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i hate educational videos!

i hate educational videos!

from time to time, my brain will weaken & i’ll check out an educational video from The Library, & today i checked out =The Code= A BBC on The Story of Math.

it is horrible.

it consists of nothing but talking heads, & they never really explain anything, they just tell you The ‘Results’ or ‘Conclusion’ of something, & Never explain WHY they think that that’s true.

The Main Talking Head: Marcus du Sautoy will say that he’s going to do an ‘Calculation’ & then he completely fails to give us any hint as to what this ‘Calculation’ consists of. Instead, all we see is his talking head, with maybe a squeeze of his hands scribbling on a piece of paper or blackboard, but they never really show us what he’s doing.

A tiny amount of Computer graphics, or simply walking us through The ‘Calculation’ would be great. A Graphic maybe. that would be nice.

for me. Graphic Calculators really opened up my love of mathematics because they suddenly showed me what The numbers were doing !

you’ll see none of that in this video(s.

In another segment; Marcus is trying to make The ‘Argument’ that there is something very Strange about these numbers called ‘Imaginary’ numbers & how they are integral in how RADAR works. At one point he ostensibly tries to explain how The images on The RADAR Screen are relating to these Imaginary Numbers, but what do we see instead; Talking Heads. The few glimpses that we do see of The RADAR screen are obscured by Talking Heads or hands covering up what we’re supposed to be looking at.

And he very irritatingly & Very Wrongly !!! attempts to make The argument ( ? ) that The use of these ‘Imaginary’ numbers somehow defy The Normal ‘Rules’ of Mathematics by allowing us to mulitply i x i to equal -1.

Mathematicians have ‘Contrived’ this exception to allow for The previous ‘Mistake’ of allowing -1 x -1 to equal +1.

To my way of thinking, they should never have allowed multiplication ( By ) Negative Numbers.

you can easily multiple 4 by -3 to equal -12. that makes sense doesn’t it?

But what does -4 x 3 mean? 3 units multiplied by four negative somethings ?

That should simply be forbidden.

Mathematics is full of crazy shat like this. There are countless ‘Exceptions’ that have to be ‘Filled In’ with ‘New’ Rules to pull everything together from time to time.

You see this a lot in Graphs of various perfectly reasonable looking equations, where The path of The Graphed expression will suddenly ‘break’ & shoot off to another position with no elapsed transition from x to x + ( 1 x subquanta ).

A subquanta is The gap between .999 & 1.

Imaginary Numbers are ‘Actually’ ‘Really’ just perfectly ordinary numbers that are placed in a 2 dimensional form; such that ( 2, 4 ) means 2 over to The right, & 4 steps up. Like on Graph Paper. The 4 is The Imaginary unit, The 2 is The ‘Real’ Number.

Natureally; When you start putting numbers into forms like [ 3 5 7 ] to create spatial coordinates for 3 dimensional points, which are very necessary for making films like ‘Toy Story’, You would think that mathematicians would insist on calling The 3rd number ( 7 in The example ) a Very Imaginary Number, But no. They don’t. Then suddenly step back & say that there’s nothing peculiar about these numbers at all. They merely represent positions in a 3 dimensional space.
And Filler.

This Video is 99% Filler.

It would be very nice if they just stopped once in awhile to actually explain something, rather than show us grandiose landscapes or go on & on with irrelevant nonsense & ‘Design’ Cleverness.

An example of this is when they’re ostensibly introducing us to The idea of The Fibonacci sequence as actualized in The shell of a Nautilus, he tapes an X-Ray onto The window of a taxi-cab that he’s riding in, while The city scape is seen whizzing by outside.

Plus; it’s a terrible X-Ray.
i think it would be fabulous to see a mathematical video or a physics video or a chemistry video or a gawd dang Art or Music Video that actually talked about The gawd dang subject matter & explained, carefully & with graphics why they believed what they were talking about, & made sure that their explanations were broken down into enough pieces, so that an attentive 5th grader could follow their reasoning.

Very often; if you manage to corner someone in one of these ‘hoity toity’ professions, & ask them to ‘explain’ something, they will say that it can’t be done ! But i’m of The school of thinking that any ‘Real’ Idea can explained to The most ignorant attentive 3rd grader, if you simply break it down into a sufficiently detailed series of concepts that are all fundamentally defined. This may take a whole day or 2 days to get through, but i’m sure it could be done.

In a video; They would allow that some ‘Common’ Vocabulary would go undefined, but any words used in ‘UnCommon’ ways would be defined, & from that; The explanation should proceed briskly from beginning to end, leaving no ‘Gaps’ where something too difficult to break down needs to be explained !

i hate that!

Gawd !

On The rare occasion when The talking head actually does try to explain something, but then they hit a rough patch that needs a substantial amount of ‘More’ explaining, they’ll just jump over it !!! ( And Then a Miracle Occurs )

If you need to stop The video & watch that segment again, & again, & again.

So be it.

But to just leave it out is unforgivable.
Its kind of like The Old Testament in The Bible. In The New Testament, very often you will find that The Bible has changed The Font of whatever Jesus says to a Red Letter Font.

Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a Bible that did that will The Old Testament, Putting everything that gawd says in A Gold Font, or Purple or Whatever. There are plenty of places where it is Unequivocally stated that these are The Words of Gawd !

Such a Bible would be far more successful in Killing Christianity than all The Biologists ranting about The foolishness of Creationism for The Next 3000 years.

If Christians could just open up a Bible & flip through it, seeing that Gawd actually said from time to time, you’d have to be a lot dumber than your typical Mississippian to continue being a Fundamentalist Christian.

Science & Mathematics is The Same way; They are Terrified of actually explaining what their underlying ‘Reasoning’ is behind many of their most precious dogmas.

Haven’t you ever wondered about E = MC^2 ?

How in The Heck does The Value of The Velocity of C ( The Speed of Light ) come into Determining The Amount of Mass that is Converted into Energy, & How were these ‘Unit Values’ determined anyways ? How does the Unit Values of E align with The Unit Values of M ? They were fudged. The Equation is Fudged to make it work.

The Standard Theory that ‘Explains’ all of physics contains numerous ‘Constants’ which are not derived from any measurable phenomena. They were ‘Created’ out of Whole Cloth to make The other Values ‘Agree’ with The Equations !
Everything they are Telling ( & not Explaining ) to you, Is a Lie !

Wake Up, & let us go back to The Caves where we belong !

- - -
As a side note to that last rant bit;

Do you think that maybe ‘Evolution’ or ‘Angels’ or ‘Whatever’ that created Homoinoid Sapianus ( People = The Damp Masses ) were ‘Created’ to have an IQ of about 100, & all The People that are substantially Dumber or Smarter, are Mutant Variants that are like A Cancer or Ebola to The Successful Functionality of The ‘True’ Species of IQ 100 Humans. ( ? )

That is; If humans weren’t producing all of these ‘Intellectual Monstrosities’ they would all be living happily on a savanna in any of The equatorial regions around The world, Never getting into serious wars, destroying The planet or thinking about spreading our infection to other worlds throughout The galaxy or universe.

( ? )

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