It is. That’s how The Game should be played though. Are The Stakes very high. Yes. But does this invalidate The Game. No. The Game’s Rules must still be Obeyed. Otherwise; There are no Rules. And Chaos Results. The Genuinely Good ‘Lay’ People are then stuck between The Bad Good Guys & The Good Bad Guys. ( It should be noted here that ‘Bad Sane Guys’ are Never Bad Bad Guys. Only Insane Bad Guys are Occasionally Bad Bad Guys, & even then; Hardly Ever. Most Bad Guys thoroughly Understand The Game, & Know that There are Rules that they scrupulously Obey. Everyone Obeys their own set of Rules. Good Good Guys need to Obey a Higher Class of Rules that make them The Good Good Guys. If this is Well Understood; ( ? ) Most Good Bad Guys will respect the Good Good Guys & meet them half way in The Game. Again; You may believe that Bad Guys would not respect The Good Good Guys; But everyone respects Good Good Guys. The only problem is, that there are very few really Good Good Guys.

( Everyone Respects Sheriff Andy Taylor; The Criminals Respect him & know that he is A good Good Guy, & Not just acting for his Own Best Interests, But The Best Interests of Mayberry, The Criminals that Live in Mayberry know that Sheriff Andy Taylor is On their Side, Even when he is Arresting them. ! )

The other major point; Is that using Torture to Annoy Bad Guys into making poor & dangerous decisions, Is just Wrong. ( Such as blaring loud music into a Bad Guys Compound )

The Game requires that The Good Good Guys ‘Trick’ ( Honorably ( ? ) ) The Good Bad Guys ( we have already established The Bad Bad Guys are very Rare ) into doing What they Want to Do— That is; Make Rational Decisions that are in their own Best Interests, but Aren’t. That’s The ‘Honorable’ Game. The Stakes are High, Innocent People may be hurt or killed, Property may be destroyed, But The Game allows for that. It’s not ‘Ever’ “Anything Goes” so That =We= Win. When =We= Win under those Circumstance; Then The Good Bad Guys are The Victims. They Good Bad Guys may be The Losers, but Not The Victims. Good Good Guys -Never- have Victims. That’s how The Game is Played. The US Constitution is all About The Game, and Protecting The Good ‘Lay’ Good Guys from The Bad Good Guys that believe that Winning is Everything. Winning isn’t Everything, Predominantly because most ‘Rules’ & ‘Laws’ are completely Arbitrary. The Game is all about Preserving ‘Order’ in A World where most Good ‘Knowledgeable’ Guys are aware that An Orderly Society is A State of Mind, & Not an Absolute Governance of Right & Wrong. Nobody really knows what Right & Wrong are. The very fact that there are so many Courts & Judges working day & night to this very day trying to piece together individuals rights & wrongs; proves this.

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