Monday, August 26, 2013

Computer Idea / Instant Interface !

Sunday, August 25, 2013 10:59:23 PM

Computer Idea

i’m a list maker.

i love making lists of things.

i have hundreds of lists.

One of them is improvements i would like to see implemented in The New & Improved Version of The Next Generation of Computers, Cogitators, Digital Companions & Appliance Platforms.

There are many improvements that i would like to see included in The Next ReFiguring of Computers, But perhaps The One that i would most like to see Included

Is A Separate CPU & Its own Deep Memory Allocation for The Screen & Keyboard that act as a Liaison to The Computer with The User.

What this means is that This Separate Computer, An Entirely Autonomous & Independent Computer that in Inside The Computer Proper, does nothing by manage The Screen & Keyboard, which would include The Mouse or Equivalent Device.

The Net Effect is that whenever i click on a Menu or Tell The Computer to Do something, or Type something on The Keyboard, The Response is UnHesitatingly Instantaneous. There is NEVER The Slightest Delay or Pause or Hanging Spinning Ball.

This of course Does Not Mean that The Computer Itself will suddenly begin performing all its operations Instantaneously.


That would be expecting too much.

But No Matter how much faster The CPUs become, The Software & such will alway use all The Clock Cycles & Fill up Memory as Selfishly as they can.

This often results in pushing The User Interface to The Back Burner while The Computer’s Applications do Whatever they think is more important.

This is Wrong.

And it makes me crazy.

Specifically; And let us use this as an Example; in iPhoto; my Computer is a few years old & using an Operating System that was created several years after The Hardware was Created for The Computer Itself, & During this time, The Size of Digital Photographs has been getting bigger & bigger

So that iPhoto is very often Glacially Slow, & Sometimes acts very, very quirky with regard to how it processes images & moves things around ( ? ) ! ( !!! )

What i would like for it to do in Situations when The Computer is Struggling to Process Changes to A Photograph; is, First of All, Pay Attention to What i Want, And Secondly; Process The Photograph in The ‘Background’.

So that While The Screen Interface seems to be keeping up with what i’m telling it to do, it creates ‘Lesser Quality’ Images to Display on The Screen, that it is moving around as quickly as i’m telling it to do so.

From my perspective; It seems to be doing everything as quickly as i tell it to; But behind The Curtain, It’s piling up all this work to get to it when it has more time.

This process might even include working on things after i’ve closed a particular Application, like iPhoto.

That is; i will have closed iPhoto & its no longer appearing as an active or open application, but it is still working on pictures that it’s put aside while pretending to have finished working on them.

It might even work on things when The Computer is ‘Asleep’ & Plugged in.

If it’s Unplugged; It will either defer to Prior Instructions which would tell it to conserve battery life when unplugged, or ask me if it can work on some ‘seemingly’ important items while it’s ostensibly asleep.

Since you’re not supposed to move The computer around while The Hard-Drive is Spinning, The Computer should have a motion Sensor, like all hand-held appliances have now, to check to see if it’s safe to use The Hard-Drive. It might also check to see if it’s dark out, so that it can assume, based also on what time it is, that everyone is asleep, & it will be undisturbed for several hours.

The ‘SuperEgo’ of The Computer might occasionally inform me that there is a lot of ‘Back-Logged’ Work that needs to be done, after i’ve told The Computer to Shut-down or go to sleep, & if The Computer is just going to be sitting on my desk & plugged in, there is no reason why it can’t use that time to perform all kinds of maintenance chores, such as De-Fragging The Disk, Verifying all Document Formats, Checking for Unused Alias’, & many other operations that are so technical that i, thankfully, have no awareness of them. ( ! )

Movie Rant ( Oblivion ) and List of Best Movies !

Friday, August 23, 2013 11:13:37 PM


How many films have i watched ?

Never mind TV Programs, or even Made for TV ‘Movies’.

