Monday, July 29, 2013


Another Subtle Strangelett

It seems like every day has Strangeletts that are small oddities that defy any proper classification or even recognition that something odd is going on, But their inclusionary principle is that they do ‘something’ that draws unnecessary attention to themselves in such a way to allow an attentive viewer or listener to become aware that they are a Strangelett.

- -

The one that is severely annoying me currently is that i have been recently hearing on The local news & other venues The Expression ‘It was like in a Movie’ or some variation of that, A Lot more frequently than in weeks, months or years past. It is a comparatively common expression, but it seems like The local News Programs ( KXLY 4 ( Spokane WA ) ) is using it at least once a day to describe nearly every news story.

What is that about ?


Just a Coincidence ?

A Very Old Idea / Awareness of (x

i just finished watching a fascinating & ultimately very dumb film about a ‘World Wide’ set of Tiles that have been embedded into The Streets of Various Countries in North & South America !

The Message on The Tiles is Fairly Consistent :

Toynbee Idea
In Kubrick’s 2001
Resurrect Dead
On Planet Jupiter

- - -

When i first started Watching this, i thought Toynbee was an Anagram for (?

Been Toy / Teen Boy / Obey Net / Obey Ten
One Byte / Yet Bone
Yet, No Be / En! By Toe?

But The Much Better Interpretation turned out that Toynbee is The Name of a Philosopher that had this Crazy Idea that it should ( In Theory ) be Possible to Resurrect The Dead by merely Reassembling their Constituent Physical Mass after Death.

Just like in Stanley Kubrick’s Film : 2001: ASO

- - -

The Name of The Film which contains all this is :

Resurrect Dead : The Mystery of The Toynbee Tiles
Jon Foy / © 2011

- -

But all of that is a Side Note.

The Thing that really struck me

Perhaps with this ‘Intensity’ for The First Time; was An Idea Presented in The Film while The ‘Investigators’ are Searching for The Creator & Author of These Tiles.

The Revelation that i Experienced was Revealed when they Considered Various Candidates for this Mysterious Tile Maker.

Each of their Candidates had numerous Clues associated with them that made it seem like; ‘This is The Guy’ & then they discovered something that was a Deal-Killer for that Person; Such as, They were dead when many of The Tiles were known to have been placed on various streets.

This Struck me as Very Curious in that This is Certainly A Very, Very Old Idea; That there Exists Numerous Clues or Pieces of Evidence that Fit Sooooo Peeerrrfffeeeccctttlllyyy into your Personal Agenda or Thesis that They MUST BE True.

But they’re not.

They’re just a Coincidence.

Whenever i have come across this phenomena on previous occasions, it seems like The True Underlying Evidence that Proves that A Given Clue or Piece of Evidence, Really Is A Red Herring, Is Absent, leaving only The Gullible Skeptics Assertion that it’s just a Coincidence.

Which i would never Believe.

But these Things Do Happen !

Sometimes A Wondrous Piece of Evidence really is just a Coincidence.

They just did it again ( ??? )

Every once in awhile, i'll see a news story on the local ( usually ) or national news, and i'll become interested in it--- But when i try to find out more about it on the interweb, i won't be able to find anything on it at all.
Was it a Joke Story ?
Why would a reputable News Station run such things ?
i have a sense of humor like anyone else, but i don't get this ?
- -
This morning; i distinctly saw a blurb story on Good Morning America where they had a picture of the Sun and the Story was about a huge Sun-Spot that had recently appeared.
The Image that they had up showed a huge Darkened Sun-Spot covering the Top third of the sun, with flecks of smaller Sun-Spots below that.
i have a limited interest in Astronomy, but this picture was ridiculous, I've never seen anything like this.
The Announcer guy then took note that it was very unusual, but the scientists said that there wasn't anything to worry about, and then he like 'winked' or something, like he knew that that was just wrong, or that the scientists were leading us on or something, something.

Obviously; If this were a real story, It would be either Big Big News or There is a Massive Cover up going on, But if the Sun-Spot really were as big as the one depicted; The amount of sun shine today would be severely diminished.

What was this all about?

