Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Right & Wrong is Obsolete

Do Away with The Entire Judicial System

Right & Wrong is Obsolete

The Entire Judicial System should be Switched over to;

Good Behaviors and Bad Behaviors.

The Entire Idea behind Right & Wrong, Ethical & UnEthical, Legal & IlLegal is Obsolete.

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How can a person methodically plan to kill a theatre full of people, buy dozens of guns and ammunition, Then go to The Theatre and proceed to kill a few dozen people and seriously wound several more; And not be insane.

How can a Judicial System exist that allows perfectly sane people to simple decide to murder a theatre full of people The way most people make a baloney sandwich or watch an old episode of Gilligan’s Island.

i’ve often wondered if there is some simple test that can be applied to any given person that would determine if they’re crazy or not. Can Crazy People do things that only Crazy People would do? Are there such things that a Sane Person would -Never- do, No matter how motivated or what The Desired Terminal Consequences would be. Would or Could a Sane Person blow up Bus of School Children if they knew that by doing so The City would be Saved from a Nuclear Bombing ( ? )

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If there were things that only an Insane Person could do; They wouldn’t involve life & death, they would be like really kooky Things ! ( ? )

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Accompanying this Idea is :

The Problem of Taboos.

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Why would a given Culture or Society make up a Set of Often Very Kooky Rules and make them into The Most Serious Crimes?

If something is really Wrong, Why is it necessary to Make Rules forbidding them with Horrific Penalties. If they were really Wrong, Anyone that Commits them must be Insane, and would not be subject to The Horrific Penalties attached to these Taboos; But should be cared for in hospitals, Not prisons.

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Cultures & Societies know that there really isn’t right & wrong, Only rules.
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There was an Episode of CSI several years ago that considered a Crime that involved one ner’er-do-well tricking an innocent victim into something something, by producing a fake internet love interest— By taking A Picture of The Victim & Morphing it Slightly into A Person of Their Opposite Sex!

The Premise used here, Was that Everyone is Most Sexually Attracted to People that look pretty much like themselves!

Which in all other cases, Would be your siblings.

But we are taught with Taboos that being Sexually Attracted to your Siblings is An Abomination, & only The Most Craziest of Crazy people would ever hold any Fondness for their own Family.

This is Crazy ( ? ) - Right ?

So why is there a Taboo for this?

Why would ‘The Invisible Hand of Western Civilization, Or The Invisible Hand from Every Human Civilization make this into one of our Most Loathsome Crimes ?

Does it have to do with Genetic Mutations.

They’ Say so, but not really. That’s not it.

It probably has more to do with Property & Kinship Ties to Neighboring Villages & Such.


It has to do with Money.

When you Marry your Father’s Enemy’s Daughter or Son, you Form a Unifying Allegiance that holds a community together. People figured that out when we were still living in caves.

Loving your Siblings is a Very Natural Desire. That is why The Most Horrific Penalties must be Ascribed to anyone that chooses to follow The Path of their True Nature.

That’s what being civilized is all about.

That is why we wear clothes.

That is why ‘Being A Natural Human Being’ is The Worst Crime of all.

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