Prior to Cable & Netflix
At least 4 a Week on TV, Probably much higher. 
There were a lot of Afternoon Films, really old ones,
& Featured Films on Given Days, & Late Night Movies was a Given. 
From 1963 to 1990 with a few substantial Gaps for homelessness & periods that i was institutionalized :
52 x 4 x 27 = 5,616
Then with Netflix & Cable :
Catching up on many films that are comparatively obscure, foreign films, popular films & such…
1990 to 2013
6 films a week
52 x 6 x 23 = 7176 
Comes to about 12,792 ±
- -

A lot of these films are going to be repetitive, according to genres & general laziness But occasionally a film is so packed with plagiarism that one has to consider that they are attempting to pay homage to previous films that The Makers Admired.


That interpretation is sometimes hard to cough up.

- -

The Recent Film ‘Oblivion’ with Tommy Cruise is so packed with Segments & Scenes pulled from previous films, that i often thought that i was watching a collage, rather than an original film.

- -

As someone that makes a lot of collages myself, this seems like a particularly hypocritical criticism, But i have often thought that The Bible’s Parable warning The Traveler to hold their tongue when informing their companion that they may have a mote of dust in their eye, while they may have a timber in their own eye.

i have never seen any problem with The Pot telling The Kettle that it is Black.

Would its own Burnt Sides make The Kettle any cleaner ?

No. Of Course Not.

If i am dressed in rags, would it not be prudent to tell The Man in The Suit that his Tie is spotted with Gravy, so that he might change it.

Wouldn’t this be showing consideration & concern ?

- -

It also seems to me that there’s Collages & then there’s Patch-Works.

Oblivion is a Patch-Work.

It just seems to me that when The People that wrote this travesty were sitting around & discussing various scenes, & someone suggested that they include a battle scene with spaceships careening through a Gorge

Someone else would have mentioned that Not Only has this been done to death, but it’s been parodied to death as well.

And The First Person would say; ‘But I Love it, It’s so Cool!’

And someone else would suggest; ‘OK, But if we’er going to go in that direction, lets pump it up a little, go off in a different direction, Add some kind of Additional Something to it ( ? )’

And The First Person would say; ‘NO! That would ruin it, It has to be just like The one from Star Wars !’

And so it was.

- -

They didn’t mean to pay Homage or Parody this; This is a film with an Amazing Absence of Clever Dialogue or Humor of any kind.

i’m sure that they thought that copying The Battle Trench scene from Star Wars was going to be really good.

This wasn’t The only Example;

There were clips from many other films.

In fact; The More i think about this film ‘Oblivion’, i have come to suspect that it’s an ‘Experimental’ Film, of The Genre that ‘Forest Gump’ Was. Forest Gump was a film whose elemental plot was thin at best, but contained numerous CGI Special Effects that were Cutting Edge at that time. That was The True Theme or Intention of Forest Gump, to provide The Film Makers with a Template or Medium to Showcase Several comparatively New Special Effects & Demonstrate & Refining of Effects that had Previously been done, but may not have been as convincing as they could be Now.

While i am reluctant to give Oblivion any Credit where no Credit is Due; i now suspect ( after thinking about it for 2 days ) that if The Film were to be Divided into Pieces, each representing an ‘Idea’ or ‘Effect’; There would be No Original Ideas at all. Each Division would represent a Snippet from a Previous Film. Was this Intent of The Film Makers ?

- -

And this brings up another point.

Do these Class A Actors Not Know that they’re making stinkers ?

It seems to me that if i were a class A Actor, i would insist on seeing a fully Story-Boarded Film, & not just the Script before committing myself to it.

And then; If i did discover numerous egregious problems, i would use my Star Leverage to Insist that it be fixed.

Don’t they Care, or is Tom Cruise an Imbecile ?

- -

As a small side point;

i have noticed that in many of these films that i’ve been watching lately with Gratuitous Violence, The Film-Makers use perfectly conventional Weapons.

The Most appalling example of this ( ? ) was when The Aliens in StarGate SG-1 ( which is a little Redundant ) used ordinary Guns.

i thought ( at that time ) that it would be fun, if whenever an alien used a weapon of some kind, it would always be different each time, & it would be really kooky.

