Friday, July 05, 2013

A Simple Flaw with Democracy / With Gay Marriages Throw In

A Simple Flaw with Democracy


It is now ( Still ) being widely suggested that The Issue of Gay Marriage should be put to A Democratic Vote & allow The People to Choose The Direction of Our Society, of Western Civilization, for Now & for The Next 2,000 years.

Germany & Adolf Hitler might very well have avoided World War Two, The Destruction of Many Cities throughout Europe & his own Humiliating Defeat & A Permanent Scar Burnt into The Butt Cheeks of Every Contemporary German, By Establishing A Hall Mark Democracy led by a Philosopher King ( A. Hitler ), Then put many of his Utopian Issues to a Democratic Vote, Such as The Ostracization & Elimination of The Jews, Gypsies & Selected Foreigners. The Fervent Beliefs & Convictions of Many Germans that had stood bewitched by The Speeches of Hitler would easily be swayed to A Vote that, perhaps, years later; We might wonder ‘How could they have been So Potato Headed ?’

This Approach would undoubtedly have Not resulted in Foreign Intervention, Given how many Atrocities were required to provoke France & England to Eventually Enter The War, & Even More Atrocities before America finally intervened.

Germany & Much of Europe ( Maybe they would have followed suit ( ? ) ) would now be free of Jews & Other UnDesirables, Germany would have Established it’s Vegetarian Utopian & The World would have a very different Flavor.

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Does Democracy work?

Should every Social Issue be put to A Vote of The Majority?

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Should The South have been allowed to Vote for Slavery?

Should America have been allowed to Vote for The Simple Human Rights of Blacks & Women?

Should we be allowed to Elect Presidents by A Simple Majority Vote, Even if they weren’t Rigged ?

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What is The Alternative ?

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Should we Compel Only The Smartest Citizens to Decide these Issues, & Insist on an Overwhelming Majority ( 80% ) to Choose One Position over another.

For Those Issues that Can’t be Decided by such a SuperDuper Majority, We; As a Society must Concede that such Contentions are Merely Civic Flavors, & Allow Individual Communities to Determine by a Local SuperDuper Majority of their Local Genius’ to Choose how they will Live, Even if their Neighbors Vehemently Oppose their Lifestyle(s.

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Most People allow that there are many Issues which can only be seen as Choices of Taste or Predilections Set by Their Upbringing; But Many other Questions Should be Answered with Absolute Certainty by The Application of Science, Logic or An Agreement based on Fundimental Axioms & Universal Taboos

But it is my Observation that many very smart people frequently & Emphatically Disagree about these very Issues that The Untutored Featherless Parakeet believes to be InArguable. They may even concede that they personally don’t know what The Correct Answer is for (x, But that (x does have an Absolutely Irrefutable Solution.

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This is not true.

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It may well be that there is a severe problem with What Humans call ‘Thinking’.

Logic itself is merely A Method of Rationalizing Predisposed Opinions.

Mathematical Proofs are No Different, with The Possible Exception of The Very Simplest  Rhubarbs, & even in those cases; The Item is more often than not; Elementally Obvious, & A Simple Flawed Argument is Painted over it. This Success is then Extended to More Complex Principles, often with continued success, which encourages them to continue using these fallacious utensils that eventually leads them to ‘Prove’ The Most Ridiculous Adages that lead many Mathematicians & Physicists to really, really, Really Believe are true.

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Smart People can’t be trusted with ‘Important’ Issues any more than The Damp Masses Can.

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The Only Really Functional ( Tacit/Pragmatic ) Solution; Is to Abolish Federal or National Rules & Laws, & Allow every Little Community to Pick Essentially a Randomly Chosen Set of Social Edicts; And allow them all to Run their Course, Leading some to Disastrous Consequences & Others to Surprising Success.

Historians may try to show us which formulas lead to success & which to inevitable failure But like good Science, many of these Experiments should be repeated again & again with tiny variations, Just to be sure.

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