Did i dream the whole thing ?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wiener's Marriage

Thursday, July 25, 2013 8:16:56 AM

Helium Balloon Marriages

As A Contrarian; i love nothing more than taking an heretical position when everyone else on The Planet is in agreement about some issue.

The Issue this week is “Why is Mrs. Wiener sticking beside Mr. Wiener, While Mr. Wiener has Matrimonorially Betrayed Mrs. Wiener, Again & Again?”

If i were Mrs. Wiener & was standing before a large crowd of reporters & Heckling Rabble Rousers, i would say this :

I can only assume, ( Mrs. Wiener would begin ), that each of Your Marriages is very shallow, empty or hollow like a helium balloon. The Marriage that i share with my husband; Mr. Wiener, is like a Potato, Pumpkin or Baseball, Hard & Solid all The way through to The Center. If any of you were to come over to an Evening Dinner at our house, & try picking up our Marriage, It would be too heavy for any of you to lift. It’s like a Bowling ball bolted to The Floor. If you were to try & pry it open, you’d only find layers & layers of more Marriage below The Surface, Each Harder & More Fibrous than The One that Preceded it.

I can only presume from your questions & accusations; That your understanding of what a Marriage consists of, Infers that if I were to Open your Marriages, they would only be an empty space beneath The Delicate Membrane that keeps only The feeblest flies out from wriggling in your lunch sack of a marriage & feasting on The Runny Magnolia Crap that you take for The Substance of your Social Amalgamation.

While many of you are willing & eager to get a divorce after The Slightest Provocation; Such as your spouse’s languid enthusiasm for taking out The Trash or Dusting The Book Shelves; You may have considered that The Hallowed Oaths that you took during your marriage ceremony to have been laughable anachronisms or flamboyant liturgical nonsense with The substance of a bowl of watered down tapioca pudding— But some people take these Sacraments to be some deeply Eloquent & Rudimentary Bedrock of How & Why Societies Remain Viable for Millennium, Under The Crushing Weight of Artistic Freedom, Youthful Fads, Recreational Narcotics, Foreign Intervention, Scientific Atheism, Alien Abductions, Quixotic Poltergeist Phenomena, Fundamental Pet’s Rights, Universal Health Care, The Looming Threat of The Singularity & Human Obsolescence brought on by Tomorrows Ubiquity of Robotics & Virtual Reality Opulence, Along with Oxidizing Soft Drinks & A Disappearing Ozone Layer.

If Western Civilization is Going to Survive long enough for us to see Permanent Moon Bases & The Colonization of Proxima Centauri; We are going to have to believe in some of The Foundational Institutions that Our Society Rests it’s weary Spine upon.

The Sanctity of Marriage is One of those Vapid & Ceremonial Conventions that We Know don’t mean Anything, But we have to Pretend that it does. Through Thick & Thin, Health & Sickness, Richer or Poorer, Youthful Exuberance & The Dotage of Winter’s Last Christmas with Urine Stained Presents & Egg Nog made from 7-Up & Milk of Magnesia.

It is very Sad, & I Weep for you, Those of you that are enduring your Helium Balloon Marriages, which are incapable of withstanding The Palest Rubbing against The Softest Child’s Hair, without Popping in a Violent & Expensive Divorce.

The Marriage The Mr. Wiener & I have will be preserved into our Lives amoung The Angels, where all of our Sins; Petty & Perilous, will be forgiven & forgotten.


Exhilarating Applause or Catcalls Accompanied with Bricks.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Does your gawd have a plan?

Friday, July 19, 2013 5:58:59 PM

Does your Gawd have a Plan?
This is merely asking; Is there an End Game?

Are we; Residents of The Universe, working or Progressing towards some Objective, Such that If we ever get there; Gawd will know that The Desired Purpose of Life, The Universe & Everything has finally been Acquired?
This Inquiry is based on a Blog Question Posed by Wm Jas Tychonievich
Posted on June 18, 2013 by Wm Jas

It’s not possible for all three of the following to be true.

