Friday, July 05, 2013

My Best Argument for Angels

My Best Argument for Angels

i may have mentioned this before; But The Argument for Angels was Restated today while on The Bus.

While coming home from Safeway, where i got 3 DVDs with their Thursday Special, i happened to be listening in on The Conversation that two other passengers were having.

Both of these Individuals, we might assume, were of ‘Average’ Intelligence, as neither had The Stance or Bearing of someone that was clinically retarded.

The Fat woman had in her possession an iPhone that was given to her by The Bus Driver, as she was an employee of The Spokane Transit Authority. She was ostensibly taking The iPhone to The Lost & Found in The Downtown Metro Office.



While sitting there, The Phone Rang & instead of Answering it, She took The Considerable Effort ( as this took about 30_seconds ) to Turn The Phone Off.

i said; ‘You should have answered it.’

The Fat Woman replied; ‘I couldn’t answer it, because it was locked. If it was The owner of The phone, they could call The Lost & Found at The Transit Metro Station.’

‘Well; Even though it was locked, you could still answer it, & The Person that lost it, may not be aware that they lost it on The Bus.’

‘No.’ She insisted. ‘I could not answer it. It was locked.’

This Rounded a little, demonstrating that she was adamant that she could not answer it, because it was locked.

- -

i don’t have an iPhone, so i wasn’t absolutely certain about this, but i do have an iPod, which i can do a lot of things with, Even when it’s locked. Such as turn The Music Player On, Jump a Tune Forward or Back, Change The Volume, & Even Activate The Camera & Take Pictures. i can even look through all my old pictures!

So i called Apple & they reassured me that The Phone can in fact be answered, even when it’s locked.

- -

Then i followed up on this a little, because i was annoyed that The actions taken may well have insured that this phone would never be returned.

So i called Metro Transit & during this conversation, i learned that The Lost & Found there receives A Lot of Lost Phones !

Which is not at all surprising, as nearly everyone i see is invariably holding onto their phone with one hand. It makes me crazy to see that. People walking around with a phone or keys or a wallet or somesuch in a hand.

Such things should be in a pocket or purse or backpack or fanny-pack.

It makes me additionally crazy that Fanny Packs are so darn useful, & yet they have acquired a reputation or perception of being silly looking !


The Customer Service Lady at Metro Transit was also adamant that had The phone rang in her presence, she was reasonable certain that she would not know how to answer it. ( ! )

This wasn’t going anywhere.

- -

The lesson is; Don’t lose your expensive Cell Phone.

- -

My Argument for Angels is;

i have a rather fat IQ & despite this; A lot of things confuse me.

So i often wonder;

How do Ordinary Featherless Parakeets ( The Damp Masses ) get along?

How do they ever accomplish anything?

How do they avoid all The Routine Dangers that present themselves as a never-ending stream of Potential Accidents?

- -

A small Side Issue to this would be :

Just how do The Damp Masses solve ‘Ordinary’ Problems?

These are Problems without ‘Rehearsed’ Solutions.

Many Problems are solved by having been trained through Classic Pavlovian Conditioning to resolve them, But what about The Others?

i have observed that a common feature of The Damp Masses is that they Never Create Original Sentences. They only speak in Cliches, Repeat lines from Advertisements, or Piece together comments from Sentence ‘Bins’ which contain all The 3 & 4 word segments that all of their usual conversations would necessarily be constructed from.

You can determine The Intelligence of someone with a high degree of accuracy by listening for ‘Original’ Sentence Fragments. Even a slight deviation from an Ordinary Sentence structure may indicate that The Speaker has an IQ of 110 or higher.

So Along with that

How capable is A Person of Average Intelligence ( IQ 100 ) to solver a Unique Problem with Attentive Trial & Error.

This is The Main Stay of All Problem Solving.

Even very Intelligent Hamsters Solve their most perplexing conundrums with Trial & Error disguised as Deep Thinking or System Analysis, but performing many of The Trail & Error Steps with their imaginations, & very quickly.

But a Traffic Cone; which must work out a Unique Problem in Meat Space by actually manipulating salt shakers & Lincoln logs;

Just how effect is that method?

i very suspect that they answer is; Not Very.

- -

To which The Answer to The Larger Question is;

The World is Allowed to Remain Functional by Means of A Constant & Unremitting Intervention of Angelic Overseers.

( The NonDenominational Ξ.6 Controllers )

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