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Most Police Officers are Terrible Shots

Most Police Officers are Terrible Shots

1. One of my crazy ideas is to insist that police officers load their weapons with ‘blanks’, so that they can provide ‘Cover Fire’ when necessary, but since most police officers can’t shoot straight anyway, they won’t ( shouldn’t be ) have to be concerned where their wild shots are ending up.

2. The Problem with ‘Blanks’ though is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that The Shots being fired at you aren’t chipping wood or stones, breaking windows or whizzing by your head.

3. The Solution is to provide The Officers with three kinds of ammunition, The Traditional Blanks, Melting/Rubber/Popping Bullets, and Conventional Bullets.

4. They might also be equipped with Armor Piercing Bullets, Along with even more assertive fire power, But The Emphasis will be on using Less Violence; Not more.

5. One Alternative to Rubber Bullets, which leave Rubber Bullets behind for birds to get sick on after trying to eat them or cluttering up an alley with; Are Melting Bullets. They are not made of ice, but some synthetic material that is biodegradable, and quickly degrades into a harmless vapor or dust when exposed to sunlight or rainwater.

6. A Popping Bullet is made of some harmless material that POPS when it hits something, Creating a Loud Sound and Spark that is intended to be Intimidating and effective when they nearly miss The suspect. If you’re hit with a Popping Bullet, The Effect is Substantially less injurious than a Conventional Bullet, but more irksome than being hit with a rubber band.

7. These Melting Bullets lend to The Effect of Breaking Windows, Spattering when they hit solid objects, Generate a suitably audible Whizzing while in flight, and really sting when they hit you.

8. When in Use; The police Officers would refrain from using their fire-arms until deadly force was deemed necessary, Then use their Blanks to Intimidate The Suspect sufficiently to make a clean & safe arrest. Short of That; They would quickly & easily exchange their Blank Clip for a Melting Bullets, and if this fails to bring about a satisfying result, Switch to Conventional Bullets as a last resort, And only ‘Genuine Marksmyn’ would be allowed ( Usually ) to use Conventional Armaments, & would Fire only a Minimal Number of Rounds; As opposed to The Usual Scenario of Firing Hundreds of Rounds at a Suspect laying inert on The Ground.

9. Another Idea is to allow The Police to be Equipped with A Device that they attach to The Hood or Trunk of Their Police Car that Fires very loud Rounds in a Manner suggesting A Gatling Gun. The rounds are not real bullets, but exploding shells that are made of ceramic or soft Plastic that Makes a decisive Bang with Sparks when it hits anything, lending credence to The Idea that it’s genuinely dangerous, but isn’t really going to damage anyone or anything. / Plus; It doesn’t even have to be manned, in that The Operator just sets it up, points in The general direction and it it pans gentle from side to side, while The police deploy officers &/or Robots to get closer for a safe & secure arrest or perform reconnaissance.

- - -

To be used in Conjunction with :

The Designated Shooter

i originally thought of this when it comes to police shootings in which every single cop at a standoff will begin shooting, such that dozens, if not hundreds of shots are fired at an unarmed or armed suspect.

But i think that this also applies to interviewers on morning talk shows, in which everyone starts talking at the same time. This happens A LOT. And it drives me CrAzY...!!!

So the idea is that ONE person will be given the task of being The Designated Shooter. This person will not necessarily be the highest ranking officer, but the best shot with the temperament to know when it's appropriate to shoot, and be able to hit the suspect where it will either successfully wound/disable the suspect or kill them, depending on the needs of the investigation. This Designated Shoot must also have the team spirit to hand off the Designated Shooter Spot if they determine that another team member has a better shot, and is capable of taking the best shot.

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As a Side ( Tangental ) Issue to this;

Movie Goers are often annoyed that in Many ‘Battle’ Scenes, The Two Opposing Forces fire Hundreds of Rounds at one another; While The ‘Good’ Guys are Never hit, & even The ‘Bad’ Guys are hit far less often than might be ‘Reasonably’ Expected.

But in The Really Real Case of Amadou Diallo, who was Murdered by Police in New York City, February 4th 1999; The Two Undercover ( Plain Clothed ) Officers rousted Amadou as he was about to enter his Apartment, Demanding Identification or Whatever. When Amadou, A Blackmyn, Reached for his Wallet, The Two Officers Opened fire & Emptied both of their ‘Clips’, which Consisted of about 18 Bullets Each. Amadou was initially standing about 2 or 3 feet from The officers, then undoubtedly fell to The ground after being hit The first or second time, leaving him as a perfectly immobile target, 3 feet from The 2 Officers. Despite this ‘Fish in Barrel’ Scenario, The Two Officers of New York’s Finest, only hit him with 3 or 4 Rounds.

Clearly they were both Completely Hysterical.


Both officers were found innocent of participating in a perfectly justified shooting.

Riots ensued.

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