StarGate SG-1 would often use kooky weapons, so they knew that this was The Principle that they should be using, but then they’d falter. ( ! )

Being Creative really isn’t that hard. Especially when you’re rewriting something. You simply identify those places where you used a cliche or plagiarized something, & switch it up, changing some elementals of The Idea, Subtracting or Adding this or That, or adding something irrelevant.

- -

i was just this afternoon ( trying ) to watch an episode of _30 Rock_ which i have loved for a few years now, but it suddenly occurred to me that while watching this episode, they were using this technique a little too much.

Everything that The characters were saying, was, just crazy.

It was way beyound being quick or clever; they were instead exhibiting dangerous schizophrenia.

i used to like that; But like a dog that suddenly decides that they’ve had their belly scratched enough, i had to twist around & snap The Video off.

i had had enough of _30 Rock_.

- -

Some Programs that i think exhibit just The Right Balance of Clever Wit, Intelligent Banter, Crisp Innovation & Bumper-Car Surrealism, While Providing a Solid Foundation of Commonality to allow our brains to hold onto The Railings.

Not in any particular order.

Rabbit / 2005 by Run Wrake / Short Animation

The Good Fairy / 1935 / “I’m going to buy a pencil sharpener with a handle!” Dr. Max Sporum

Panique au Village / A Town Called Panic ( Best Stop Action Film

The People vs. Larry Flynt ( Best Freedom of Speech Documentary

The Professional

Charade (1963) The only flaw to this film was when James Coburn uses the phrase ‘Greenhorn’ twice in one sentence.

Major Barbara / 1941 / Best AntiWar Film with The Prince of Death as it’s Hero

Aliens : The Directors Cut — is much better than The Theatrical Release

Aliens 4

District 9 ( Best Alien Film Ever

Zombieland ( Very Good Zombie Film

Fido ( Best Zombie Film Ever

Kung Fu Hustle ( Best Kung Fu Film ( Terrible Title !

The Life of Brian ( Best Monty Python Film

Unforgiven ( 1992

Wreck-It-Ralph ( 2012 ( Best Remake of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Eraserhead ( Best Surrealist Film Ever

Charlie’s Angels I ( i very rarely watch any film more than once, but i watched this one about 5 times, The night i got it.

The President's Analyst / 1967 ( Best Political, Military Industrial Complex Film Ever

Pushing Daisies

Frank Capra’s WWII : Why we Fight ( 7 1_h± Films Terrific Historical Analysis of WWII

The Lost Room

The Teletubbies

Xavier: Renegade Angel

True Grit 2010 ( Wonderful Dialogue

Crank / Crank 2 : High Voltage ( Best Remake(s of DOA

Paint Your Wagon ( 1969 ( Best Musical Comedy

Kick Ass ( Best Super Hero Film; Along with _My Super Ex-GirlFriend_

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Best of Series

Run Lola Run ( Best Recursive Time Loop Film

Oldboy ( Very Good Surrealist Mystery

Our Man Flint / In Like Flint

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) ( Fabulous Epic with 3 Bad Guy Cliques

Save the Green Planet! ( Excellent Mystery/Crazy Person Film

The Nightmare Before Christmas / Best Halloween/Christmas Cross Over

Watchmen ( Best Over The Top Epic Scale Superhero Film

Wallace & Gromit ( Series

Despicable Me

Toy Story ( Series

Time Bandits ( Best ( ? ) Terry Gilliam Film

Being John Malkovich / Best Main Stream Surrealist Film

Cabin in The Woods / 2012 / Best Teens with Monsters in The Woods Film

Zero Effect / Best Crazy Detective Film


Ted ( 2012 / Best Film of a Stuffed Animal Magickally Endowed with Life


Little Miss Sunshine

Love Me If You Dare ( Best Love Story

My Super Ex-Girlfriend ( Very Good Superhero Film

Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, SuperMasochist ( 1997 / As a Documentary, this lags quite a bit from time to time.