1. We are free.

2. What we do matters.

3. Everything will be all right in the end.
The Problem ( ? ) that i have with this Question;

Is that The Idea of ‘Things that Matter’ implies that There are Things that Matter. ( ! )
The Second Problem is; ‘Things will be All Right’,

& Also : ’In The End’.
This Entire Inquiry begins with The Assumption that Gawd Knows what they’re doing, & S’he/it has some desired objective that we are either working towards, in which Things will be Alright / Or we have The Capability of Spoiling Gawd Will, In Which case; Things will Not be All Right.
There is also The Underlying Question of Freewill, And whether we have The Capability of Sabotaging The Meaning of Life.
But The Under-Underlying Question is; Does Gawd know when things are moving forward in a Desired Direction ?
If gawd intended to Create a Universe with such & such Properties &/or Aspects to it, Why didn’t S’he/it just create it that way to begin with.

Why are we participants ?

We don’t usually think of butterflies, goldfish or dust-mites as having an important role in The Preservation & Conservation of The World; Why would gawd have allowed anyone; Such as Humanimals to have The Ability to Ruin Everything ?

If Humanimals do have this Attribute of Freewill;

& this allows us to take The Universe in An Unexpected Direction, Then wouldn’t this mean that gawd doesn’t know what Direction is The Best One ?
This makes ( More ) sense as to why gawd would have created A Wild Card such as Humanimals to begin with, Because under this Strategy; gawd would be Asking & Searching for The Best of All Possible Worlds, without knowing what such a World would look like.
gawd may have its own ideas of when things are going decidedly odious, & then guide us, subtly or not, towards a less obviously repugnant direction.

But even that; ( gawd must be willing to acknowledge ) May be counterproductive, In that a Bad Choice Today will often lead to a Wondrous & Very Unexpected Outcome Next Week.
If Gawd can’t see into The Future, & Is Searching for ( Something ) along with us; Then There is No Way that S’he/it can know if Something Matters for Good or Ill.

One school of thought suggests that Everything Matters, Even The Most Insignificant Actions by Bacteria or High School History Teachers, While The Anti-Thesis is that There are in Fact Thoughts & Acts which Don’t Matter. This Latter school of thought that is often used by proponents of Time Travel & Alternative Dimensions; Is that No Matter What Decisions or Actions are Performed; What was Meant to Be will Twist itself back to where Things are Supposed to Be.
In Stories where Alternative Dimensions are Visited; There will be lots of Obscure Details that will be Different, While Principle or ‘Important’ Details will be The Same in Both Universes or be ‘Opposite’ in some Clever Manner.
i am definitely Not Proposing that gawd has created A Universe that works like A Mythical Quantum Computer, in which All Possible Choices & Outcomes are being Fulfilled somewhere, somehow.
That sounds very silly to me.
i can however; almost, imagine how that might work though.
If we stop thinking of The World as made up of Tiny Baseballs, but instead think of these ‘Baseballs’ as The Peaks of Wavetops, then imagine that all The Baseballs are not on The Surface of The Ocean, but are instead Under The Surface, All The Different Wave Forms could Exist Simultaneously, with all these ‘Waves’ Invisibly transposing themselves over one another, with The Surface being The ‘Actualized’ Version that gawd is looking at any given moment.

( ??? )

i am a robot.

Saturday, July 20, 2013 10:42:12 AM

We are Robots.
i am a robot.

Consciousness is very strange & deeply mysterious, but that shouldn’t unnecessarily distract us from The Very Obvious & UnDeniable Fact that All Animals & Humanimals are Robots.
As a small side note;

i look forward to The day when Classical Mechanical Robots entirely supersede The Biological Robots we are now most familiar with.

After these Mechanical/Electronic Robots become The Prevalent ‘Life Form’ on Earth; When This Dominant Sentient Form Takes Over & Souls Move into Them ( ? ) So that they Experience The Same ‘Kind’ of Consciousness & Awareness that Contemporary Humanimals do;

They will Actually be Less ( Less ) Constrained by Robotic Imperatives. These New EM ( Electronic-Mechanical ) Robots ( EMRs as Opposed to CBLFs ( Carbon Based Life Forms ) ) will draw their Required Calories from MicroFusion Power Plants implanted in each units Body Core will Free them from Hunger, Thirst & The Necessary Rationalizations associated with Epicureanism. They will also be Free of Sexual Drives & All The Associated Criminal Compulsions.

