Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Future Wars

Future Wars

In The Future; There will No Longer Be Armies.

What i would really like to do, Is get rid of all The Big Armies, AirCraft Carriers, Stealth Bombers, FX-66 SuperSonic Fighter Jets, Tanks, Jungle Snipers, Legions of Disabled Veterans, War Memorials, 3rd Party Munitions Industries & so on.

What would i be willing to Replace that all with ?

After all; National Leaders are still kooky sometimes.

- -

What i think we have to Acknowledge is that when a National Leader does go funny in The Head, The Problem that other Countries may have with that Monarch or Federal Podiatrist, is with that Individual or A Small Localized Cadre of Ill Informed Teenagers, Not The Hosting Entire Continent.

There will No Longer be Intercontinental Stealth Bombers or Orbital Missiles, Or Particle Beam Space Based Weapons, or Tens of Thousands or Millions of Marching Soldiers wearing Bullet Proof Underwear & Carrying Guns that Fire Thousands of Incendiary Rounds per Second.

There will No Longer be Vast Tracts of Land Filled with Leaping Land Mines, or SemiAutonomous Robots Cruising Overhead, Capable of Launching Bullets that Zero In on A Particular Eye Color or Clouds of Biological Talcum Powder that Attack Individual Strands of DNA.

So i would like to Propose a 3 Tiered Approach :

a) Special Forces Teams / Secret Agents / Mission Impossible Squads

These would be like Jedi Knights, James Bond’s or Derrick Flint’s, Samurai Warriors, Navy Seals, Airborne Rangers, CounterInsurgency Commandos or Puddles of NanoRobots dropped from Seagulls with Large Pieces of Human Brains in their Tiny Avian Skulls.

b) World Wide, International ( Cooperative ) Access to Every Citizen of Every Country by Genuine Representatives ( Government, Religious or Multifaceted Cultural Sources ) from Every Other country. You might think that The Internet does this Now, But— Probably Not. This System would be like a TV/Radio/Internet Channel that would feature 20_minute Broadcasts from Every Other Country with Prime Time Access every week to Appraise The Citizens of Country (x, How The Country of (y felt about their International Role in Their Affairs. Since this all very Cooperative; There are many Nations which may like to very justifiably ‘Opt Out’, As their own Culture may be too fragile to withstand UnEdited Commercial & Political Propaganda from Other Nations. We have already witnessed how many Polynesian & Other Preliterate Societies were destroyed by Rapid & Clumsy ‘Westernization’. Even in The United States, Most of The Damp Masses are Unable to Properly or Accurately Interpret or ‘Metabolize’ The Political, Judicial, Commercial or Popular Cultural Promotional Advertising that they are exposed to every waking moment of their over saturated lives. So that some of these Access Channels have to be ‘Mediated’ by Truly Unbiased Anthropologists, Sociologists or Lay Representatives. But The Net Effect will be A Greater Understanding amoung The Caretakers ( Citizens ) of Their Governments ( Even Dictatorships & Commercially Hypnotized Regimes ) Agendas & International Programs.

c) Infiltrated Sleeper Agents.

In The Future; Each Nation will have Perfectly Competent Administrative Sleeper Agents that have Infiltrated Every Level of All The Other Countries of The World. It may well turn out that Every Nation’s Government will Consist of Only 20% Native Nationals that are Genuine & Reliable Patriots. For Smaller Nations; Their Entire Administrative Governments may Consist of Foreign Nationals.

These Sleeper Agents will perform their Jobs Responsibly & Dependably— Until at some Unspecified Time, When their ‘Own’ Country will be Threatened; They will Step away from Their Desks & Eliminate The Point Source of The Danger Decisively without Any Collateral Damage or Perhaps without Anyone Outside of These Departments Knowing that Anything Untowards had taken Place. Entire Wars will be fought during Lunch Breaks without anyone in The Cubicles down The Hall knowing that Anything Amiss was Taking Place.

Obviously; Every Government would be aware that Various Unspecified Employees, Secretaries, Military Officers, Administrators, Bureaucrats, Envoys, Adjuncts, Subordinates, Janitors, Civil Servants, Filing Clerks, Receptionists, Window Washers, Data Processors, Electricians, Computer Technicians &/or Delivery Boys & Girls with Boxes of Pizza; Are Potentially Foreign Spies, They’d have to be Very Suspicious of Everyone.

But The Quirky thing is; Your Best & Most Efficient Employees are most likely The Spies, As they would use their Productivity to Infiltrate The Organization to its highest levels. It would be The Slovenly Malingerers that are your Most Trusted Personnel.

Also: It would be ‘Too Obvious’ if Zimbabwe were to use Native Zimbabweans as Their Agents in Foreign Government Agencies; But it ( Presumably ) wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to recruit natives from The Country that you’re Infiltrating that simply believe that this is The Most Elegant Solution for World Peace, or to Merely Stand Up for Smaller Independent, 3rd World Economies that May at some time, be Genuinely Threatened by 1st or 2nd World Imperialism or A Diplomatic Incident of Infelicity that Cascades out of Control.

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