Tuesday, July 23, 2013

i am a robot.

Saturday, July 20, 2013 10:42:12 AM

We are Robots.
i am a robot.

Consciousness is very strange & deeply mysterious, but that shouldn’t unnecessarily distract us from The Very Obvious & UnDeniable Fact that All Animals & Humanimals are Robots.
As a small side note;

i look forward to The day when Classical Mechanical Robots entirely supersede The Biological Robots we are now most familiar with.

After these Mechanical/Electronic Robots become The Prevalent ‘Life Form’ on Earth; When This Dominant Sentient Form Takes Over & Souls Move into Them ( ? ) So that they Experience The Same ‘Kind’ of Consciousness & Awareness that Contemporary Humanimals do;

They will Actually be Less ( Less ) Constrained by Robotic Imperatives. These New EM ( Electronic-Mechanical ) Robots ( EMRs as Opposed to CBLFs ( Carbon Based Life Forms ) ) will draw their Required Calories from MicroFusion Power Plants implanted in each units Body Core will Free them from Hunger, Thirst & The Necessary Rationalizations associated with Epicureanism. They will also be Free of Sexual Drives & All The Associated Criminal Compulsions.

What will Motivate these New Entities ?

Has Art & Music always been used to Impress The Ladies so that they’ll let The Men Inseminate them ? Have Artists & Musicians always been ‘Soft Nerds’ that used their ‘Special’ Talents to Compete against The Burly Manly Men ?

Without that Competition; Will Art & Music Disappear ?

Will EMRs be more Logical ?
And that brings us back The Principle Theme of This Rant.

Humanimals can not Think.

They merely form completely arbitrary & Irrational Opinions that are then Rationalized with ‘Logical’ Arguments.

The Proof of this is it is quite easy to find two very ‘Intelligent’ & ‘Clever’ Savants that hold two Opposing Positions on some Topic (x & then ask them to Create an Irrefutable Argument for their Beliefs.

Each Such Argument is bound to be flawed in a Variety of Ways, But With An Applied Concern & Patience to Make each Argument, ‘Better’, It should be comparatively easy to work Them both into Truly Unassailable Arguments for (x & ~(x.
On a more Immediate Station; This Effect can be seen or heard when listening to Media Whores & News Hounds that say The Darnedest Things.

Recently The Case of James Eagan Holmes is back in The News for no good reason, & The Media Whores are still expounding on his ‘Shockingly Orange Hair’.

Orange Hair is a Perfectly Natural Hair Color ( ! )

But because someone ‘Said’ or ‘Labeled’ it as ‘Orange’, It is then held in their minds as ‘UnNatural’ because The ‘Real Word’ for this Color is ‘Red’.

If you have any doubts about this, Locate someone with ‘Red’ Hair & find an Orange ( Fruit ) & A Red Apple ( Fruit ) & hold them both up to The Person with ‘Red’ Hair & Consider which is Closest to The Color of The Person’s Hair.

If your head doesn’t explode; You should have a limited Epiphany in which you will suddenly realize that something that you always thought was true, is not true.

Perhaps you will rationalize this as being irrelevant or inconsequential & quickly forget it, then proceed to refer to these Orange Haired People ( Gingers ) as Red Heads, just as you always have.

Even if this Epiphany radically changes your world view, you will find it just as hard to recognize all The ‘Other’ mistakes as false beliefs, because refuting this level of Enculturated Programming requires many additional kinds of Epiphanies that few have been exposed to.

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