What will Motivate these New Entities ?

Has Art & Music always been used to Impress The Ladies so that they’ll let The Men Inseminate them ? Have Artists & Musicians always been ‘Soft Nerds’ that used their ‘Special’ Talents to Compete against The Burly Manly Men ?

Without that Competition; Will Art & Music Disappear ?

Will EMRs be more Logical ?
And that brings us back The Principle Theme of This Rant.

Humanimals can not Think.

They merely form completely arbitrary & Irrational Opinions that are then Rationalized with ‘Logical’ Arguments.

The Proof of this is it is quite easy to find two very ‘Intelligent’ & ‘Clever’ Savants that hold two Opposing Positions on some Topic (x & then ask them to Create an Irrefutable Argument for their Beliefs.

Each Such Argument is bound to be flawed in a Variety of Ways, But With An Applied Concern & Patience to Make each Argument, ‘Better’, It should be comparatively easy to work Them both into Truly Unassailable Arguments for (x & ~(x.
On a more Immediate Station; This Effect can be seen or heard when listening to Media Whores & News Hounds that say The Darnedest Things.

Recently The Case of James Eagan Holmes is back in The News for no good reason, & The Media Whores are still expounding on his ‘Shockingly Orange Hair’.

Orange Hair is a Perfectly Natural Hair Color ( ! )

But because someone ‘Said’ or ‘Labeled’ it as ‘Orange’, It is then held in their minds as ‘UnNatural’ because The ‘Real Word’ for this Color is ‘Red’.

If you have any doubts about this, Locate someone with ‘Red’ Hair & find an Orange ( Fruit ) & A Red Apple ( Fruit ) & hold them both up to The Person with ‘Red’ Hair & Consider which is Closest to The Color of The Person’s Hair.

If your head doesn’t explode; You should have a limited Epiphany in which you will suddenly realize that something that you always thought was true, is not true.

Perhaps you will rationalize this as being irrelevant or inconsequential & quickly forget it, then proceed to refer to these Orange Haired People ( Gingers ) as Red Heads, just as you always have.

Even if this Epiphany radically changes your world view, you will find it just as hard to recognize all The ‘Other’ mistakes as false beliefs, because refuting this level of Enculturated Programming requires many additional kinds of Epiphanies that few have been exposed to.

Another Pointless Rant on Trayvon Martin

Thursday, July 18, 2013 7:17:56 AM

More on Trayvon Martin

Preamble :

This ( Below ) Rant was assembled just after The George Zimmerman Verdict was Announced. Up Until then, The Question of Racial Predetermination was severely Muted; & it would Now Seem that The Question of Racial Profiling was The Elephant in The Kitchen that No One wanted to Acknowledge.

Everyone hoped that George Zimmerman would simply be found Guilty & The Elephant could be led out into The Backyard & Forgotten

But Unfortunately; The Jury Openly Declared that Racial Profiling wasn’t an Issue & that Trayvon Martin had Essentially Committed Suicide by Purchasing Skittles that night. What could he have been Thinking. Skittles! ? He might have saved everyone a lot of trouble by buying Rat Poison instead.
This Rant ( Below ) was thrown together before President Obama came on The TV & Announced that The Jury that acquitted George Zimmerman were Imbeciles.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


In Full Disclosure ( Completely Irrelevant ( But ( ? ) )

i tend to believe that there may be something to this idea that Native Central & South African’s as a Racial Group, are Intellectually Inferiour to Caucasians, Asians & Australians.

It seems curious to me that Australians are not usually distinguished as A Separate Racial Group ( ? )

Actually; i tend to believe that The Gradation of Racial Groups should be subdivided in Much Smaller Sets that are Usually Sited. ( ! )

There’s been plenty of time for Swedes to have distinguished themselves from Italians.
The Kooky thing about this though; Is that this ‘Awareness’ is Completely Useless for Any Kind of Application Whatsoever.

You still have to ‘Judge’ People as Individuals.

This may explain why there’s never been a Major or Even Minor Civilization in Central or South Africa, But you can’t hold that against Job Applicants in Wisconsin.

