Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Regarding Taxes

Regarding Taxes

What if; It were written into The Constitution that There was a 12% Sales Tax on Everything, Including Food Items, Unless you were on Food Stamps or Below a Poverty Threshold.

Aside from this; There would be No Other Taxes, No State or Income Tax, No Property Taxes, No Inheritance Taxes, or Whatever.

Then also; There would Never be any Initiatives or (? to Increase Taxes or Any Promises by An Politician to Lower Taxes.

The Amount & Rate that you Pay Taxes is Entire Fixed, & The Percentage of Taxation would follow Inflation or Depressions without The Percentage Itself Changing.

The Rich, Buying Expensive Things, would Pay more Taxes, & The Poor would pay fewer Taxes.

The Higher you Lived; The More Taxes you would pay. Live Cheaply, & you would pay fewer Taxes.

Stop Buying altogether & Barter in your Small Communities, & Avoid Paying Taxes all together.

You wouldn’t be able to make your own ‘Tax Free’ Money though. That would be Illegal.

If you bought a Car from a Neighbor; The Seller would Calculate The Taxes Owed & Collect them; Then Either Mail them into A Central Repository, or If The Transaction were done Electronically; The Banking Liaison would be aware that you are receiving money & Send you an Emessage asking you for The specifics of what you’re doing, & The Tax amount would be rerouted appropriately.

If The Amount you are receiving is a Birthday or Christmas Gift, No Taxation would occur.

Prostitution would be Taxed.

Drug Sales would be Taxed.

Murders for Hire ( et. al. ) would be Taxed.

The Electronic Money Network would know when money was being spent, & Tax it.

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