Monday, July 15, 2013

Good & Evil

my essential belief(s on The Issue(s of Good & Evil are based on The Simple Question :

What is Good?


Moral Relativism is a Cultural Caveat to ‘Allow’ or Provide Permission for one Culture to Create & Enforce Taboos that are Unique to their Social Organization. Taboos have absolutely Nothing to do with Morality or Ethics. Taboos have to do with Social Conformity & The Easy Identification of OutWorlders.
The Good that Balances against Evil requires a Fulcrum in The Middle.

What is this Fulcrum ?
And ; It is easy to see or imagine that there are Relative Goods.

What is Good for me, may easily be considered Bad ( or Evil ) for you.

A Hamburger is Good for me, Not so good for The Cow.

Stealing your Water Rights is Good for Me, Not good for your Crops & LiveStock ( Animal & Vegetable Slaves ).

Enslaving A Nation of Preliterate Aborigines is Good The Price of our Electronic Appliances; Not so good for The Natural Social Evolution of Various Polynesian or Asian Cultures.
Is there an Ultimate Good; or Universal Good ?

A Single Example ?

Something that’s good for everyone ? ( Everything ? )
( Everything ) in this case considers Animals which may suffer, in a manner similar to, or equivalent with The Suffering of Inarguably Sentient Beings ( Me & My Friends ).
( Everything ) does Not Include The Preservation of Craters on The Moon.

What is The Universal Fulcrum for This Truly Good Example ?

The Will of The Universe ?

Gawd ?

The Preservation & Propagation of Consciousness throughout The Universe(s ?

It would be Sad ( ? ) if Consciousness were being expressed only on this one world, & we either destroyed it ourselves, or allowed it to perish by failing to build spaceships to colonize The Galaxy &/or Universe(s before we were annihilated by a Australia Sized Meteor hitting The North Pole.

But; If Consciousness is merely a Crazy Trick of Subliminal Pavlovian Conditioning on The PseudoMinds of Robots, So What ?

i was just imagining a Race of Aliens The other day whose entire philosophy of Life, Social Evolution, Morality &/or Ethics & Time Travel was: So What ?

Que Sera Sera.

What is, is.

Without a Universal Good, There is only What is good for me.

Even; What is Good for Gawd, is Not a Universal Good.

The Most Horrific Definition of Good is That which Pleases Gawd.

Even Gawd then Acknowledges that There is No ‘Real’ Good.
What is Good for The Universe or Good for Consciousness is dubious.

Who or What is Sad when The Universe or Consciousness Dies.

Evil is merely a Catchphrase to justify; What is Good for me.

The Evil that you suffer in The Wake of my goodness is what you have brought upon yourself by not being The flower of my gawd’s favorite, as i am.

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