Why The Central & South African’s completely failed to Socially, Technologically & Aesthetically Evolve While their Progeny did, may be partially explained by Environmental, Meteorological or Botanical Factors.

Additionally; Contemporary ‘Negros’ that have spent generations in Western Civilizations, seem ‘Duller’ as a Group than Their Economically Equivalent Peers, Such as Poor White Trash.

There were certainly many Genuine Genius’ in The General Populations throughout The History of Central & Southern Africa over The Past several Millions of Years, But there were Fewer of them. They were never able to achieve a Critical Mass of ‘Bright’ Contemporaries to Pioneer New Technologies. These Genius’ were consistently treated as OutWorlders, Held with Suspicion & Probably burned as Witches or Killed in Scuffles by The Bullies.
The Point Being; There Remains a Tendency by Contemporary Westerners of ALL RACES to possess an Underlying Inclination to Engage in Racial Profiling for Good or Ill.

Who’s The Smartest ?

While Jews tend to have a Social Inclination towards A Better Education, All sorts of Asians seem to do very well in The Public Schools; But AfroAmericans ( often ? ) appear to choose to distinguish themselves from ‘Whites’ by Not Buying into White Behaviours, which include striving to achieve a better education, riding bicycles or even learning how to swim ! *
- -

There was a very curious newstory a few years ago in which a large group of blacks were picnicking near a waterway in ( southern state ? ) when 2 or 3 of The children got into difficulty in The water, which prompted a few of The adults to try & rescue them. Consequently; Several of The Children & Adults were drown. When they were asked why none of The adults were good swimmers, one reportedly said The Swimming was something White People did ( ! )

i have heard from several sources that many Black children ( particularly Jr. High & High School Students ) believe that working towards getting good grades is surrendering to ‘Becoming White’. That being Educated is defying their Black Heritage. Which is crazy, but they need some things to distinguish themselves from their caucasian brothers ( ? ) ! Which also includes wearing kooky clothes, creating bad music & creating their own dialect ( Ebonics ), which makes them sound retarded.

It would be Fabulous if Blacks were to create an Alternative Culture that Excelled Upwards, rather than settling for one that drew on laziness & just being different without striving for a coherent statement of their own.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

When it comes to Murder of Trayvon Martin;

It’s been suggested that There WASN’T a Racial Element to The Suspicions that George Zimmerman held against Trayvon Martin, Because George Himself was a Racial ‘Minority’.

( Read: - Non Caucasian - Actually The New Majority ! )
For those of you that have Read; Even CowGirls Get The Blues,

You may recall The Bit where The Various Disabled Children held The Other Disabled Children in Contempt because they’d ‘Bought Into’ their Cultural Education that Disable Children are Sufficiently Different to Fall into The UnCanny Valley of Creepiness that ‘Normals’ find Disdainful.
All you have to do is look at where all The Violence is Occurring in ‘Black’ Populations in North American Cities to Find that Blacks tend to Predominantly Murder other Blacks.

Blacks themselves have bought into The Cultural Education that The Lives of Blacks are Worth Less than Caucasians & Even Asians or Hispanics. Even less than ‘Native’ Americans ( Except in North Dakota ).
There certainly WAS a Racial Consideration by George Zimmerman when Evaluating The ‘Dangerousness’ of Trayvon Martin.

It wasn’t just The Hoodie, or The ‘Stranger’ in The Gated Community.


George Profiled Trayvon because Trayvon was Even Darker Skinned that Himself ( George ) & to lesser Degree that Trayvon was Younger than Himself.


That; While this hasn’t been brought up in The Media Frenzy; There were ‘Hints’ that George had somekind of ‘History’ or ‘Baggage’ with Young Blacks in The Past.

That is A Deal Killer.

That’s Classical Pavlovian Conditioning.

Fighting or Disregarding that kind of Behavioural Programming is Very Difficult, Even if you’re acutely aware that you’re thinking ‘Irrationally’.


