Monday, July 15, 2013

The Scream

In The Case of The Murder of Trayvon Martin.
Who was Screaming?
Is entirely irrelevant;

It’s been suggested that Who was Screaming? reveals who is The Aggressor & Who is The Victim.
But it is easy to imagine that The Aggressor is Screaming when The Tide is Turned momentarily as The Victim desperately tries to Defend himself.
What strikes me as curious though;

Is that clearly;

George Zimmerman Created The Entire Confrontation out of Whole Cloth.

And then; In a Moment of Surprise when Trayvon turns on him out of Fear or Confusion;
George Zimmerman Scream like a Nine year old Girl.
That seems odd to me.

George Zimmerman knows that he has a gun in his pocket,

Why is he Screaming?

He Doesn’t need Help.

He has everything under control.

Everything ( Mostly ) is going exactly as he Intended it should.
If however; George suddenly confronts Trayvon from Behind & begins pummeling The child; The Scream from Trayvon makes more sense.
It’s just another one of those things that will have to wait until The Afterlife for Jesus to sort out what really happened, & pass some entirely righteous Judgment.
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

As it turns out ; As of July 15th 2013, The Jury decided to pass this Decision on to Jesus ( or Allah or The Will of Gravity ) for some later consideration.


Wm Jas said...

The problem is that GZ showed signs of having been pummeled, and TM did not.

The screaming makes sense to me. TM was younger and stronger than him and could easily have taken his gun and finished him off.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

What was GZ even doing there?
Why was in such proximity to Trayvon that there would be any confrontation at all?
If we believe Trayvon's crazy grrrl friend, then GZ was clearly stalking Trayvon, in a menacing manner. If Trayvon then turned on GZ as GZ came up on TM from behind, saying ( ? ) or pulling the gun on TM, then any pummeling that took place was a failed attempt at self defense by TM.