Friday, July 05, 2013

How Stupid Are You ?

How Stupid Are You ?


One of The Very Confusing things about ‘The War on Terror’ which extends backwards to The Mystery of Flying Saucers, Various Other Fiascos, Normal Operations & Even Farther Back to Include Fairies, Ghosts & Other Quixotic Phenomena.


It is This;

Whenever we hear A News Story about (x; It will have two Versions incorporated In The One Story. One Version is (x, And The Other Version is ~(x.

For Example; The Government will Feed a Story through The Media Networks that A Terrorist has been Captured, Thwarting A Terrorist Plot But The Story will also include at least a Very Tantalizing Hint or Clue or Occasionally All The Details that Unambiguously Reveal that The Story they just told you, is a lie.


It’s as if ‘They’

( The Government / The Invisible Hand of Social Enculturation / Or The Agenda of The Reptilian Overlords )

Want you to know The Truth, But they’re also ‘Testing’ you to see how Willing or Able are you to ‘Accept’ The Principle Crazy Agenda,


Exercise a Desire to Know The Bigger Truth.


It may well be that This ‘Bigger Truth’ is not The Truth at all.

The Bigger Truth is merely another Crazy Agenda that they are posing, to give you a choice between ( Ostensibly ) (x & ~(x, While The Real Truth is a Tangental (y or (z.


The Clearest Commercial Example of this is The Geiko Ads which come in Many different Versions, so that if you’re offended or just dislike one Version, you may like one of other Versions; But all Roads will lead you back to Geiko Insurance.

Wikipedia Lists 16 Different Classes of Geiko Ad’s. The Two Most Well Known ( ? ) are The CGI Gecko & The Neanderthals.


The Reptilian Overlords ( Walking Fish People ) would like you to either believe that flying saucers are all bunk, or that they’re spaceships from other planets with an incomprehensible agenda, or that they’re from The Some Other Place, In A Different ‘Dimensional’ Reality that provides The Same Fabric for Near Death Experiences, Ghosts in General, Portals for Bigfeet, Fairies & Lake Monsters to jump back & forth through, Or A Well Documented Neurological Phenomena ( Fantasy Prone Personality ) that PreSchizophrenics express at The Onset of Certain Vitamin Deficiencies.


But None of These ‘Full Spectrum’ Explanations address The Really Real Truth.

They are all Presented to keep The Enquiring Mind from Looking in The Correct Direction !


What is Left ?


How Tangental is The Real Truth ?

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