Strictly Ballroom

The Jacket ( Best Psychological Time Travel Film



Miami Blues ( Best Petty Criminal / Chase Film

Shakes; The Clown

The School of Rock

Searching for Bobby Fisher

Archer ( Cartoon Series / Sterling Archer is a Super Spy for a Privately Run Security Agency, but doesn’t have any Spy Gear & Each Episode features only a small amount of Gratuitous Violence. It’s mostly just chit-chat between Sterling & Lana ( Female Spy ) & The Other Characters. Very Witty.

Bob’s Burgers / Cartoon : The Voice of The Main Character ‘Bob’ is provided by H. Jon Benjamin, The Same guy that voices over Sterling Archer in The Cartoon Series ‘Archer’. These Two Characters couldn’t be ( hardly ) more Opposite, but once this is overcome, The Other Characters in Bob’s Burgers makes it very endearing & Very Surrealistically Witty.

Wilfred / The Basic Premise of this TV Series is that A Drug Addict perceives a neighbor’s dog as a human in a dog suit, wears thin very quickly. But The ‘Buddy’ Chemistry between The Two Main Characters is Amusing.

Boston Legal / The only flaw to this series was in one of the best episodes, a female character is introduced that has a very peculiar speaking cadence, which at the end of the episode, we discover is fake! But then; in a slightly later episode, this character is brought back with fake speaking cadence as her natural inflective accent.

Buffy; The Vampire Slayer ( 2001- ?

Call The Midwife / 2012 Season One / BBC 6-Part Series

Django Unchained / 2012 / Best Nuevo ( Black ) Spaghetti Western

Resident Evil ( Series

Northfork / How much of this was Real & How much was a fever induced hallucination ?

Northern Exposure

Forbidden Planet ( Best Skiffy Film before 2001: A Space Odyssey

Shakespeare in Love


Hoodwinked ( Best Fairytale Film

The Bone Orchard / Film within “Mythic Journeys” / 2009

Profit (1996) The Best TV Series Ever ( ! )

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fight Club

Sealab 2021/ Season One /

St. Elsewhere / Parody of many Hospital Programs from this era.

What did you do in The War Daddy?

Casino Royale : With David Niven ( Best 007 Film

Cat Ballou

Chicago Hope / A Slightly more Serious Version of St. Elsewhere

Star Trek : Original Series

Stargate SG-1 / Very long lived, but deeply flawed, rather cheaply made series. The Principle Strength of it was that all The Characters were so enjoyable to watch.

Special Unit Two (2001-2002) / SU2 / This was a very short lived, cheaply made show, but i loved it. It was on right before -Seven Days-, which came on before -Enterprise-, and when Enterprise ended, they took out this whole block of programs, even though Seven Days and SU2 were doing pretty well in the ratings ( ??? )

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy

The Lost Room / Very Original Premise, In which Objects from a Lost Motel Room have quirky quixotic properties.

The Mentalist ( First few Seasons

The Prisoner / TV Series / Weak Conclusion

The Riches / Ends before Required Final Season !!!

The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show

The Tick

Veronica Mars ( Season One 2004-05

Wonderfalls / This has one of the best endings of any show i’ve seen. It still gives me the chills when the joan of arc character is told by the bronze monkey bookend why she was selected as their emissary.

Xavier: Renegade Angel

Xena: Warrior Princess

Plus all The other films &; TV Series that i loved,

But am ashamed to include in this listing.

List of My Hot Hotiest Music on My iPod

Also Sprach Zarathustra / Herbert Von Karajan / 2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack

Balle Balle / Ashok Masti / Bhangra: The Sound Of Bollywood

Barber: Adagio (Platoon) / David Zinman: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Barry: John Dunbar Theme (Dances with Wolves) / John Mauceri And The Hollywood Bowl