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Scream

In The Case of The Murder of Trayvon Martin.
Who was Screaming?
Is entirely irrelevant;

It’s been suggested that Who was Screaming? reveals who is The Aggressor & Who is The Victim.
But it is easy to imagine that The Aggressor is Screaming when The Tide is Turned momentarily as The Victim desperately tries to Defend himself.
What strikes me as curious though;

Is that clearly;

George Zimmerman Created The Entire Confrontation out of Whole Cloth.

And then; In a Moment of Surprise when Trayvon turns on him out of Fear or Confusion;
George Zimmerman Scream like a Nine year old Girl.
That seems odd to me.

George Zimmerman knows that he has a gun in his pocket,

Why is he Screaming?

He Doesn’t need Help.

He has everything under control.

Everything ( Mostly ) is going exactly as he Intended it should.
If however; George suddenly confronts Trayvon from Behind & begins pummeling The child; The Scream from Trayvon makes more sense.
It’s just another one of those things that will have to wait until The Afterlife for Jesus to sort out what really happened, & pass some entirely righteous Judgment.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

As it turns out ; As of July 15th 2013, The Jury decided to pass this Decision on to Jesus ( or Allah or The Will of Gravity ) for some later consideration.

Robin Thicke Music Video ( Or; Not so much ( ? )

Whatever happened to Music Videos ?

i was looking for some The other day & found some on iTunes, but they were all like $3 just to see them !

Didn’t they used to be Advertisements for The Albums ?
i’m not here about that.

And i’m not here about The Robin Thicke Video; Blurred Line ( ? ).
What i’m thinking about this morning is :

When i hate (x.
Not me, but other people.

Which applies to me too.
This morning on Good Morning America,

Which frequently drives me crazy,

But it’s The only channel i get ( ABC )

Because i never made The SwitchOver to HDTV.

i was anticipating HDTV for 20 years before it went live,

But then; Just at that time, i was in a Radically Anti-TV State of Mind, & was Watching a lot of DVDs from Netflix, & All The HDTV were really big & Expensive, And my Little TV was still getting a few channels, ABC, 2 Religious Channels & The Shopping Network at that time.

Now just ABC.
So anyways.
This morning on Good Morning America;

they had a little blurb on The Robin Thicke Video,

& there was a Woman complaining about it,

That it was too sexual or whatever.

Whatever it was; That’s irrelevant.

And In full Disclosure; i have not yet seen The Video.

It seemed to me that this woman was saying things that were patently inaccurate.

And as a Result of shooting over The target,

It was hurting her credibility.

Such that; i was apt to ignore her entire argument.
If it was true that there was something ( Whatever ) about this Video that made it Socially Dangerous; Really ( ? ) ( ! )

Then The Video itself should make that Argument.

Not her Hysterical Response to it.

Her Argument should have aimed lower than The Threshold of The Menace to Western Civilization; & allowed The Viewer to fill in that last little Margin of Grey Area.

That would allow The View to form their own Opinion that The Video is A Peril to Everything True & Sacred, Rather than being told that it’s a Danger to our Immortal Salvation.
Opinions that you Create on your own are always much stronger than Positions that you have to be paid or persuaded to hold.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

i have now seen The Robin Thicke Video, both Versions, It’s not has good as The Gangnam Video.

Good & Evil

my essential belief(s on The Issue(s of Good & Evil are based on The Simple Question :

What is Good?


Moral Relativism is a Cultural Caveat to ‘Allow’ or Provide Permission for one Culture to Create & Enforce Taboos that are Unique to their Social Organization. Taboos have absolutely Nothing to do with Morality or Ethics. Taboos have to do with Social Conformity & The Easy Identification of OutWorlders.
The Good that Balances against Evil requires a Fulcrum in The Middle.

What is this Fulcrum ?
And ; It is easy to see or imagine that there are Relative Goods.

What is Good for me, may easily be considered Bad ( or Evil ) for you.

A Hamburger is Good for me, Not so good for The Cow.

Stealing your Water Rights is Good for Me, Not good for your Crops & LiveStock ( Animal & Vegetable Slaves ).

Enslaving A Nation of Preliterate Aborigines is Good The Price of our Electronic Appliances; Not so good for The Natural Social Evolution of Various Polynesian or Asian Cultures.
Is there an Ultimate Good; or Universal Good ?

