Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Providing Equity for The Poor

Providing Equity for The Poor

The One thing that really separates The Poor from The Rich is That The Rich can Solve Simple Problems very easily. These Simple problems for The Poor though, are often Devastating.

Cancer is Cancer for The Rich & Poor, But a Broken Toilet is merely a minor inconvenience for The Rich.

To provide some measure of Equity for The Poor;

There should be something like a 822 Number for anyone to call that will provide them with sound & useful advice to solve any of these ’Simple’ Problems & get these solutions paid for in a reasonable manner without ripping anyone off.

As such; Local Companies would be ‘Included’ in this program if they satisfied The Criteria for helping people in a quick & affordable manner, & they would then be made public through The internet as a ‘Good’ Company. Encouraging more companies to be Good, to be included on this list of Simple Problem Solvers.

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What is A Simple Problem?

If Substantial Property Damage or Personal Health or Welfare is Threatened; Then Call 911.

If You are going to be Substantially Inconvenienced or A Small Amount of Property Damage is occurring or Going to Occur Soon; Then Call 822.

If No Inconvenience or Damage is Expected; 822 would be Inappropriate.

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Many such Problems may be defined as The Victim being Stymied by The Wonderment of The Situation in The Form; ‘What do I do About this?’

In this sense; The Victim doesn’t really have any idea what to do about (x ?

(x is Bad, but what can or should I do about it ?

Call 822.

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