Batman / Danny Elfman

Batman / The City of Prague Philharmonic

Beetlejuice / Danny Elfman

Bolero / Ravel

Bora Bora / The Polynesians / Still More Beautiful Hawaii

Calling You (Bagdad Café) / Henrick Garell /

Calling You (From Bagdad Cafe) / John Williams

Calling you (from Bagdad café) / Paul Mauriat

Cannonball / The Breeders / Last Splash

Captain From Castile / Charles Gerhardt

Casino Royale / Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

Charade / Andy Williams

Das Rheingold / Berliner Philharmoniker / Twilight Of The Gods

Death Rattle / Ennio Morricone / Once Upon A Time In The West

Die Walküre / National Symphony Orchestra Washington

Discombobulate / Hans Zimmer / Sherlock Holmes

Doctor Who Theme / Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Dopilsya / Ex-Сектор Газа / Rocknrolla (Soundtrack)

Edward Scissorhands / The City of Prague Philharmonic

Farewell To Cheyenne / Ennio Morricone / Once Upon A Time In The West

Frontier Psychiatrist / The Avalanches / Since I Left You

Ghost Children / Bruno Coulais / Coraline

Goldfinger / London Symphony Orchestra

Green Hornet / Al Hirt

Götterdämmerung / Prologue / Berliner Philharmoniker / Twilight Of The Gods

Hallelujah / Leonard Cohen / Watchmen

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 / Arthur Fiedler: Boston Pops Orchestra

I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow / The Soggy Bottom Boys / O Brother, Where Art Thou?

It's Gotta Be a World's Record / Jerry Goldsmith / In Like Flint - Our Man Flint

James Bond Theme Reprise / London Symphony Orchestra

Klingon Battle / Jerry Goldsmith / Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Laisse tomber les filles / April March / Chick Habit

Lost In Space / 100 Greatest TV Themes

Man With A Harmonica / Ennio Morricone / Once Upon A Time In The West

Mbuti / Ian Ritchie / Globe Trekker Vol. II

O Holy Night / Celtic Woman / A Christmas Celebration

Once Upon A Time In The West / Ennio Morricone

Otamu / Toti's Tahitians

Our Man Flint / Gil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra Featuring James Moody

Our Man Flint / Jerry Goldsmith

Peter Gunn / 100 Greatest TV Themes

Prelude and Rooftop / Bernard Herrmann / Vertigo

Prologue / Harry Potter Soundtrack

Pruit Igoe & Prophecies / Philip Glass Ensemble / Watchmen

Puttin' On The Ritz / Fred Astaire

Putting On The Ritz / Tony Evans And His Orchestra

Ride Of The Valkyries / Budapest Symphony Orchestra / Watchmen

Riders In The Sky / Vaughn Monroe

Secret Agent Man / Johnny Rivers

Some Velvet Morning / Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood

Space Oddity / The Langley Schools Music Project / Innocence and Despair

Spiderman Theme (a / Spiderman

Spiderman Theme (b / Spiderman

Sweet Lullaby / Deep Forest / Essence Of The Forest by Deep Forest

Sweet Lullaby / Deep Forest / Lullaby: A Collection

Taxi Driver / The City of Prague Philharmonic

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) / Bernard Herrmann

The First Floor / Bernard Herrmann / Psycho

The First Tavern / Ennio Morricone / Once Upon A Time In The West

The Force Field / Jerry Goldsmith / Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The James Bond Theme / London Symphony Orchestra

The Prisoner / 100 Greatest TV Themes

The Quest / Jerry Goldsmith / In Like Flint - Our Man Flint

The Robe (1953) / Alfred Newman

The Stomp / The Hives / Rocknrolla (Soundtrack)

The Supper / Bruno Coulais / Coraline

The Third Man Theme / Anton Karas

The Unanswered Question for Trumpet, Flute Quartet and Strings / Leonard Bernstein

Them! / Bronislaw Kaper / The Uninvited

Theme From "Peter Gunn" / Bobby Hackett

Theme From Hogan's Heroes

Twin Peaks / 100 Greatest TV Themes

Two Mules for Sister Sara / Movie Screen Orchestra / Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Ue Ue-O'Tue (Tahitian Drum) / Studio Group / Hawaiian Instrumental Music

Walk Like an Egyptian / The Bangles

What A Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong

William Tell - Overture / Arthur Fiedler

You're a Foolish Man, Mr. Flint / Jerry Goldsmith / In Like Flint - Our Man Flint