A Single Example ?

Something that’s good for everyone ? ( Everything ? )
( Everything ) in this case considers Animals which may suffer, in a manner similar to, or equivalent with The Suffering of Inarguably Sentient Beings ( Me & My Friends ).
( Everything ) does Not Include The Preservation of Craters on The Moon.

What is The Universal Fulcrum for This Truly Good Example ?

The Will of The Universe ?

Gawd ?

The Preservation & Propagation of Consciousness throughout The Universe(s ?

It would be Sad ( ? ) if Consciousness were being expressed only on this one world, & we either destroyed it ourselves, or allowed it to perish by failing to build spaceships to colonize The Galaxy &/or Universe(s before we were annihilated by a Australia Sized Meteor hitting The North Pole.

But; If Consciousness is merely a Crazy Trick of Subliminal Pavlovian Conditioning on The PseudoMinds of Robots, So What ?

i was just imagining a Race of Aliens The other day whose entire philosophy of Life, Social Evolution, Morality &/or Ethics & Time Travel was: So What ?

Que Sera Sera.

What is, is.

Without a Universal Good, There is only What is good for me.

Even; What is Good for Gawd, is Not a Universal Good.

The Most Horrific Definition of Good is That which Pleases Gawd.

Even Gawd then Acknowledges that There is No ‘Real’ Good.
What is Good for The Universe or Good for Consciousness is dubious.

Who or What is Sad when The Universe or Consciousness Dies.

Evil is merely a Catchphrase to justify; What is Good for me.

The Evil that you suffer in The Wake of my goodness is what you have brought upon yourself by not being The flower of my gawd’s favorite, as i am.

Friday, July 05, 2013

How Stupid Are You ?

How Stupid Are You ?


One of The Very Confusing things about ‘The War on Terror’ which extends backwards to The Mystery of Flying Saucers, Various Other Fiascos, Normal Operations & Even Farther Back to Include Fairies, Ghosts & Other Quixotic Phenomena.


It is This;

Whenever we hear A News Story about (x; It will have two Versions incorporated In The One Story. One Version is (x, And The Other Version is ~(x.

For Example; The Government will Feed a Story through The Media Networks that A Terrorist has been Captured, Thwarting A Terrorist Plot But The Story will also include at least a Very Tantalizing Hint or Clue or Occasionally All The Details that Unambiguously Reveal that The Story they just told you, is a lie.


It’s as if ‘They’

( The Government / The Invisible Hand of Social Enculturation / Or The Agenda of The Reptilian Overlords )

Want you to know The Truth, But they’re also ‘Testing’ you to see how Willing or Able are you to ‘Accept’ The Principle Crazy Agenda,


Exercise a Desire to Know The Bigger Truth.


It may well be that This ‘Bigger Truth’ is not The Truth at all.

The Bigger Truth is merely another Crazy Agenda that they are posing, to give you a choice between ( Ostensibly ) (x & ~(x, While The Real Truth is a Tangental (y or (z.


The Clearest Commercial Example of this is The Geiko Ads which come in Many different Versions, so that if you’re offended or just dislike one Version, you may like one of other Versions; But all Roads will lead you back to Geiko Insurance.

Wikipedia Lists 16 Different Classes of Geiko Ad’s. The Two Most Well Known ( ? ) are The CGI Gecko & The Neanderthals.


The Reptilian Overlords ( Walking Fish People ) would like you to either believe that flying saucers are all bunk, or that they’re spaceships from other planets with an incomprehensible agenda, or that they’re from The Some Other Place, In A Different ‘Dimensional’ Reality that provides The Same Fabric for Near Death Experiences, Ghosts in General, Portals for Bigfeet, Fairies & Lake Monsters to jump back & forth through, Or A Well Documented Neurological Phenomena ( Fantasy Prone Personality ) that PreSchizophrenics express at The Onset of Certain Vitamin Deficiencies.


But None of These ‘Full Spectrum’ Explanations address The Really Real Truth.

They are all Presented to keep The Enquiring Mind from Looking in The Correct Direction !


What is Left ?


How Tangental is The Real Truth ?