Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Instructions to Folk Singers

Instructions to Folk Singers

i think i would very much like Folk Singers & Other Musicians, to stop writing songs about stopping wars & feeding The homeless & love, Love, Love !
 Stop It!

Instead; Start writing songs with Very Specific Instructions as to How Each Individual Should Act to Fulfill The Song Writer’s Idealistic Utopian Paradise. To Move in That Direction, with The Understanding that this Terminus Objective may not become fully actualized for several years to come. Decades or Centuries perhaps.

But Right Now, Today; This is how we should start -Acting- ( Behaving ) to move in that Direction.

Specific ‘Do This & This & This’ to move in that Direction.

Avoid Ambiguous, ‘Meaningless’ Words & Phrases like ‘Love your Neighbor’ & Replace that with, ‘Mow your Elderly Neighbors Lawn’.

Of Course; Each Folk Singer is going to have a Different, perhaps Very Different Dream Utopia that they are Promoting, & that’s a good thing, Because we don’t really know what The ‘Real’ Fully Functional Utopian Society is going to be Like. Every Utopian Society that has been tried in The Past has Failed ! So The Real One, The One that’s finally going to Stick, is going to have to be Tinkered together, trying things that work, & discarding The things that don’t work.

It may take Centuries. It’s already been Centuries since we started growing Corn & Weaving Baskets, & very little progress seems to be coming along. Societies are just as War Faring & Criminal as they’ve ‘Always’ been.

An Entirely New Formula may be Required, But you can’t Force people to do it. They have to think it was their own idea. ( ! )

It has to consist of things that they’d do ‘Naturally’ without losing any ‘Freedoms’. ( ! )

This latter idea presupposes that The way we are behaving now, is an ‘UnNatural’ manner of Behaviour that is being Superimposed upon us by a PreRequisite Necessity of Making ’Something Else’ Work that doesn’t Want to Work unless it’s constantly being Forced to Adjust itself against The Natural Order ( !!! ) This ‘Something Else’ may be ‘Capitalism’ or ‘Democracy’ or ‘MediaWhore Popularism’ or (x.

Figuring Out what is ‘Real’, may require our folk Singers to look at little Societies & Communities which ‘Work Better’ & Extracting What it is That allows them to do that, & then putting those suggestions into pithy little songs that are easy to learn & play on a piano.

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