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Is This The Best of All Possible Worlds?

Is This The Best of All Possible Worlds?
How common is it that when one ( you ) are walking along or riding in a vehicle of some kind, you are suddenly possessed with The Sideways Premonition that somewhere else, in another universe, either very far away or right next to you, but painted all up with colors that our idea of light doesn’t recognize There is another you that has suddenly experienced an horrific ‘accident’ or circumstance, & that perhaps you are aware of it at that moment because this other you is The same other you that you frequently find yourself looking out of, through their eyes, in your own dreams, & that now, at that moment, they are screaming pitilessly as their life fluids drain away & gawkers passing by in a bus laugh as if something wondrously comical has just happened, as if it were on TV.
If you ever have experienced something like that;

Have you ever experienced The AntiThesis of such an Event, in which this other you, The White & Black Version, is instead experiencing some moment or moments of Ecstasy or Bliss, that far exceeds any such emotional satisfaction that you have ever felt?


Either this Phenomena is somehow, somewhat, or some-sort of Reality; In which you really are momentarily in contact with a Duplicate ( Doppelganger ) & Experiencing in some Vague way through observation of their unique fate(s,

Or it is not.


In my own experiences; i occasionally ( a few times every month ) have a very vivid experience of The Prior Type, & Never of The Latter.

If The Experience is merely Psychological, like Deja Vu or The Common Urge to Pull your pants down in front of young girls, Then this would seem to indicate that i am a fatalist, imagining only disasters that may at any moment cross over this river of dimensional realities & fall upon my own affairs.


The Reason that i am not experiencing Transdimensional instances of Euphoria, Is that they aren’t manifest with The Emotional Force that is required to leap across these barriers of Existence,

Or Of all The Realities that Duplicates of myself Exist in; I am living in The One that contains The Most amount of Happiness & Merriment.

What a Tragic Conclusion. 
- - -

There is a Theory/ies that this Universe of ours is a mere bubble of Expanding Galaxies, & that beyound our own shell, there are numerous other similar bubbles, perhaps an infinite number of them, & that these Other Universes ( Local Universes ) may exist with Entirely Different Physical Laws & such.

Additionally, or Tangentially; i don’t believe in The Big Bang, with An Expanding Universe & so on. It’s just crazy.

If The Red-Shift Evidence does actually mean that all ( most ) of The Other galaxies are drifting away from us, this may mean that The Local Universe is ‘Expanding’, But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it came from a very dense baseball some 17 Billion years ago. It may mean that we’re living in a Steady State Universe in which all The Galaxies are simply dancing around one another, & that at this particular moment, we are living in a period during which all of our ‘Local’ Galaxies bunched all up into a focal point of sorts, which no doubt actually consisted of a region billions of light years across, & just as when galaxies ‘Collide’ The Stars Pass harmless by one another, In this distant Daisy Wheel of Billions of Galaxies, They harmlessly passed through & beside one another, & are now on The outward journey of this ‘Collision’ !

My Crazy theory also explains why The Entire Night Sky isn’t illuminated with The Same Intensity as a Noon Day Sky, by The Infinity of Stars. It turns out that Photons aren’t Eternal. They decay very slowly. & The Time Span for Their Decay is several Billion Years, so that The Light from Stars a Sufficiently Long Way Off, Never reach us, they decay before they get here & slip into The ZeroPoint Region of Space ( ? )


If you believe in an Infinite ‘Real’ Universe that extends far beyound our ‘Local’ Universe, then; First you have to Grasp What Infinity Means.

It means ‘Big’. Very Big. Really Big.

In this Infinity, Anything that isn’t Impossible, is Required.

& Not Only is it required, it’s required to Exist An Infinite Number of Times.

So that if there is One Earth.

There has to be an Infinite Number of ‘Other’ Earths.

Some are -Exactly- Like this one.

& Some are A Little Different.

& many are Earlier Versions of this one, & some later.

i have a few slight problems with this though.

If there was another Earth in some far away Universe, The Surrounding Universes would undoubtedly be arranged differently; & so that The Gravitational & Electromagnetic Fields would be Different when they crossed over this other Earth, making it impossible to be The Same

Unless !

All of these Different Gravitational & Electromagnetic Fields interacted in an Entirely Different Way to Produce A Duplicate Earth for Different Causal Reasons !!!

Like Two Authors writing an Identical Story, but were motivated by entirely different Emotions, & believed that their story meant two entirely different things !

Another Thing.

i don’t think that there could be an Earth exactly like this one, except for one tiny detail.

All of The Forces & Causal Particle Interactions that made Earth One would have to be Duplicated for Making Earth B, & as such, The Clockwork would play out in The Same Manner, Producing all The Same Details.

If any such Detail were changed, they The Causal Hierarchy would Cascade into an Entirely Different Earth.

Another Small Point.

Everything that is Possible must necessarily exist along a continuum of Probable Possibilities.

That is; Some things, Such as The Existence & Formation of Electrons is Highly Inevitable,

While The Science Fiction of Terry Bisson would be substantially Less Probable.

But Infinity.

Infinity & Infinity.

What a Bother.

Even so; Anything that is possible, Must Exist & Exist in An Infinite Number of Identical or Nearly Identical Forms.

Or not.

What if ( as there must be ) There were some things that are so very improbable that while in an infinite universe they would indeed occur an infinite number of times, they just hadn’t gotten around to become manifest ‘yet’.

In an Infinite Universe, these very improbable things may go an infinite period of time without -yet- becoming manifest.

Or maybe they become manifest once.

So it may be that The Earth is Unique after all.

& When you Imagine An Horrible Accident befalling your Distant Twin,

It is just that; A Symptom of a Slight Psychosis.

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