Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FreeWill Solution

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 2:19:30 PM

This Idea occurred to me while Listening ( on my Kindle Fire HD )
to : Who’s In Charge? Freewill & The Science of The Brain
By Michael S. Gazzaniga
Which i obtained through my Library’s liaison with OverDrive,
Which allows me to ‘Borrow’ Digital Books for A Fixed Time Period.
- - -

One of my ( Not at all Original ) Crazy Ideas is that Freewill is Possible outside of this ‘Local Reality’, & is provided by A ‘Soul’ in The Ξ.6 Reality, one Step Up.

The Problem of Freewill in an old one that busies itself with The Two Opposing Absolute Truths;
One that The Universe is a Machine, A Clockwork that works on certainty principles of cause & effect ( negating Randomality as Irrelevant, even if true )
-vs- The Puzzling Improbability that if this were so;
Then The Complexity of The World we are Now Familiar with it;
It must have been ‘Determined’ Billions or Trillions of Years Ago, Perhaps an Infinite Amount of Time ago.
Even if ‘Intelligence’ were somehow integrated into this ‘Determined Causality’,
It would remain subservient to The Causality of The First Principle.

The New Crazy Idea is This.

It has been show through Philosophy & Behavioralist Experiments that our Brains make Decisions that we are only ‘Later’ aware of Consciously.
This seems to prove without Reservation that The Brain Creates all of our Thoughts & Behaviours; & then we become aware of them.
Consciousness is an Observer that has No Role in The Creation or Mediation of Our Thoughts or Actions.



What if this were true; Freewill would be Finished Right ( ? )

What if.

What if; We as Conscious Entities didn’t have FreeWill,
But that our Robot Machinery Brains Did. ( ? )

Our Conscious Experiences merely Observed The World, with our Robot Bodies engaging in Their Predetermined Behaviours, & We had No Control over what our Robot Bodies Did at all.
In Fact ! Our Very Thoughts are Determined by The Robot Brains !
Our Reactions, Horror or Glee at what our Robot Bodies Do is Entirely The Manufacture of The Robot Brain.

What does Consciousness Do ?

Why doesn’t The Robot Body just do everything with The Same Intentionality & Determination of A Stone Rolling down a Hill.
Consciousness doesn’t do anything. There is no Getting around that.
And Freewill is an Illusion, That Idea was Created by The Robot Brain’s Activity ( ! )

But what if;
The UnConscious, Robot Windup Toy, that has No Sense of What it is Doing,
Has FreeWill.
The Machinery of It’s Robot Logic is Determined by Some kind of Freewill that is Outside The Causality of The Machinery Set into Motion Trillions of Years ago; & that Our Consciousness Then Observes this.

This Crazy Idea Breaks up The Two Immutable Principles of The Eternal Living Soul.
That Thinking has Always been The Sum of Consciousness As A Living Soul, could only work if Freewill were Existent.
But what if there is Freewill, but Not Connected to Consciousness Directly ( !!! )

The Freewill in The Robot
Created Consciousness
To Create A Witness
To See What It was Doing !

What does this Mean ?

My Old Question has been :
Are we living in a Universe so Cruel that it allows us to be aware that we are Robots?
& The Implied, Rhetorical Answer has always been; No!
There is something Else; Something that we’re overlooking, Some Magickal Principle that is outside The Observable Universe—

But now this New Theory Says :
Yes. That’s Exactly It !

We ARE living in a Universe that is So Crazy & Cruel that Our Robot Bodies & Brains have Created An Observation Monad to Be -AWARE- of it’s TransCausality Freewill.

The Universe is Far More Insanely Cruel than i had ever Previously Expected.


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