Monday, August 26, 2013

Computer Idea / Instant Interface !

Sunday, August 25, 2013 10:59:23 PM

Computer Idea

i’m a list maker.

i love making lists of things.

i have hundreds of lists.

One of them is improvements i would like to see implemented in The New & Improved Version of The Next Generation of Computers, Cogitators, Digital Companions & Appliance Platforms.

There are many improvements that i would like to see included in The Next ReFiguring of Computers, But perhaps The One that i would most like to see Included

Is A Separate CPU & Its own Deep Memory Allocation for The Screen & Keyboard that act as a Liaison to The Computer with The User.

What this means is that This Separate Computer, An Entirely Autonomous & Independent Computer that in Inside The Computer Proper, does nothing by manage The Screen & Keyboard, which would include The Mouse or Equivalent Device.

The Net Effect is that whenever i click on a Menu or Tell The Computer to Do something, or Type something on The Keyboard, The Response is UnHesitatingly Instantaneous. There is NEVER The Slightest Delay or Pause or Hanging Spinning Ball.

This of course Does Not Mean that The Computer Itself will suddenly begin performing all its operations Instantaneously.


That would be expecting too much.

But No Matter how much faster The CPUs become, The Software & such will alway use all The Clock Cycles & Fill up Memory as Selfishly as they can.

This often results in pushing The User Interface to The Back Burner while The Computer’s Applications do Whatever they think is more important.

This is Wrong.

And it makes me crazy.

Specifically; And let us use this as an Example; in iPhoto; my Computer is a few years old & using an Operating System that was created several years after The Hardware was Created for The Computer Itself, & During this time, The Size of Digital Photographs has been getting bigger & bigger

So that iPhoto is very often Glacially Slow, & Sometimes acts very, very quirky with regard to how it processes images & moves things around ( ? ) ! ( !!! )

What i would like for it to do in Situations when The Computer is Struggling to Process Changes to A Photograph; is, First of All, Pay Attention to What i Want, And Secondly; Process The Photograph in The ‘Background’.

So that While The Screen Interface seems to be keeping up with what i’m telling it to do, it creates ‘Lesser Quality’ Images to Display on The Screen, that it is moving around as quickly as i’m telling it to do so.

From my perspective; It seems to be doing everything as quickly as i tell it to; But behind The Curtain, It’s piling up all this work to get to it when it has more time.

This process might even include working on things after i’ve closed a particular Application, like iPhoto.

That is; i will have closed iPhoto & its no longer appearing as an active or open application, but it is still working on pictures that it’s put aside while pretending to have finished working on them.

It might even work on things when The Computer is ‘Asleep’ & Plugged in.

If it’s Unplugged; It will either defer to Prior Instructions which would tell it to conserve battery life when unplugged, or ask me if it can work on some ‘seemingly’ important items while it’s ostensibly asleep.

Since you’re not supposed to move The computer around while The Hard-Drive is Spinning, The Computer should have a motion Sensor, like all hand-held appliances have now, to check to see if it’s safe to use The Hard-Drive. It might also check to see if it’s dark out, so that it can assume, based also on what time it is, that everyone is asleep, & it will be undisturbed for several hours.

The ‘SuperEgo’ of The Computer might occasionally inform me that there is a lot of ‘Back-Logged’ Work that needs to be done, after i’ve told The Computer to Shut-down or go to sleep, & if The Computer is just going to be sitting on my desk & plugged in, there is no reason why it can’t use that time to perform all kinds of maintenance chores, such as De-Fragging The Disk, Verifying all Document Formats, Checking for Unused Alias’, & many other operations that are so technical that i, thankfully, have no awareness of them. ( ! )

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