Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Strange Sensations (B

Strange Sensations (B

i have been noticing now for quite some time, but not for a very long time

That is; Recently;

That while i am listening to The Radio with my Headphones on,

i will become ‘Aware’ of a ‘Second Tier’ of Sounds that are noticeably less audible than that ‘Primary Music’.

This Second Tier, sounds like a Second Radio Station leaking in, but it’s not.

i’m pretty sure it’s not.

This happens most frequently on a Jazz station that i listen to, & it’s more noticeable with some tunes than others.

It often sounds like a second trumpet or some other instrument that is ‘beyound’ The Microphone’s range to pick them up.

This is such a strange effect that i’ve added it to my list of mischievous things to do while composing music with Garageband !

Another Mischievous thing to do; Is play with The Left/Right Speakers, so that it would seem as if a particular musician ( Faux Instrument on Garageband ) would seem to be walking back & forth ( ! )


These ‘Ear Muff’ Headphones also tend to ‘Amplify’ Lower Frequency Sounds from Outside my Room, such as dogs barking or The Eritreans upstairs talking ! When i become aware of these sounds, & take my headphones off, These lower frequently sounds are less predominant than they seem with The Headphones on ( !!! )


It’s very annoying.

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