Monday, July 15, 2013

Robin Thicke Music Video ( Or; Not so much ( ? )

Whatever happened to Music Videos ?

i was looking for some The other day & found some on iTunes, but they were all like $3 just to see them !

Didn’t they used to be Advertisements for The Albums ?
i’m not here about that.

And i’m not here about The Robin Thicke Video; Blurred Line ( ? ).
What i’m thinking about this morning is :

When i hate (x.
Not me, but other people.

Which applies to me too.
This morning on Good Morning America,

Which frequently drives me crazy,

But it’s The only channel i get ( ABC )

Because i never made The SwitchOver to HDTV.

i was anticipating HDTV for 20 years before it went live,

But then; Just at that time, i was in a Radically Anti-TV State of Mind, & was Watching a lot of DVDs from Netflix, & All The HDTV were really big & Expensive, And my Little TV was still getting a few channels, ABC, 2 Religious Channels & The Shopping Network at that time.

Now just ABC.
So anyways.
This morning on Good Morning America;

they had a little blurb on The Robin Thicke Video,

& there was a Woman complaining about it,

That it was too sexual or whatever.

Whatever it was; That’s irrelevant.

And In full Disclosure; i have not yet seen The Video.

It seemed to me that this woman was saying things that were patently inaccurate.

And as a Result of shooting over The target,

It was hurting her credibility.

Such that; i was apt to ignore her entire argument.
If it was true that there was something ( Whatever ) about this Video that made it Socially Dangerous; Really ( ? ) ( ! )

Then The Video itself should make that Argument.

Not her Hysterical Response to it.

Her Argument should have aimed lower than The Threshold of The Menace to Western Civilization; & allowed The Viewer to fill in that last little Margin of Grey Area.

That would allow The View to form their own Opinion that The Video is A Peril to Everything True & Sacred, Rather than being told that it’s a Danger to our Immortal Salvation.
Opinions that you Create on your own are always much stronger than Positions that you have to be paid or persuaded to hold.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

i have now seen The Robin Thicke Video, both Versions, It’s not has good as The Gangnam Video.

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